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Episode 13,579
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric sees Nicole sees Eric. He gasps my GOD. She cries. He blinks … Chloe screams to call the cops cos Holly is gone … At the pub peeved Eli complains to Abe about Lani and Rafe … Rafe actually brought chowder from the pub. Lani says perfect. He scowls he saw Hope with Ted at the club … Hope stops sorrrrrry Ted from departing … Sarah looks like she is sunk (cos she is!) as Eric approaches and touches Nicole’s face gasping it cannot be. She cries it is she and they hug and cry. Time stands still, He whispers he was praying as Nicole whispers God answered her prayers. He loves her and they passionately kiss … Stefan spoke with Ben, who swore the system could not have been tripped. They shall search the grounds. But Holly has already been carried through a new door … Stefan shouts at Ben on the phone to do something. So far Holly is not on the grounds. Chloe screams to call the cops so Stefan obliges … Hope breathes she feels something for Ted. She sighs being wed is hard though she cannot give up. She gets the call from Stefan and updates curious Ted on Holly. He wants to accompany her. She will handle it herself. Ted now answers his phone musing the miiiission was a success … Back in Rafe’s kitchen he remains bitter about Ted … At the pub Eli points out to Abe that Lani has become too attached to David. Eli now gets a text about Holly and runs out. Abe looks worried. They all are …

Eric marvels how can it be! Nicole gushes she is gonna tell him and Holly. Rex adds that was why she came here first – for Holly. Eric offers to escort her to Chloe’s but she would rather not wake her up. Eric calls her return a miracle. Sarah flashes back to their recent kiss, gets teary and suggests she and Rex leave. Eric is at a loss. She insists Nicole being alive is the most important thing. Rex insists on leaving them with his casserole. Nicole asks Sarah how Maggie fares. She will be great when she gets the good news. Rex welcomes Nicole home and walks out with Sarah. Eric kisses the woman he loves on the forehead … Sheila is stuffing envelopes at the square. Abe is surprised to see her working late. She laments the drop in the polls. They now talk Miss Chloe. Sheila alludes to her attracting bad men. Abe is asked to help with the envelopes and she brings up their near kiss again. She admits she may have tried … Sarah is with Rex and refers to the slim chance of Nicole surviving. Rex is happy for Eric for he was lost without her. Sarah soap stares … Eric sits with Nicole, holding hands and calls her beautiful. He holds her face and wonders how it happened. She believed it was the end. He gives her the lucky pendant he gave her that was found. Nicole recalls the fire was closing in but then someone approached her. Eric assumes it was a rescuer but Nicole knows not. She woke up in ICU badly off. Eric apologizes. Had he known … She cries she could not tell them her name and was without ID. They could call no one but finally she found her way out and home to him and Holly. Eric cannot believe his good fortune. She vows to never leave him again and they hungrily kiss …

Hope and Eli arrive at DiMera mansion. Eli explains if it was the cartel they would have bragged somewhere. Hope orders Stefan to call off his men. Chloe nods … Lani is sorry for Rafe and takes a mouthful of delicious chowder. Rafe remembers how it ended with Aiden. Ted is another terrible one but he had to help Jordan’s baby. Lani smiles she craved this chowder when she was pregnant. Rafe probes. She thinks being with David helps her heal despite what others are saying. Rafe asks about that so she admits she argued with Eli a little. Rafe thinks she should go to him but he already texted her he was on a case. Lani realizes Rafe has not taken his pain killers and gets them for him. She hands him water and he washes them down with a grin … Nicole is worried about Eric seeing her without her clothes for she was burnt. But to Eric she is beautiful. She admits she is uneasy and exhausted. Eric can wait forever. All that matters is he has her back at long last. She is sorry he had to grieve her. He remembers Sarah and starts to feel guilty. Nicole wonders what is the matter …

Sarah stammers about Nicole suddenly appearing. Rex wonders what she and Eric wear about to tell him. Pause … Hope updates Chloe on the search and assures her she will check out Hector as well. Eli is there and Hope is committed to finding Holly … Lani feeds David. Rafe is impressed she made homemade baby food ... Rafe remembers Sydney and the late Grace. He loves being a dad. Lani wonders about David’s real dad. Rafe admits he was raised without his dad around. Lani can relate. She assures him he is doing the right thing. Rafe admires the little lad as she keeps feeding him … Abe appreciates Sheila’s admission. She notes there is nothing between them. Abe admires her humor and her spirit. Food for thought. He starts to admit, then stops. Sheila puts it to the test and plants a kiss on the now mortified mayor … Afterwards, they agree it was not romantic. She gives him a bag of chips and makes light of the moment … Eli dusts for prints. Stefan wonders who will clean up. Chloe comes back in tears. Brady was right! She should never have come here! What will Maggie and Eric say???

Eric assures Nicole all is well now that she is here. She senses something. He checks on the casserole Rex made. She thinks it smells yummy. He seems to be a better chef than before. Now it needs to cool down but not Eric. He stares at his dream girl as she admits he was always on her mind. He wishes he had been by her side. She believes Brady saved his life that day and that meant everything. She made it through because she knew her Eric and Holly were waiting. They kiss in bliss and he repeats his never-ending love for her … Sarah stammers to Rex that she and Eric wanted to discuss the wedding with him. Nicole being alive means more. The disheartened doctor woefully adds she is hungry so Rex heads to the kitchen to find something … Lani sings to David as she holds him. Rafe joins in … Sarah toys with her engagement ring as Rex returns with chicken sandwiches, plus wine to toast to Nicole. Sarah wonders about Maggie’s lemon bars. Rex admits he ate them and now toasts to Eric’s happiness. Sarah forces a smile … Eric has done the dishes and snuggles with Nicole on the sofa. Tomorrow is theirs. She falls asleep in his arms and he promises not to let go. He will take her to Holly tomorrow … Hope bears news about Hector. He had nothing to do with Holly … Ted enters the room where Holly is being held. His partner in crime the man in black XANDER has been expecting him … Ooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 29, 2019