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Episode 13,581
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sheila teases Abe about his lucky sneakers at the pub. The polls are looking like a tie and they happily hug. Meanwhile Eve complains to Jack, who has a plan … At the loft Tripp and Haley have been mailed their sweet wedding pics. Today marks 30 days. Justin calls … Claire has a coffee for herself and JJ at the square, grumbling about Tripp and Haley’s wedding. Eli approaches having checked out the lighter that was found in her jewelry box. Alas the lighter was not officially linked to any cabin fire. He hands it back to disappointed JJ. JJ senses the Salem PD was wrong. Claire’s eyes narrow … Justin bore interesting news. Haley and Tripp’s marriage was a success and she can stay in the USA. She hugs Tripp in gratitude … A woman at the park admires Lani with little David at the park. She can see she loves her son. Lani admits he is not actually hers … Jack sips his coffee and laughs he has something on the moralistic mayor. He shows Eve a pic of Sheila kissing Abe on the lips in public … Sheila and Abe agree to forget the kiss that meant nada. All of a sudden friendly Val enters the pub. Abe is elated … Eve wants to spin it so Abe’s reputation is ruined … Abe hugs Val and they share a kiss. She would not miss his debate for the world. She thanks Sheila for looking after him. Sheila thinks that goes both ways. Val overheard them before they noticed her and wonders what they wanted to forget … Sugary Claire assumes that the fire starter case is closed. She notes JJ is a cop no more. He hands her the lighter back. Here comes Eve who ushers her aside to talk. Jack greets JJ and looks disappointed when he declares mama Jen left town cos of him! Meantime Eve questions Claire on holding that lighter. Claire hisses her life has gone up in smoke and vows to break up Tripp and Haley one way or another …

Back at the loft Tripp assures Haley that she has Claire on her side. Haley admits Justin had other news that was not good in nature. She now has to tell Tripp … Eve reminds Claire she almost got Ciara killed! Claire insists she is in a better place. Eve sure hopes so … Sheila smoothly states they were simply discussing the last debate. This time will be different. Abe has a good feeling and praises his assistant. Val will see them at the square soon. In her mind Abe is the right man for mayor … Jack claims he did not set out to hurt Jen. JJ blasts him for tying the knot with wicked Eve. He warns he will never be happy. Jack replies “Son …” JJ snaps he is not his son and walks away …

Outside the pub Eli catches up with mama Val. He is round the clock on the Holly case. Lani is otherwise occupied … Lani vows to keep her baby safe when the woman at the park mentions the latest news and excuses herself …Haley thinks she should have said yes to JJ’s proposal in the past. Here comes Claire. Haley excuses herself. Tripp explains Haley can stay in the USA. Claire forces a sweet smile. Tripp adds and Justin warned the ICE agent will be watching them until Haley gets a green card. That could take years …Eli laments Lani is putting David first. She arrives with the baby carriage and greets Val. Val offers to babysit but Lani wants to be with him while he teethes. Eli leaves for work. Lani wants to head to the debate. First Val asks to discuss David and refers to her single mother past. Eli is also concerned. Lani has heard enough and excuses herself … Jack complains to Eve that JJ hates him more so she kisses him for the cameras. Sheila arrives with Abe, who is confident he is the best candidate. Tomorrow marks voting day! Jack smirks may the best man win and makes him shake his hand …

Claire starts to snap. Tripp tells her it could be 3 years and hugs her. She hisses about Haley being his wife. He reminds her he is devoted to her. Knock knock. Tis the smart cookie Ice agent. Claire covers she has allergies and is not crying. The agent is astonished to hear she actually lives there and warns if this is a charade … Haley comes downstairs with a box and pretends Claire is here to pack her things and move out. Tripp keeps his silence … JJ sees Lani at the park. He realizes something upset her and assures her it is a generous thing she is doing. She laments Eli and his mom seems to have another view. JJ grins the kid is crazy about her and praises her. Lani appreciates it. JJ picks up the fallen teething ring. She invites him to attend the debate with her. He will and he is on team Abe … Sheila straightens Abe’s tie as Eve and Jack smugly watch. JJ comes and hugs his father’s competitor, much to Eve’s dismay. He warns her he is staying … Claire hisses she hated living with these two anyway. The agent informs Tripp and Haley they will be monitored nonstop and wishes Claire well with her move. When she goes Claire screams at Haley to change her story but Tripp sides with Haley. She stammers if she does not live here, how to see him????

The debate gets underway. Abe is grilled on Tripp and Haley. He thinks the couple should be left in peace. Jack thunders she took advantage of his son. JJ stands up and shouts Jack Devereaux is the one with the fake marriage, he is the fake … Haley apologizes. Claire screams at her. Tripp concludes Claire cannot live at the loft. Claire gets she is not wanted and goes to pack her bags in a huff … Eve insists she and Jack have a legit marriage. Jack calls Abe the fraud. Abe argues he is up front. Jack brings up his personal life and his relationship with Dr. Valerie Grant. Then he mentions Sheila. Abe argues he has been open about helping the former felon. Jack counters he was not open about their romance. Val wonders … Haley has to head to work. Tripp apologizes about Claire but this is best. Haley laments she hates her now. Tripp thinks she is dramatic but he trusts her ... Claire comes out with her bag into the now empty kitchen living area and tears a wedding photo in half. She then places the lighter close to Haley’s face in the photo … Eli joins Lani at the station, astonished she is here about a leave of absence … Abe acts indignant and denies being involved with his assistant. Jack asks tough cookie Eve to show the proof in the pudding. The picture of Sheila kissing the mayor appears on the overheard screen. JJ looks surprised. Abe is ready to explode ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 1, 2019