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Episode 13,578
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben stops kissing Ciara in his bed … Stefan believes having the baby monitor is enough and convinces Chloe not to check the children. Upstairs the figure in black is close to sleeping Holly … Overtime Rafe calls Lani and offers to pick up steaks after he finishes his work. Lani likes the sound of that. Eli shows up at her door … Romeo Ted wants Hope to accept his gift of looooove … At the pub Sarah confronts Eric for caring about her … Beautiful Nicole says Rex’s name in surprise. He stammers she perished. She calmly explains she did not and needs to see Eric stat … Shirtless Ben wants this to be about them with no interruptions. Ciara gushes she turned her phone off after the food came. So did he. The music plays and they slowly make love. The singer sings of them being perrrrfect and it is wooorth it. H-O-T … Holly cries. Stefan and Chloe run upstairs … Sarah explains Marlena accidentally spilled the beans … Nicole has no phone and demands Rex’s. He reasons she cannot call Eric just like that. She fumes she will find one so he hands her his …

Eli was waiting to hear from Lani. She smiles she was needed for David and she does not mind. Eli sure does … Hope cannot accept the necklace from Ted, puts her hand on his and patiently points out they will never be. Rafe walks in and assumes the worst … Chloe gives Holly her doll back. The figure in black watches from the closet … Sarah admits she only agreed to wed Rex as she assumed she had no chance with Eric who was not over Nicole … Nicole stops and sighs she should not let Eric know she is alive over the phone. She thanks Rex when he offers to summon him home … Ben and Ciara bask in the afterglow. They both have stars in their eyes. She gushes it feels like a dream. He believes what they share is beyond words. He has never loved like this before … Rafe rages at Ted for romancing his wife with jewelry. Hope reasons that was what the call was about. Rafe rages she was looking into his eyes too. Hope wishes he would trust her … Eric does not want to steal his brother’s woman. Sarah calls him honorable but he should be honest with them both. Eric admits he has feelings and kisses her. For now …

Rex leaves Eric a message to come home fast. He alludes to great news and then tends to Nicole, whom he can see is stressed. She wants to see Holly and wants to know where she is … Chloe returns to Stefan. The figure in black sweeps sleeping Holly up in his arms and silently leaves like a thief in the night … Rafe bellows as he believes Ted and Hope were on a date. When he realizes he is making a scene he apologizes … Eli does not approve of Lani spending her nights under Rafe’s roof. He wants to be with her tonight. She suggests he stay too. Rafe is bringing dinner. Eli only wants to dine with his girlfriend … Rex informs Nicole that Holly does not live with Eric. She gasps he swore he would look after her. Rex explains she lives with Chloe and Parker and is happy. Nicole is confused, starts to go to her daughter but then collapses. Rex catches her … Stefan praises Chloe for her strength in the face of adversity. He talks cocktails but she is ready for dinner so they leave the living room. The figure creeps down and then hears Chloe coming back ...

Rafe starts to cry about Hope, assuming she is having a romantic evening with Ted. He takes off. Hope cannot stop him …. Eli brings up the fact that Lani might feel more attached to this baby as he bears the same name as the one they lost. She feels for the precious baby who needs her. Eli warns he is not hers. Lani insists she is no loon, it is the baby’s mother who is a loon! David cries and she goes to check if he needs changing. She thinks Eli should leave. He asks her to come to his place after Rafe returns no matter how late. Maybe … Exit Eli … Ben promises he is not the man he was in the past. Ciara makes him a better man. She smiles he made her believe in love again. Chase is now in the past. She adds she loves him back and they kiss in bliss. Two hearts joined as one … Eric stops and apologizes. Sarah wants to keep going but he cannot do this to brother Rex. Sarah wonders … Rex warns Nicole she needs to rest and be strong enough for Holly. She decides she will go see her with Eric. Rex checks her pulse. She weeps what if Holly forgot her! Rex heads in the other room for his medical bag …

Chloe gets the baby monitor she left in the living room and clicks back to Stefan. The man in black leaves the mansion with Holly. Drums play … Ciara is hungry! Ben teases she already ate most of the food. She gets the fortune cookies and reads one she doesn’t like. She gets out the rest searching for a happily ever after fortune. Ben helps as they choose their fortunes … Back in the DiMera living room Stefan and Chloe toast to the future and kiss. She stops for she is not ready for a new relationship this fast. Stefan acts understanding. She stands up. They say goodnight and she climbs the grand staircase. Stefan finishes his drink … Dr. Rex lets Nicole know she is dehydrated and gets her a glass of water. She would prefer gin and looks at Eric’s photo album of her. Rex comes back with the water and adds Eric misses her every minute of every day and loves her still. She admits it helped her make it through and steps away, noting she cannot let Eric see her in such a state. Rex sighs … Eric realizes Rex called. Sarah assumes it is as she is late for dinner. She plans to tell all. Eric says no. They will do it together. She has never been happier. They depart ... Rafe comes home with the late dinner in a bag. Lani joins him in the kitchen. David is asleep. Rafe is grateful. He also brought food for her and Eli so the couple can spend time together. She replies Eli suggested she stay as long as she is needed … Back at the club trouble making Ted is sorry. Hope tells him to stay … Ben munches his fortune cookie. Ciara suggests he turn his phone back on as she knows he is concerned about Chloe and kids … Stefan hears Chloe scream for Holly … Eric returns home with Sarah. Rex knows not how to tell his brother but … Eric stares in disbelief when his beautiful Nicole emerges. Their eyes lock with tears of endless love ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 26, 2019