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Episode 13,583
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena has missed Will being escorted down to radiation with Rex. Sarah assures her it will help and then blurts out she lied … Eric ends a call and updates upset Nicole. Hector is speaking with the D.A. Nicole curses Chloe … At DiMera mansion Chloe says no to Stefan’s tea. She laments letting down Nicole. Stefan insists it was not her fault but Chloe believes she should not have been wined and dined by him … Rafe and Hope discuss David. Rafe solemnly states he who took Holly could go after another. Ted appears and lies they have the correct culprit in custody … Maggie hugs Brady, who is back from biz in Europe. She has unfortunate news … Eric argues Chloe was protective of the kids and feels Nicole should focus on bringing Holly home. Nicole hyperventilates the cartel could exact revenge on Holly and sobs on his shoulder as he comforts her … Xander sings a lullaby to Holly with a strange look in his eye … Gabi is going over a DiMera press release at the club and remembers Brady’s suggestion she sleep with Stefan to get the ultimate power of the DiMera empire. She imagines sipping champagne with smitten Stefan as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. His gift to her is more diamonds. She surprises him with wicked divorce papers… Gabi now sips her cocktail at the club and smirks …Chloe wants to check in with the cops. She asks Stefan to stay at the mansion with Parker and the nanny … Maggie gasps Holly was taken. Brady blames Stefan and wants to go see Chloe, who is like her mother. Maggie stops him. About that …

Eric promises Nicole they will find Holly and be the family they dreamed of. It will be an escape to the country. He believes in them. He tenderly touches her face. She is grateful for him being here. He promises nothing will ever come between them again and kisses her. He hands her his phone whilst he showers but time is a fickle friend …Xander is on the phone boasting to his partner about Ted doing his bidding … At the station Ted is ready to strike a deal which would include extraditing Hector to Mexico. Hope suggests he get a judge to agree. Rafe drawls his doubts. Hope would believe anything Ted told her …Red leather jacket Marlena wonders how Sarah misled her. She sighs she did not really know Eric’s real feelings when Marlena referred to them. Marlena does not mind. She also assumes Eric confessed how much he cared. Sarah grimaces … Nervous Nicole decides there is someone she has to see. Eric comes with … Maggie mentions a name that makes Brady pause. Nicole … Stefan loses his cool with Ben on the phone. Gabi arrives and asks whether Chloe spent the night. Negative. She points out she was the one who helped him get rid of all his frustration. Stefan leers she will not get lucky now. She hisses she is here about business. He offends her again and she starts to go. He stops her and ask about the business issue. She leans over her papers and gives him an eyeful …

Ted returns to drinking Xander, who got tired Holly to sleep. He is pleased to hear Hector is cooperating. Ted concludes the plan is to send Hector back to Mexico in return for Holly. Xander, however, has an ever bolder plan and finishes his drink …Hope reminds Rafe she knows the stakes are high and exits to update Nicole. Rafe is stunned to hear she is actually alive. Hope has no time to explain … Sarah woefully informs Marlena that Nicole has come between her and Eric … Brady misunderstands Maggie and goes to help Chloe. But at the door he runs into Nicole and Eric. He looks like he has seen a ghost. Maggie cries and runs to hug her. Brady wonders how it can be. Maggie is over the moon it is true. Brady is baffled. Nicole explains she made it through the explosion. Brady recounts how he stopped Eric from running back in and asks how she came to be here. Eric calls it a miracle. Brady gets it … Sarah sighs she was with Eric when they saw Nicole for real. She is the love of his life and they need one another now that Holly is missing … Stefan cannot concentrate. Gabi will get the board to sign off, never mind him, and starts to leave. Stefan stops his passionate princess at the door and declares she is going nowhere …

At the station Rafe informs Chloe that Hope thinks Hector’s people have Holly. However, that information came from questionable Ted Laurent so … Xander offers Ted a drink. He turns him down and fumes this is going too far. What is the end game? Ransom? Xanda needs no money. Ted suspects he wants to be the hero who finds Holly. When Xander sounds like he does not plan to reunite Holly with her motha, Ted quits … Gabi acts defiant. Stefan grabs her in a kiss … Marlena believes Eric and Nicole deserve so much better and wants to reach out. Sarah sniffles Eric is with the woman he belongs with … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady officially apologizes to Nicole for the past and promises all of Titan’s resources for Holly. She is grateful but blames Chloe for failing them. Brady has no answer …Chloe probes Rafe about Ted. Rafe is only interested in bringing Holly home and refuses to reveal more. Chloe praises Stefan for being there for her … Gabi accuses Stefan of wanting Chloe. He denies it. She dares him to prove it so he takes her to the bed where they make mad love again …

Xander alludes to exposing Ted to Hope. Ted counters he could do the right thing and Hope would forgive him. Xanimal leers he is in too deep. Hope is only one of the dangers he would be facing. Ted is willing to take the chance and returns the stare … Hope comes to the Kiriakis mansion to update Nicole and Eric on Hector’s deal. Eric has his doubts but holds Nicole … Sarah assures concerned Marlena she will be alright. Marlena is astounded when she sweetly states Eric is gone so she will move on by marrying Rex … Nicole is worried about Hope making a deal with the bad guys. Maggie asks Brady for a word alone. She suggests he go update Chloe. He agrees … Eric wants to keep the faith. He assures Nicole she could even get Holly back before any deal … Ted joins Rafe and Hope at the station, announcing he knows Holly’s whereabouts … After the lovin in his big bed, Gabi asks Stefan what the heck they are doing. He breathes he knows not. Meanwhile Chloe comes back calling out for him. She walks past the chess set and keeps going ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 3, 2019