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Episode 13,577
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie faces Kate at the Kiriakis door and issues her a warning. Kate smiles they will be family soon … Marlena spills to Sarah that Eric cares … Outside the pub tormented Eric runs into Chloe, concerned she is alone. She notes the nightmare is over … At DiMera mansion Stefan awaits. Chloe's kids are en route. He is having a private dinner with Chloe at the mansion and thanks head of security Ben for helping him keep them safe. The kids' rooms are ready … Someone disguised in dark clothes and mask is in Holly’s room and picks up a small doll … Marlena reminds Sarah she is engaged, hence Eric’s holding back. Sarah wonders why he covered. Marlena explains his deal with God … Eric offers to help look after Holly. Chloe gushes they are staying chez Stefan. Eric has a bad feeling … Stefan gives Ben the night off but Ben has a bad feeling. Stefan suggests he go be with Ciara since he does have 12 fine men outside and a great security system … At the station Ciara signs her statement and stands up. Hope is so relieved she is alright. Ciara says to thank Ben. Hope points out she kept her cool and Bo would be mighty proud. Ciara asks mama about Rafe. Hope sighs it did not go well. Ciara tries to make her feel better. Ben texts. Mother and daughter exchange I love yous. Ciara leaves with a sweet smile … Ted got a text from Hope. He is on the move at the park and smiles like a dapper devil … Maggie suggests serial cheater Rex is like mommy dearest. Kate takes the high road. Maggie snaps Sarah can do better than Rex as Rex opens the front door …

Sarah deduces Eric’s deal with God was about Marlena making it. Indeed. Marlena was moved but did not approve. That was the conversation Sarah interrupted. Marlena muses her son cares deeply for Sarah and is pleased he told her. Sarah goes silent … Eric believes Stefan would be a bad romance for Chloe, given recent events. She explains Ted assured her Hector would not be a problem anymore … At the dark park Ted gets a call and sighs fine he will track down Chloe and kids, who are no longer at the Salem Inn … Outside the pub Eric is relieved. Chloe is as well. She knows Holly means much. He refers to his promise to Nicole, who is always on his mind. Chloe understands but mentions moving on. Nicole would want him to be happy … Marlena sits with Sarah, who is torn between two love interests. She wonders what comes next … Maggie apologizes. Rex argues he will prove himself as worthy of Sarah’s love. Kate calls the redhead an overbearing mother-in-law. Maggie calls her a shrew. Rex bears good news for both women …

Ted snaps at his unsatisfied caller and hangs up. Then he texts Hope asking to meet him at the club … Sweet Ciara is chez Ben. She updates him on Hope not protesting her coming here. Ben boasts he has the night off as Stefan has a date with Chloe … Stefan calls Chloe to confirm tonight. He has the champagne ready. She gushes nothing is going to keep her from their date, opens her door and gasps at an unexpected sight … Kate and Maggie are elated by Rex’s update on Will. Exit Kate. Maggie thanks him for coming. Rex vows to do right by her daughter and departs … Sarah notes Eric still misses Nicole. Marlena notes he always will but Nicole is never coming back. She senses Sarah would make him happy and now excuses herself to Will’s room … Eric admires his photo album of Nicole and Holly … Chloe is happy to have found Holly’s doll they had been searching for and says so to Stefan on the phone. Now she will sleep soundly at Stefan’s place. His guys already have the kids en route. Chloe smiles she will be there soon. When she is not watching the figure in black slips out the door, on the move … Ted suavely greets Hope at the club smoothly suggesting wine. She stares across their table at him and smoothly asks what he is hiding from her …

Eric tenderly touches Nicole’s face on the photo. Rex returns with groceries and admires the pic. Eric sighs all he has left of the love of his life are memories. Rex understands and invites him to stay for dinner with himself and Sarah. Eric does not want to be a fifth wheel and walks out. Sarah calls Rex seeking Eric. When she hears he left she states she will be there for dinner soon … Ted acts bewildered. Hope updates him on Rafe referring to what Eli overheard – that he was having a conversation he did not want her to know about. He makes light of it and she asks for details. He declares she makes him want to be a better man so no secrets … Stefan lights white candles as he awaits Chloe. But in the darkness a dark figure is on the move. Chloe comes down in her red dress after tucking in the kids. He escorts her into the living room for a glass of bubbly … Ben is surprised that Ciara got dinner delivered. She flirts she is saving all her energy for him. He likes the sound of that and gushes it is good to have Chinese food again like their first date. He sits back and pulls her closer. She teases she likes to take care of him and they kiss like there is no tomorrow. Later Ben laughs as she struggles with her chopsticks. The chow mein falls on his shirt. She is sorry … until he takes it off …

Ted claims he was conversing with a jeweller and whips out a box, referring to Hope as his real treasure. He shows her the necklace and adds her husband does not seem to be fighting for her. She shuts the box. He urges her to be true to herself and her feelings … Eric eats spaghetti alone at the pub. Enter Sarah … Stefan and Chloe toast as Don Giovanni plays in the background … Upstairs the figure in black creeps toward Holly, who lies sleeping in her bed … Hungry Ben refers to last night when he and Ciara were interrupted. Ciara agrees they should finish what they started. The young pair passionately kiss … Stefan and Chloe sip their champagne and talk opera. He insists he only has eyes for her. She looks forward to dinner and … but first she should check on Parker and Holly. Meanwhile the figure in black takes Holly’s doll away while she sleeps … Ted tells Hope to choose him and his necklace … Eric informs Sarah that Rex is waiting. She wants to talk and puts the closed sign on the pub door. Time to be honest … Knock knock! Rex has dinner waiting for Sarah and opens the door … but a very nervous and very ALIVE NICOLE is standing there. FOR REAL.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 25, 2019