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Episode 13,582
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The crowd soap stare at the image of Sheila kissing Abe. Jack is sorry for Val. Sheila shouts it is fake. Eve gets the crowd on her side … Kayla is happy as a clam to see Haley, who asks for her position back … Claire is about to burn half the wedding picture but drops it when Tripp comes in. He spies the telltale lighter in her hand … Abe admits to the crowd the picture was real … Claire explains JJ returned the lighter. Forensics found nothing so it is still just a lighter … At the station Eli asks Rafe if he is responsible for Lani’s leave request … Sheila can explain. Val takes off. The press ask Abe if he and Sheila are having an affair. Abe growls to get out of his way and goes after Val. JJ watches. Jack argues Abe has no honest answers for anyone in Salem! Sheila announces she kissed him and it was only once. She acted inappropriately! Abe the cool and kind mayor made it clear he was with Val … Eli ignores a call from Val. Lani is taking a leave of absence to look after David. Rafe thinks he can handle things as he is soon getting his sling off. Lani insists. Eli notes her leave is not even necessary … Kayla gets water and calls Haley one of the best nurses. She will like working with her daughter-in-law but questions Claire. Haley can comprehend why Claire is upset especially since she must now move out of the loft … Claire packs her stylish belongings in a box. Tripp is sorry. She snaps so much for till deportation to we part. Alas Tripp cannot back out. Claire cannot handle three whole years of him playing house with Haley. He promises Claire he is committed to them. How to make this up to her? She says make love to her and pouts he no longer wants her when he pauses …

Haley feels for Claire. Kayla feels for Haley, who wed a man she did not love. She knows she cared for JJ. Haley gushes she forgave him and confirms the connection. However, they cannot be together either … Tripp tells Claire he does want her. The bitter girl snaps she will see him in three years. He stops her with a kiss. She is hungry for another. They make for the bedroom … Eli argues Rafe can get Gabi to help him or hire a nanny. Lani argues Jordan did not want David around any strangers. She decides to use her vacation days. Rafe gets a call about the case … Val weeps at the park alone. Here comes Abe to tell the truth. The livid lady is listening … Eve calls Sheila a victim. She denies it and calls Jack a jackass. Jack asks if Abe forced himself on her. JJ stands up and declares Abe would not do that. In fact the only person present who forced himself on a woman is Jack! Smiling Jack stops smiling … Eli reminds Lani of their Miami dream. He takes her hands and suggests they take their vacation days together. Alas David needs her now. Eli gets a text about the Holly case. Another child needs his help now …

Abe sighs he and Sheila worked closely and once kissed but there was nothing there! He admits he felt alone at the time, which tells him something. A long distance love affair will not work for him. He suspects Val feels the same … The press ask Jack to explain what his son is accusing him of. JJ takes off. Jack remains silent as the cameras flash in his handsome face. Food for thought … Claire giggles out of Tripp’s room with a flushed face. Tripp follows and decides he was wrong to ask her to move out. Claire sweetly smiles, assuming he wants her to stay … At the pretty park Val admits she was not realistic for she has a life she loves now in D.C. Abe sits beside her and praises her accomplishments. He hopes she will forgive him for not confiding in her. They conclude their kisses always felt right. Perhaps one day if there is no distance between them … Val asks what their breakup will mean for his campaign. Abe will worry about that later and kisses her goodbye. Val goes. Sheila appears and announces she will fix his run for mayor by resigning. Abe will not accept it … Eve sugar coats to the press. A reporter wants her to answer if there is any basis to JJ’s statement that Jack forced himself on someone. She insists there is none … At the nurse’s station Haley is happily surprised to see JJ. He is happy she was not sent out of the country but came to see Kayla. They head off for an important word …

Claire thinks she can have her cake and eat it to. She hugs Tripp, relieved he still loves her. He explains he really meant he and Haley should leave the loft, not Claire. Claire decides to live at the lavish Kiriakis mansion. There are many rooms and she is the apple of Victor’s eye. Tripp hugs her and calls her the best. She claims she wants the best for Haley too and they kiss. He helps her carry the box as she leaves for her new home but something has fallen to the floor … Back in their room Eve is elated over their victory. Jack is stony. She seems to have forgotten about what JJ said, about the rape … Kayla admits to JJ she was surprised Jack’s misdeed from long ago was a secret this long. She thanks him for forewarning her and will handle whatever comes her way … Rafe returns to Lani. David is sleeping. He does not want the baby to come between her and Eli … Lani has an answer for everything. She points out Eli was just overprotective … Outside the pub Eli catches up with crying Val. She declares she is going back to D.C. Eli wonders …

Abe argues Sheila is invaluable to him as they sit by the pretty flowers. She laughs and remembers their first run-in at the pub and the next and the next … Abe laughs about the good times. Tough cookie Sheila believes the town of Salem needs him and therefore quits. It is her call … Rafe and Lani admire David together. She convinces him to agree she can continue helping him and happily takes the baby “home” … Eli realizes Val and Abe are really over. Sometimes love is not enough. Val hopes this will not cause conflict for him and Lani. Eli points out they have way bigger problems than his mom breaking up with her dad … Abe wants a hug. Sheila thanks him and heads on her way after admitting he won her over though she was a tough nut to crack … Eve argues no one knows Jack’s history with Kayla. Jack reasons he raped his wife and it was on public record. Eve suggests they spin with his real remorse. But Jack admittedly has a hard time understanding his own actions … A reporter asks Kayla to confirm her then husband Jack Devereaux forced himself on her. She does … Haley finds JJ in the staff room and stops him from walking away. She laments having to stay married to Tripp longer … Back at the loft Tripp picks up his torn wedding picture and gets a bad feeling … Claire takes out the torn wedding photo of Haley and approaches the Kiriakis fireplace. Then she uses her little lighter to make it burn and drops it in with an eerie smile ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 2, 2019