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Episode 13,586
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Haley comes down with a frame for the missing wedding photo. Tripp gets coffee and fibs he knows not where it is … At the Kiriakis mansion Claire remembers tossing Haley’s torn pic into the fireplace. She gets testy when Will and Sonny greet her … At the pub Abe and Lani breakfast and discuss Holly’s death. Today is election day Eli suddenly storms in and blasts him for breaking Val’s heart – with Sheila … JJ has cast his vote and confirms to Eve he did not choose Jack. They accuse each other of playing dirty … Jack approaches Kayla at the hospital and apologizes for what JJ did. She is not taking the calls from the press. He smoothly suggests she sign a statement he wrote about overcoming. Kayla glares … JJ concludes Eve and Jack are a match made in hell … Kayla reads the endorsement Jack wants her to sign and calls it garbage … Claire sighs she was upset about Holly. Will and Sonny can relate. Will wants them to head to St Luke’s to light a candle for her. He informs curious Claire he has an appointment to find out whether his tumor shrunk. She wishes him luck and the guys leave. Tripp arrives with donuts for Maggie. Claire is curt until he states he is also here for her. She gushes she missed him and suggests they go upstairs. No can do. The real reason he came is for an explanation. He takes out his torn wedding picture as Claire gives him a sweet stare. He wonders where Haley’s half is and notes she was the only other person at the loft. She snaps she did lose it cos this is so hard! Three long years! Tripp wonders how he is supposed to explain this to Haley or Ice. Claire hisses at least she did not rip her face in half. Tripp suggests she speak to Marlena to discuss her problems. She is peeved he thinks she is nuts …

At the pub Lani cannot stop Eli. Abe patiently explains the pictures did not show what really happened. Eli leers this will make him lose his vote and others … Kayla tears up Jack’s statement and storms away. Here comes JJ as Jack scrambles to save the pieces. The wannabe mayor looks up and asks his son if he is happy now. JJ had no choice. He is appalled Jack approached Kayla to sign she forgave him. When Jack talks second chances JJ retorts what about Haley and calls his ruthless father a cold son of a … Jack elegantly walks off … Back at the pub Abe complains to Eli about his and Sheila’s mistake of a kiss being caught on camera. She decided to depart. He blames Jack for putting the innocent picture all over the place … Kayla informs Will and Sonny that radiology is ready for Will’s scan. Haley is back at work so when the guys go, Kayla asks about married life. Haley is thankful for Tripp but feels bad about Claire … Claire screams she is not the one with the problems. Tripp is worried about her. Claire lists all her sacrifices and states she is trying her best. Tripp believes it would be best to end their relationship. Snowflake Claire cannot believe it …

Claire begs. Tripp suggests she do some thinking. She hugs him but he pulls away and tells her to take care. Then he leaves. She grabs a fire poker, fuming about Haley the beech … JJ gets close to Haley in a room and informs her he voted against Jack. He thinks more will follow. Blurting out what he did was the right thing to do … Eli has decided to vote for Abe the good after all. The worst thing would be for Eve and Jack to be in charge … In his room Jack laments to Eve that no one wants to shake his hand anymore. Eve needs something big to make the morning news, like proof Haley’s marriage is nothing but a business arrangement. Claire pokes in her blonde head and offers to help … Will rejoins Sonny and assures him it went alright. He praises his partner for covering with Arianna. They plan to ask Marlena for advice on how to break the Holly news. Kayla comes but she is not smiling. The accurate scan showed no change. Will wants to try again. She will have to check on another dose after she runs it by Rex and Sarah. Meantime she will read his case report inside out. There is still hope. Sonny reminds him it is not cancer but Will is bothered by the mood swings. Sonny teases he always had those and they share a sweet hug …

Back at the pub, Eli admires Lani looking after David. He loves her and misses her. She misses him too and they kiss over the fruit and coffee. She suggests they take turns taking care of David as they vote. Abe has to win … Haley admits she misses being with JJ. He wishes they could still do stuff. She sits on a bed and smiles to say what they would do. JJ joins her and talks Smith Island … Jack asks what Claire has. Eve ushers him out to vote as the gals catch up. She offers Claire soda and wonders. Claire plays the recording of Tripp speaking of his fake marriage to save Haley. Eve is annoyed she did not share earlier. Claire demands Tripp be protected so she can get him back. Eve agrees. She coos she can trust her. Claire is somewhat skeptical. Eve wants her to hand it over. Tough cookie Claire demands to know exactly what she will do … Eve has shared her plan with Claire, who calls her sneaky. Eve assures her Haley will be a gone girl so she will have Tripp all to herself. But they have to act now so send it to her. Claire agrees. Eve gets going with a wicked giggle. A recipe for disaster …

JJ tells Haley they could have a beautiful day on Smith Island with a picnic including Jen’s famous fried chicken. They then could lie in the sun. Haley flirts. She clearly wants a kiss … Tripp meets Claire at the park. He apologizes. However he is proud of helping Haley … JJ gushes he and Haley could go strawberry picking. She would love to lay on the blanket. They kiss … Knock knock! Enter Eve … Kayla reads Will’s file and realizes she overlooked something significant … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny is stunned when Will seems to have forgotten what happened to Holly …Claire sweetly humors Tripp and agrees to wait … JJ covers he was just here to see a new patient that was admitted this morning. Eve purrs how nice Haley got her job back. She taunts she fell for Tripp just in time. JJ claims she is wild about his cousin. Haley adds they are happy. Eve now plays the tape of Tripp telling Claire he is still with her but must be married to Haley to save her future. Haley soap stares … Abe informs a curious reporter that Val went back to Washington. Jack appears and accuses him of cheating with Sheila. Abe reminds him of his own sordid past with women and walks away. The reporter asks how his wife feels about that. Jack stammers she is now voting, then turns to find himself face to face with pretty Jenifer, who is back from Paris, the capital of looooove ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 9, 2019