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Episode 13,576
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will calls Rex from the pub as Sonny awaits at the table. Rex is expecting his results but so far nada. Marlena and Roman approach Will and suggest he share what is happening with mama Sami. Will hisses he hates her … Brady shows Maggie a message that irks him. Her too. He is on his way to stop Kate … At DiMera mansion Stefan fibs Gabi burst into his bedroom with a work emergency. Chloe is no fool … Eric leaves Chloe a message hoping she is alright. Sarah drops by demanding he spill what he is keeping from her. He murmurs he told Marlena how he felt about her. She already knows he only wants to be friend. Eric tries to change the subject. Sarah presses. He admits he is still angry she slept with Xander … Chloe waits for an explanation. Gabi touches her hair. Stefan insists he and Gabi are not close. Chloe suspects Gabi has a thing for him. Gabi offers to share her true feelings on the fiend … Maggie wants a word with Victor and assumes the news item about Kate joining Titan was planted by her. The redhead reasons it had to be wrong. Victor counters he did hire Kate … Brady rages over to Kate’s room . He runs Titan! She tells him Victor just hired her and primly produces her contract …

Marlena and Roman try to make Will see Sami loves him. Will senses they spoke about him behind his back and refuses to listen. When Sonny attempts to calm him Will explodes not to talk about him behind his back. Marlena patiently points out this extreme reaction results from the brain tumor. Will stammers he is sorry. Sonny assures him it is alright. Will loves and misses his mom. He does not hate her but does not want to risk worrying his folks for nothing … Brady takes a look and then tears up Kate’s new contract. She explains she and Victor have a very binding agreement. No wonder Victor has concerns about his competence as CEO. Brady leers the old man feels threatened by someone strong. Kate notes he needs her help. No thanks and no way is she getting near his legacy … Maggie believes Victor has betrayed Brady. He questions whether she really means she feels betrayed … Eric fibs he was worried Marlena would hurt Sarah’s feelings …. Stefan repeats Gabi came to him without going through proper channels. Gabi claims she only came for her gold button. Chloe now notices she is still clad in yesterday’s outfit …

Sarah stammers she is sorry again and is hurt he told Marlena how he felt about it instead of her. She leaves lamenting they are supposed to be open friends …Will gets a pep talk from Sonny, Marlena and Roman about having a positive attitude. He gets the call from Rex. Marlena offers to take them to the hospital. Sonny asks if he is ready. Not really. Roman grimaces as they exit the pub. Like grandson Will he seems to have a sixth sense… Maggie is miffed by what Victor did. He suggests she not make his biz decision personal. She scoffs cos she seems to think she is jealous … Kate claims Titan is also Phillip her son’s legacy. Brady does not buy it and warns if she so much as gets the wrong cake for an office party she is out. And when she falls not even Victor will help her. He storms out and Kate smirks … Gabi snaps to Chloe that she was at the hospital all night. As she knows Rafe was shot trying to protect her from the thugs who were after Chloe. Chloe apologizes for that but then brings up her scheme with Brady. Stefan is listening. Gabi acts confused but Chloe saw her text telling Brady that she would be at the park with the kids. Stefan muses she was playing matchmaker? Gabi denies it and claims she wanted to help. Chloe things something seems off. So does Stefan …

Brady sits down at the pub and stares at the bottles. Eric happens by and he apologizes for asking him to help him with Chloe. The girl made her choice. Eric assumes that was why he had his eye on the alcohol. Brady sighs that would be because Victor went behind his back and hired Kate for Titan. Eric tells him he knows he will be the better man as he has faith in him. Brady is grateful. Alas he always seems to care about someone it will obviously not work with. Eric can relate … Distracted Sarah and Rex are waiting in his office. Will and Sonny arrive. Will wants to get started. The results indicate that tumor is benign. Sarah seconds that. Will and Sonny share a sweet hug and sigh in relief … Back at the ornate Kiriakis mansion Victor tenderly tells Maggie she has no cause to consider Kate of any importance to him. She questions his judgment and calls her the worst selfish venomous witch who would deserve to die without a penny to her wicked name! Kate has entered in time to hear. She claps her hands and suggests she keep going. Maggie does not apologize. Kate came to go over contract deets with Victor as Brady tore up the one she was working on. Maggie quips good for him. Kate suggests she go bake something or meddle elsewhere. Maggie will be watching her! Kate announces she will help make Titan great again but Maggie knows better and walks out …

Gabi assures Chloe she was unaware that Brady planned to trick her. Stefan suggests she scram. Gabi quips they were supposed to conclude their business conversation so he walks her to the door. They lower their voices. He is grateful she did not say they spent the night together. She makes a snide remark. They agree it will never happen again … Will happily wonders what next. Sonny informs Rex of Will’s earlier outburst. Rex explains they need to shrink the tumor. When Sarah adds it is not going to be easy, Sonny’s sweet face falls. Will hopes to hear something productive. They could try radiation. Rex hopes the tumor is growing slowly. Will wonders what else. Sarah suggests they start with this. Will asks Rex to tell Marlena the news when he sees her. Sonny is upbeat … Stefan gets himself coffee and quips the wrong Hernandez took the wrong bullet cos that Gabi drives him crazy. Chloe updates him on the threat being over. Stefan suggests they now start that relationship. She reminds him she only said she would consider. Stefan is aware Brady wants her back. He asks if they are now rivals … Brady and Gabi rendezvous at the pretty park. She pouts he is a bad partner as Chloe saw that text she sent him. Brady announces it matters not so the plan is off. Chloe is done with him and seems to want Stefan. Gabi gets miffed he convinced her to target with Stefan and now wants to bail … Will sighs to Sonny he wishes he could make it go away with a magic potion. Sonny is sympathetic and makes light of it all. Will loves him. Sonny loves him right back. They are going to make it through together. Always. They kiss … Kate is sitting on the sofa with Victor pleased he agreed to her requests and signs, smiling they used to be a great team. They might get that old magic back. Miffed Maggie is listening … Stefan assures Chloe she can totally trust him. She believes him and accepts his date. He talks tonight. She would rather not leave the kids. He suggests the kids can be upstairs will they have their first date downstairs. Chloe smiles perfect … Brady lets Gabi know that getting Stefan’s company would really be a longshot. So now she does not have to sleep with him. Gabi is furious. Brady is now busy dealing with Kate at Titan, tells her to move on too and walks away. She growls she is getting her revenge on Stefan regardless … At the pub Eric opens up to Roman about not being honest with someone …Rex asks to have dinner with Sarah later and heads home for some sleep. She agrees. Marlena approaches her. Sarah gives her Will’s news. Marlena smiles and thanks her. Sarah admits she was just with Eric and he shared his feelings. Marlena replies she is glad he told her how much he really caaares ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 24, 2019