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Episode 13,585
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric has high family hopes for himself Holly and Nicole. Hope gets a call from Rafe, who went after the Hollynapper. He gasps there was an accident and looks in the darkness with his flashlight … The pub is closed cos John has a surprise for his favorite blonde … At the club Kate teases Victor for venturing to the club for a drink. He complains about all the company they have at the mansion. Cos of that bitter Sarah he needed a double … Sarah and Rex agree they will wed after Holly is home. She is in a hurry. Maggie comes in and accuses Rex of pressuring Sarah at this sensitive time … At the station Hope is sorry to say Rafe followed the Hollynapper in his car and they drove right over the embankment! Nicole worriedly wonders what about Holly as Eric stands in solemn silence … John assures Marlena that Roman took Will dinner as she was planning for the pub is theirs tonight … Hope admits Rafe knows not whether there were any survivors. Nicole sobs and insists on accompanying her. Eric does as well … Back in the room Ted informs Xander’s voice mail that Rafe did exactly as expected. He rages now where is Xander …?!

Marlena marvels at the candlelight and innocently wonders what the occasion is. John chuckles they made six months married and that’s a fact. Time to celebrate. He adds Will approves. She gushes her too. He believes they should count their blessings. The best is that they have one another. And then he kisses her … Sarah gets shrill with Maggie. She wants Holly to be her flower girl. They heard upbeat news! The redhead reasons they still know not who has Holly and adds she heard Victor took off cos of her daughter. Sarah explains she defended Nicole and hopes he will not kick her out. Maggie snaps this is both their home. He would do well to remember that … Kate toys with her martini as she and Victor take a mini trip down memory lane. She alludes to the power of their passion and swallows an olive … Nicole panics no one can get down to the smoking van that Holly is assumed to be inside. Ted decides to slide down after getting an update from Rafe, who was hindered by his arm … Back at the club, Victor reminds Kate she hired a hitman. She reminds him he is supposed to be irate with Sarah instead of her. The Greek grumbles about Rex and adds he was not the only one whose eye wandered. Kate asks for details. Victor is sorry to say Sarah did it in the bedroom with Xander the gardener. Kate hisses her son deserves better that that s--t … Sarah wants a word alone with her miffed mother. Rex goes to get a sandwich. Maggie complains Victor hired Kate against her wishes, claiming he wanted her help repairing his relationship with Phillip. She cries he is not here to comfort her whilst Hilly is missing. Sarah sympathetically hugs her …

John and Marlena discuss Will’s condition and how he has Sonny. Marlena appreciates he did not ignore Will’s rocky road for the sake of a romantic evening. They exchange I love yous and he teases he has a special treat for dessert. This time they are trying something new and magnificent instead of strawberries and cream - cos Hattie once tainted hers. This time he made a sweet chocolate mousse. Marlena takes a mouthful with him and wonders why they have heard nothing about Holly … The gang smell gas and the van believed to have contained Holly explodes. Hope, Nicole and Rafe are thrown back … John decides tonight was not the best night after all. No need for mousse. He senses doc has something on her mind. Marlena confides that Eric admitted to her he loved Sarah but hesitated as Rex is his brother. John senses more. She updates him on Sarah loving Eric, his deal with God, how they finally came together. But when they went to tell Rex, Nicole was waiting for Eric. Now Sarah is going to wed Rex though she loves Eric more. John gets it. Marlena thinks they know how that will end … Kate wants to know when Sarah had her fling with Xander. Victor knows she will not last with Rex. Kate looks relieved … Sarah remembers her heartfelt moment with Eric before Nicole returned and gets choked up after Maggie mentions him. The women now agree not to be harsh on each other’s men. Maggie asks if Rex is even aware that she loves his brother more. He would deserve to know … Nicole is pulled back. Rafe helps Eric and Ted back up to safety. When Nicole hears Ted did not get there in time she screams for Hoooooollyyyyyyy. Eric holds her in the smoky night …

Marlena muses she could not forget about John when she was with Roman once upon a time. She suspects Sarah feels the same about Eric. John loves hearing about about their never-ending love … Eric holds Nicole and states he could not see inside as it was dark but he thinks they may have gotten out. She cries for Holly. Hope vows they will find her and wants Rafe to have that bleeding hand looked at. As Eric cradles her, Nicole gasps God could not be so cruel. Eric shows her the lucky necklace that brought her back to him and urges her to keep the faith … John drinks his red wine. Marlena brings up all the lost ones who recently returned and wonders whether Kristen DiMera walks the earth as well. John thinks they would know about it. She cannot shake a strange feeling … Kate suggests Phillip left Salem cos Victor was too overbearing. He wonders whether he knows she is back in the family fold with Titan. Kate warns he would need more. Victor admits he also hired her as Titan was great with her. He wants to destroy DiMera. Kate has the same vision. Drums play …

Maggie considers Rex a philanderer. Seconds later Rex returns asking if there is any news of Holly. Maggie is sorry to say no … Hope ends a call with Brady as the van is slowly hauled up. Rafe watches in silence. Hope faces Nicole and Eric whispering two bodies were recovered from the van – a young man and a female child. She covers her mouth as Nicole sobs against Eric … John reasons love wins against hate always so they need not worry about Kristen. Time to take their private party home. Marlena likes the sound of that. They kiss, blow out the candles and leave together … As a piano plays Victor lets Kate know how sad he is about his distant son. Kate promises to help and kisses him on the cheek. Maggie walks into the club announcing Holly died … Sarah chokes in her tears and leans on Rex, who promises he will always be here … Nicole demands to see her baby but is held back for Holly is beyond recognition … Meanwhile Ted is back in Xander’s room demanding a Holly update. Xander drawls the little girl is asleep en route to her new home. He smirks. All went according to plan …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 7, 2019