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Episode 13,586
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chez Ben, he ends a call with an EMT contact. Time to update Ciara on Holly and the van, two bodies being found. She cries for sweet Holly. Ben wonders how to tell Stefan and Chloe. Ciara holds him and offers to will come with … Back at the scene Rafe and Hope mourn Holly. She laments the sadness of losing a sweet child never leaves … Nicole cannot digest and implores Eric to say it ain’t so. He breathes he is sorry and then she slaps him, She screams and bawls she wants her little girl back. Eric holds her close … Xander acts celebratory but Ted thinks he went too far by making Holly’s loved ones believe she was lost. Xander sneers he is just getting started. He helps himself to a drink and admits his mysterious partner arranged the bodies from the morgue. Ted wants to meet this mysterious partner … Nicole asks Hope what went wrong. Eric points out the police did everything in their power. Hope cries with Nicole as she groans Holly is gone. Eric ushers Nicole away. Rafe suspects Hope blames him for the unhappy ending. She does indeed … Maggie sits with Victor and Kate at the club. Victor hands her a napkin. She laments losing Daniel was devastating but he lived on through Holly the miracle baby. Victor blames Chloe for being with Stefan. Maggie reminds him this is his fault … Up at the mansion Chloe waits with Stefan for an update. Ben appears with Ciara and the story. Chloe gasps God no …

Hope is hard on Rafe for going against her orders. Rafe will regret it forever but he still senses Ted had ulterior motives for wanting to meet the Hollynapper … Xander jokes it was Julie who wanted him to take Holly, then warns Ted would not want to know the truth about the big boss. The Frenchman frowns … Victor holds his drink and questions Maggie’s logic. She reminds him he refused to let Brady bring Chloe to the mansion. Only the kids … Ted is somewhat smug that the plan made Rafe look really bad … Hope rages at Rafe that Ted would have no reason to harm Holly and suspends him on the spot … As Stefano’s portrait watches, Chloe cries about the believed death of Holly. Stefan questions the logic of Hector blowing his extradition. It does not add up. Chloe finds out Nicole already knows as Eric was with her at the site after the accident. Chloe cries her heart out … On the sofa Nicole laments she kept going as she believed Holly would be fine with Eric. How could he let Chloe have her! She rages he broke his promise to her and cries again. Eric holds her …

Ben and Ciara are sitting on the sofa. He sighs it was horrible having to tell Chloe and Stefan. She sighs she could not say anything to make anyone feel better and remembers her little brother Zack. Ben feels partly to blame for not keeping Chloe and the kids safe. She assures him one man alone could not take on the cartel. Ben notes nothing will be able to bring the baby back … Hope is indefinitely suspending Rafe, who unhappily hands her his badge and his weapon. He points out her decision might be more personal than professional. Hope denies it but before she goes he suggests their separation be permanent, sensing it is what she wants. Hope is hurt and steps away … Shirtless Ben is restless in his sweats. Ciara cannot sleep either. He notes he has a little nephew in Salem he should go see. Ciara praises his sweetness and they share a loving kiss … Back at the club Kate accuses Maggie of unfairly pointing the finger at Victor. Maggie wishes she would stay out of it. Kate argues if Chloe was a decent mother she would have let the kids stay at the Kiriakis mansion without her! Maggie notes Kate is no perfect mother. Kate knows she is no cookie baker but she would not side with a trollop against her husband. Victor snaps at Kate to stop. Maggie thanks him and asks to go home. Victor will have the driver take her. He decides to stay for another drink. Maggie is astonished. He announces he wants some time alone …

Eric assures Nicole he wanted to honor her wishes. However, Maggie was a hard sell and then Chloe came wanting Holly. Brady was on her side threatening to take him to court. Eric was ready for the fight but Nicole’s last letter appeared indicating she wanted Chloe to look after Holly. Justin received it from her Nashville lawyer. Nicole recalls she wrote it when Xander forced her to marry him, hence her concern. Eric continues. He was ready to fight, but had to consider what would be best for Holly. Chloe gave birth to her and was the mother of her brother so he withdrew though it was not easy. Nicole gets it. However, when the cartel went after Chloe why did he do nothing … Xander hands Ted his money as promised. Ted is in a hurry to leave the room but Hope has just arrived in advance of forensics and opens the door, only to find …

Hope asks Ted what he is doing! He admits he was wondering whether he could have done more and acts like he feels badly he could not get Holly back because of Rafe. Hope announces she suspended him and laments her marriage is lost … Rafe sits alone outside in the night and remembers his romance with Hope. Then he starts to remove his ring … Maggie cries at a framed photo of sweet Holly and remembers Kate’s harsh words. The redhead walks toward an expensive decanter and pours herself a drink in a crystal glass. Her hand shakes as she holds the hard liquor before her … Eric explains he could not interfere but was involved in Holly’s life. Chloe was a wonderful mom. Nicole now decides he is to blame for what happened … Ciara sweetly kisses Ben’s head and offers to speak to Rafe about him seeing his nephew. Ben thanks her, so happy to have her in his life. They kiss again … Ted acts like he feels for Hope. She cries about her broken marriage and he holds her … Rafe tosses his wedding ring away and wipes his tears …Back at the club Kate and Victor toast to Holly … Meanwhile Maggie pours her almost drink back into the decanter and takes off … Stefan gives Chloe a kiss on the forehead. She is in bed ready to sleep from the pill she took and asks him to stay with her. He does and she falls asleep in his arms … Nicole rages when she wrote that letter she was unaware there would be a cartel after Chloe. She wants to leave! Eric implores her to let him help her. She hisses like how he helped Holly and rages her daughter died cos he broke his promise. Then she storms out. Eric is unable to stop her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 8, 2019