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Episode 13,588
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shirtless Ben ends a call and curses to Ciara. Ted wants him to sign a statement about Holly being taken. Ciara reminds him he was off duty but he feels horrible about Holly. Outside Rafe hangs his head remembering Nicole’s grief. Lani comes along and lifts up crying David. Rafe feels he is not good enough to be responsible for any child … Ted flashes back to Xander referring to his resourceful partner and wonders whether he was telling the truth … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander grabs Nicole in a kiss, marveling over the miracle his wife lives … Hope toys with her ring, remembering her situation with Rafe. A piano plays in the background … Outside as the birds in the background sing, Lani insists Rafe was not to blame. He, however, is haunted by that last look on Nicole’s face. Holly would be alive if not for him … Ted mutters he must find out if Holly is alive and makes a call as D.A. asking if there were positive IDs … Hope has overheard … Eric has had a bad night. He opens the door to visitor Sarah, who is surprised to hear Nicole left him … Appalled Nicole pulls away from Xander. Brady wonders about his timing. Xander claims he came cos of Holly … Ciara sweetly suggests Uncle Ben be there for David. Ben feels mighty lucky and kisses her. Ciara sighs she now has to vote against Jack for Haley’s sake and also appeal to Rafe … As Lani plays with David, Rafe reasons he ruined the original plan by tailing Ted. Lani senses there is indeed something about that Ted. Rafe agrees but he was the one who spooked the Hollynapper … Ted stammers he saw the Hollynapper put her in the car. Hope asks why call the coroner. To be thorough. Hope deduces he is going over every last detail like all of them who wonder what they could have done differently …

Sarah is stunned when Eric reveals that Nicole holds him responsible for what happened to Holly. She argues she is not herself and knows she still loves him. She suggests he go after her. He already attempted but she pushed him away. She would rather be with Brady now … Nicole hisses how did Xander hear about Holly! On the news. Brady seethes and questions his sincerity. Xander suggests Holly’s motha hear him out. Brady is suspicious. Xander states he is sorry and notes they were a happy family for a while in Nashville. Nicole blasts him for his blackmail. He argues Brady set that in motion and adds he assumed she was in love with Brady’s brotha … Back at his place, Eric questions his inaction when Holly ended up at DiMera mansion with Chloe … Rafe updates Lani on Hope suspending him and his suggestion they permanently separate. He admits he already threw his ring from a cliff … Ted pretends he feels badly he was not able to stop Rafe. Hope replies she suspended him … Lani wants Rafe to come to the park so they can show David how to feed the friendly ducks. Rafe reluctantly agrees as he has to head to town to vote. She teases she will buy him a hotdog for it. Rafe believes Abe is the best man for mayor. He takes David in for a change. Before Lani can return inside Ciara arrives asking where Rafe is so she can speak to him about Ben getting to know David. Lani replies Jordan would not want that. Ciara talks family rights and precious moments. Lani apologizes and adds it is not possible. The birds are still singing. Ciara sweetly suggests Rafe call Jordan to ask as Ben has changed. Lani fibs she knows for a fact there is no chance. She lies Rafe is with the baby and he has a fever. Ciara will get in touch another time. She leaves and Rafe returns with the baby. Lani suggests they wait whilst she packs some snacks … Sarah believes Brady is trying to come between Eric and Nicole again. Eric is relieved Nicole now has Brady to lean on … Brady sternly suggests Xander mind his own business. Xanda boasts they are married. Nicole left him and stole the recording, which was presumed destroyed in the blast. Xander smugly holds it up with a smile …

Ben is about to sign his statement when he spies a file on one Xander Cook. He sneaks a peek. D.A. Ted steps in demanding an explanation, Ben demands an explanation on how Xander is connected to what happened to Holly … Sarah wants to speak to Nicole about how good Eric was with Holly. He weeps not to fight for someone who let her down the way he did. She will be alright. Eric the broken wonders what she ended up telling Rex. Nothing as that is best. Eric asks what is best for her. She plans to wed Rex though they are putting off their plans. Meantime they will both be here for him and Nicole … Nicole groans and asks if Xander was the one who got her out of the inferno. Negative. The brute was too busy saving himself. Brady wants the recording but Xander has changed his plan now that Nicole is alive … In his makeshift office Ted gives Ben a tough time after making light of his old paperwork. Ben innocently insists he only came to sign his statement, does so, and departs …

At the pub Rafe feeds David, who is in Lani’s lap. She dabs some food from his face just as Hope arrives. Hope soap stares at the sight of the happy little family and approaches. Rafe stands up, wanting to talk. She realizes he is not wearing his ring and takes off in tears … Ben catches up with beautiful Ciara by the flowers. They will do lunch. She updates him on what Lani said and suggests they give it time. He updates her on Ted overreacting to something … Sarah asks to speak to Nicole on Eric’s behalf but Eric believes she needs space. Sarah assures him Nicole still needs him and exits. Eric considers … Xander alludes to blackmailing Nicole again with the recording. She warns him she wants her divorce or else and walks out. He wants to go after dahling but Brady grabs his arm and stops him …

Rafe, Lani and David leave the pub, headed for the park and the ducks. Ciara and Ben are behind them. They both realize Lani was lying … Rafe thanks Lani for making him feel better. They praise each other as the boy’s interim parents … Hope makes a hasty call to Belle for she wishes to file for a divorce. Terrible Ted stands in the doorway with a smug smile. Food for thought … Eric admires his photos of Nicole and Holly from once upon a happy time … Nicole is alone in her room looking at the picture of Holly on her phone when Sarah arrives. Nicole sobs … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander warns Brady to let him go but Brady warns him to let everything go and demands he hand over the recording. Xander was waiting for that. He agrees and adds he will need something in return, locking eyes with Brady. Let’s make a deal ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 13, 2019