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Episode 13,580
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah states something crazy happened to Maggie, who assumes the worst of Rex. Rex appears insisting he is innocent … Eric has been holding the battle weary woman he loves for hours. Nicole notices him staring. He cannot take his eyes off her. They touch and she tells him she is here for real. This time they will be. He gives her a sweet kiss and she smiles as she kisses him back … At DiMera mansion Stefan has coffee for stressed Chloe. He promises they will find Holly. Hope enters seeking access to Stefan’s security footage … Post shower Xander hushes Ted so Holly will not wake up. She is sleeping like a baby. Ted is mighty impressed. Xander purrs he could not have accomplished the mission without him … Ciara smiles as she holds a fortune cookie and remembers being with Ben. Knock knock! Ben is back, frustrated he could not find Holly and could not be with her all night long. She assures him it was special and talks tomorrow. They hug and she feels for Holly and her mother … Hope assures Chloe she is doing all in her power. Chloe knows but breaks down when she goes. Stefan wants to help. Chloe hates that she now has to update Maggie on her granddaughter being missing … Maggie suspiciously asks Sarah why she is upset. Sarah just had a jolt as Nicole lives. Maggie soap stares … Beautiful Nicole believes all will be perfect as soon as Holly is in her arms. Eric can take her tonight. She would love that but feels it best to wait. In the morning they will have their happy reunion. Eric hugs her with stars in his eyes …

Exhausted Ben wants to keep searching. Ciara sends him to shower first. He needs a rest. Hope arrives and Ciara opens the door wearing Ben’s shirt. Ben emerges in his towel suggesting she shower with him and then stops when he spies his sweetheart’s mother … Maggie cries tears of joy. Rex is happy for his brother being with the woman he loves as they speak. Maggie gives Sarah a look. Chloe now arrives, announcing Holly is missing … Xander praises flunky Ted, who wants his hands kept clean from now on. Xander grins he already knows Holly. He argues Chloe was not even her real motha as Holly gurgles … Eric shows Nicole sweet photos of Holly at the park. She is much moved. He explains how he and Maggie and Sarah let her know she is loved always. Nicole caresses her darling’s handsome face and asks how he has been. He sighs it was hard not being able to see or hold her. He slowly had to rebuild his life and here they are. Nicole is relieved he had Rex and Sarah. Eric stammers he and Sarah became friends … Chloe sadly states the estate was searched but still no sign of Holly. She cries the cartel must have taken her. Before they can tell her Nicole is alive she gets a call from mama Nancy. Sarah now offers to be the one to tell Nicole. Meanwhile Maggie and Rex will stay and speak to Chloe. Sarah races off to do the right thing …

Hope raises an eyebrow. Ciara stammers is she here for her? Hope must speak to Ben. Stefan gave her access to the security footage. Ben goes to dress and promises her those access codes. Hope asks her daughter if they are sleeping together … Rich man Xander pays Ted who counts the money. Xander sees the jewelry box and warns Hope had better not interfere with his … business. He gives him a dark stare … Rex announces Nicole is alive. Sarah went to tell Eric as well as her about Holly … Sarah gets to Eric’s place while Nicole showers. She is sorry to tell him that Chloe said Holly is missing and may have been abducted. Nicole appears in Eric’s shirt and gasps WHAT … Leggy Ciara stops Hope from leaving. She argues she and Ben have been together a while and she was ready. He makes her happy. She reminds Hope how Doug was against her and Bo, who won them over. They were soul mates. Hope wants her to stop. Do not ever compare Ben to Bo! Bo would not approve. Ciara quips he would not approve of Ted either … Ted did not get all the money. Xander points out he must accomplish part two by getting Hector to take the fall. Xander used to work for Hector’s old boss sooooo … Ted refuses … Chloe is stunned. Maggie weeps about Holly and goes to ask Victor for help. Chloe asks Rex where Nicole was and how she made it. Rex had no chance to ask and offers to take her to Nicole and Eric. Chloe cannot face her, however … Nicole is upset to hear that Holly was staying with Chloe at DiMera mansion. Eric goes to make some calls. Nicole demands to go. Eric accompanies her. She gives Sarah a stony look on her way out …

Rex believes only the bad guys are to blame. Chloe breaks down and blames herself, feeling for Nicole … At DiMera mansion Stefan puts down Holly’s doll. Eric walks in with Nicole, who demands an explanation. He and Chloe were dining … Nicole wants answers. Stefan suspects the cartel that was after Chloe are responsible. Nicole does not understand … Xander hands D.A. Ted a dossier of what he can use to convince Hector to cooperate. Ted pauses. Xander warns if he does not play, he will expose him to Hope. Frightening food for thought … Ciara does not want her mom’s marriage hurt by Ted. Hope smiles she can look after herself. Ciara states her too and suggests they trust one another’s judgment. Ben is dressed and gets his computer for the access codes. Hope politely thanks him. Mother and daughter embrace and exchange I love yous … Ciara now updates Ben on her talk with Hope. He is sorry their now very real relationship causes conflict. Ciara just hates her mom being with terrible Ted … Suited Ted enters Hope’s office. She decides to question Hector again. Ted voices his disagreement … Sarah paces with her mug and sniffles over losing Eric to Nicole. She had a front row seat to the sweet reunion. She sobs and throws her mug. Rex comes running …Eric updates Nicole on the cartel trying to off Chloe. Stefan insists he doubled the protection. One goon is dead and the other is in custody denying anything to do with Holly. Nicole picks up her doll and gasps she must be afraid. Eric assures her she will be alright. Stefan adds she is brave. Chloe comes in and hugs her. Nicole seethes not to touch her and snaps it is all her fault. She was supposed to be looking after Holly ...

Ben has to head back out. Ciara gives him a kiss. She gushes she will be waiting … Ted smoothly suggests to Hope he can offer Hector a deal and get him to talk. Hope agrees and goes to have him brought up … Xander leaves his partner a message that Holly is having a nice sleep. Time for the next step … Rex gives Sarah a sweet hug. If only he knew … Stefan insists Chloe is not at fault. Nicole fumes like hell. She rages about her dinner date with the latest DiMera bastard. If anything happens to Holly it is all her fault! She storms out with her doll. Eric faithfully follows. Chloe sobs on Stefan’s shoulder …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 30, 2019