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Episode 13,587
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady sympathetically asks Eric about Nicole. He laments she left him … Abe greets Nicole outside the pub and hugs her in sympathy. She weeps on his strong mayoral shoulder … At the pub Maggie ends a call and cries her heart out. The waitress wonders whether she would like water. The redhead asks for a vodka instead … Eve plays the recording of Tripp talking about his fake Haley marriage to girlfriend Claire. JJ calls the recording a fake. Eve insists it is real. Tis a recipe for disaster … At the park Claire is all sugar and honey as she assures Tripp she will wait for him. They hug and make up. Here comes miffed Melinda … Jack wonders why Jen came back from Paris. She confesses it was to vote against him … Eve primly points out this proves Haley’s marriage is a hoax. Haley denies it. JJ demands to know where she got the recording … Tripp insists to miffed Melinda he is being careful. She alludes to a video … Abe assures Nicole that Brandon was thrilled to learn his sister was alive. She wishes she were not and calls Holly her everything. Abe suggests she come to the pub with him. Inside drums play as Maggie raises the vodka to her trembling lips. Nicole walks in with Abe and she stands to embrace her. Abe discreetly departs. Maggie loved Holly and is here for Nicole. She adds she also has Eric. But Nicole blames him for what went down …

Eric woefully asks Brady if he has heard from Nicole. No. Eric exclaims she blames him and she is right … Nicole sits at Maggie’s table and sighs Eric swore he would look after Holly. The redhead reasons he let Chloe have custody so she could be raised with Parker. Nicole screams someone should have done something to get her away from DiMera mansion. Maggie informs her Brady was one person who tried … Brady believes he is at fault for setting the mayhem in motion. He has regrets … Melinda states she saw a video of Claire and Tripp in bed at the Salem Inn discussing his future fake marriage with Haley. Tripp wonders. Claire remembers Eve helping her set it up as Tripp questions who and how … Jack seethes Abe is no saint. Jen argues Jack went too far with his latest stunt. He stammers the only reason he slipped in the polls was because of JJ bringing up his history with Kayla. He could not even get her to cooperate. Jen hisses at him for harassing his former victim. Jack adds Kayla explained she and Jen had already forgiven him. Jen feels he should still not be mayor mainly because of Eve … Eve makes light of the recording. Haley begs her not to release it. Eve blackmails Haley to go public with the truth and admit to seducing Tripp for her green card. Tripp would be protected from prosecution. JJ smells something …

Melinda believed Jack and Eve made that video but they had technical problems when they planned to go public. Tripp is suspicious how they knew they were at the Salem Inn ... Melinda explains she was keeping an eye on things and broke into Jack and Eve’s room to erase what she sensed they had … Abe smiles at Jen while holding his coffee and thanks her for being on his side. He tells Jack his tricks did not succeed against him but Jack has another ace up his sleeve … Eric feels awful about Daniel, now Holly and believes only he is to blame. Brady is unable to convince him otherwise … Nicole had no idea Brady was the voice of reason about Holly staying away from DiMera mansion. She starts to cough and tries to take a sip of Maggie’s water. Much to her dismay she discovers it is vodka … Eve notes they are not taking Tripp down. JJ points out if they play that in public Tripp is implicated. Eve explains Claire is too and claims Haley should therefore come clean. JJ warns it is too late to win the race. Eve points out the polls are still open. If Haley does not do as ordered, then they release the tape and let the chips fall where they may. Exit Eve with a sweet smug smile. JJ and Haley soap stare …

Brady suggests Eric speak with heartbroken Nicole. He was likely on the receiving end of her grief and anger as she was lashing out. He knows Eric will always love Nicole come hell or high water … Maggie cries she is not drinking but did place the order. The pain is too hard. Nicole can relate. The redhead wants to head home. Nicole takes her … At the square Abe muses Jack’s machinations always backfire. Jen agrees. Here comes Eve. She takes her candidate aside for a talk … Jen whispers with Abe and worries … Haley has made her hard choice. JJ suggests she not give in. She wants to do the right thing for her friends. He urges her to reconsider … Not far from Eve and Jack, server Claire takes a couple of coffee cups from a table. Tripp arrives and sees the media circus. He texts Haley and wonders where she is … Melinda approaches Abe and thanks him for being on her sister’s side. He certainly has her vote … Jack takes to the podium to tell the crowd every vote still counts. Eve interrupts as Haley is noticeably absent. She starts to say they have an announcement but stops when Haley appears. The paparazzi snap away … Nicole arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with Maggie. The redhead thanks her and heads upstairs. Eric has just thanked Brady for listening and starts to leave the living room to look for Nicole. She walks in and walks straight past him to hug Brady, gushing she is glad to see him. Eric can only stare in silence at the strange scene …

Tripp approaches Haley, who assures him everything is alright. Jack invites Haley to make her announcement. Melinda tries to stop her, sensing something but Haley has her mind made up … Eric gasps Nicole did not go home last night. She wanted to be alone at the Salem Inn. She informs Brady that Maggie told her how he fought for Holly unlike the others. Brady argues Eric tried … She snaps it was not sufficient. Eric acts understanding and suggests they go talk somewhere. She says no. He notes if ever he meant anything to her … JJ grimaces when Tripp asks what is going on … Haley tells her story of coming from China and loving the opportunity and good people of America. She loves Salem and is grateful for what all her wonderful friends have done. Jen holds her coffee and watches with worry. Haley continues. Jack Devereaux was right to say that her marriage to Tripp was fake. The crowd gasp … Eric begs Nicole to let him know what she needs. She wishes he would leave so he does, hanging his head. Brady is baffled … Haley announces she is ending the charade and fibs Tripp believed her feelings were real. She is the one to blame and claims she can now accept the consequences. Claire smiles smugly at Eve. Melinda watches. Tripp and JJ are both troubled … Brady begins to explain to Nicole how Eric feels. She fumes only Brady fought for her late baby and hugs him. Enter Xander, who warns Brady to remove his hands from HIS wifey ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 10, 2019