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Episode 13,584
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi breathes to Stefan this was good for him to relax so he can focus on finding Holly. This tryst served each a certain purpose … Chloe calls for Stefan and starts to climb the staircase. Brady arrives insisting she hear him out … At the station Hope sighs to Rafe this all seems surreal. Ted appears and brags he knows where the baby is but alas cannot share. It all sounds suspicious to Rafe … Sarah wants to wed Rex. Marlena patiently points out she needs time. Sarah gasps the thing with Eric is … Enter Rex, wondering about his brother … Eric suggests Nicole be strong and keep the faith. He promises they will overcome and warmly embraces here. Victor walks in snarling about what the cat dragged in … Gabi gushes it was gooooood. Stefan gets dressed and notes they cannot do it again. Gabi agrees and smiles an acidic smile. He suggests she dress before Chloe gets back … Brady came to check on Chloe for all the right reasons. She updates him on Hector and Ted coming close to a deal. She is worried about Holly and knows Brady is too. The talk turns to the miracle of Nicole, now this mess. Brady believes Chloe is not to blame but she begs to differ. Brady is confident there will be a quick conclusion. Hope is top notch so he knows Holly is coming home soon … Rafe insinuates Ted is cozy with Hector. Ted acts insulted and insists he will go and get Holly alone. He asks Hope for her support. She agrees with arranging a meetup with the kidnapper. Rafe steps away with a scowl …

Marlena asks Dr. Rex about Will. He seems well and is almost out of his treatment. Sarah stammers Eric was still concerned about her and Xander … though with Nicole back things are different … Victor grumbles about getting bad news. Nicole wishes he would just focus on finding Holly. The Greek blames her for being careless. Eric urges him to lay off. Nicole would never put Holly in harm’s way! Victor blames her for trusting bimbo Chloe … Hope is alone with Ted and warns him one wrong move would ruin everything. She would prefer to send him in with backup. Ted talks her out of it and takes off like a wannabe hero in a designer suit. Meanwhile Rafe puts down his beverage and goes after him … Sarah makes light of the situation. Marlena suggests Eric and Sarah resolve their issue on their own in an attempt to spare Rex from finding out the truth. Rex agrees to stay out of it and exits to see about Will. Sarah sighs Eric is back with the love of his life … Nicole is indignant and blames Xander for her absence. Victor is amused. Nicole reminds him how his grandson and then nephew did her wrong. He quips Eric should watch out for bubble baths, adds Xander is not in the picture and accuses Nicole of murder … Chloe gushes Stefan has been great. Brady leaves the living room as she gets a call from Hope, who claims they are close. Brady then gets an eyeful of flushed Stefan and disheveled she devil Gabi creeping down the grand staircase. Food for thought. He taunts what have we here! Gabi fixes her hair. Stefan frowns …

Hope updates Chloe on Ted’s ambitious plan. Chloe asks what Nicole thinks. Hope has left her messages … Nicole snatches the phone from Victor and wonders what his problem is. He ordered Xander to take care of dastardly Deimos anyway! She gets agitated about all the months she had to endure, now this!. Victor calmly claims it could be karma. Sarah walks in with Rex and calls him a monster. He calls her a mere guest. Sarah fights back but Victor believes he is but a straight shooter and walks out. Nicole weeps. Sarah vows they will find Holly as Eric watches … Brady cackles about Stefan being with Gabi. She sends Stefan to speak to Chloe and gives Brady a look … Inside the living room Chloe notices Stefan glancing toward the foyer as she updates him on Ted’s plan … Gabi hisses to Brady that he abandoned the plan, not her. They step outside and he decides to warn Chloe that her suitor Stefan DiMera is romancing both women. Gabi snaps she wants her revenge. Brady does not want Chloe to be harmed by the bastardo. Gabi tries to deny the tryst then exclaims she threw herself at him. Brady wonders. She remembers how she played hard to get and taunted him to prove he was not pining after Chloe. Then came the passion of the unlikely pair, the second afterglow … Back to the present. She lies Stefan turned her down and begs Brady not to embarrass her … Chloe wonders why Stefan keeps staring at the door. He heard voices. She explains Brady came by and steps away to call mama Nancy. Gabi returns and he demands to know what she told Brady. Everything …

Nicole is grateful that Sarah tried to defend her against Victor, who loathes her. She laments he could be right about her karma but her sins should not come back to her daughter. Sarah praises her as Eric touches Nicole’s back. They discuss the deal that is being made. Sarah takes her off to clean up. Rex informs Eric that Sarah got close over the phone with Nicole when Nicole was staying at her place in Nashville. He now suggests Eric let go of his anger about her sleeping with Xander. Eric is surprised and drops it when Rex reasons he overheard Sarah with Marlena … Nicole now realizes Hope called and calls her back. Eric stands by her. Hope summons her to the station over a development … Ted returns to Xander’s room though no one is there. No Xander no Holly. Rafe the shadow follows him in. Ted hisses Hector’s contact will not come if there is a cop here! His phone rings and he taunts they are too late …

At DiMera mansion Gabi laughs as she tells Stefan the lie she told Brady about him rejecting her. Stefan is grateful. She did not want to upset Chloe, fumes what are frenemies for and storms out …. Brady came to see Will but Marlena informs him he already ended his radiation. He is sorry he missed him. They now discuss Nicole and how Hope is trying hard to find Holly …Back at the station Hope assures nervous Nicole and Eric that the handoff will work. It has to … Ted gets a call and announces to Hector’s unheard contact that he is alone. Rafe waits. Ted claims his contact hung up. A child is heard crying and a car starts. Rafe looks out the window, exclaims he has Holly and goes running. Ted calls him an idiot in continental French … Rex has a drink with Sarah as they discuss her drama with Victor. He admits he spoke with Eric about the Xander story. He hopes she does not mind and gushes all the right couples are together. He expects Eric and Nicole will marry. Sarah suggests they wed as soon as Holly is found. They kiss … Gabi enjoys a cocktail at the club alone as she considers how to destroy Stefan … Stefan hands Chloe a drink and tries to make her feel better …. Eric emotionally lets Nicole know how he, her and Holly will go on a family outing when she is found. All of a sudden Rafe calls Hope from the scene of a horrible smoky car accident …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 6, 2019