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Episode 13,575
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe spills milk in the kitchen. Here comes Hope with a heartfelt hug … At the pub Abe asks Sheila for the latest. Alas team Abe has taken a little tumble at the polls … Sleeping Jack stammers. Eve wakes him up. He worriedly wonders what he said. “Loretta” … Elegant Brady sulks at the Kiriakis mansion desk. Maggie greets him with a good morning, gets her coffee, and suggests he join her with Nancy and the kids at the club for ice cream. He laments losing Chloe … Stefan calls Chloe asking how she is. Nancy has the kids and she is off to work. She asks about him. He notes the night was long, adds stuff settled down and glances at Gabi, who is asleep beside him in his big DiMera bed … Eli calls Lani to invite her for breakfast. She would love pancakes but cannot leave David, who lets out a cry. Eli has no issue with her spending the night chez Rafe to help. Unlike …. Rafe asks Hope about Ciara. She spent the night. Hope is grateful she did not lose either of them that day. Rafe wishes he could have been there. She understands. He was busy taking a bullet. She helps him pour the warm milk in the bottle for David. He thanks her. She hears the little lad is sleeping and gushes Kay gave her good advice. She is ready to try again. Here comes Lani … Jack remembers sweet Jen informing him of what “Loretta” meant to their story. He lies to Eve the name does not ring a bell. She gushes they are still popular and hopes their night together was real. Jack claims he is committed and proves it to himself, by kissing her …

Gabi stirs and makes a sound. Chloe hears. Stefan declares it was the domestic. Gabi gets offended. He watches while she gets dressed, assures Chloe he still wants their date, and ends the call. Gabi cannot believe his gumption. Stefan smirks … Abe is baffled by the numbers. Sheila suggests he too tie the knot … Jack escorts his new Mrs. D out of their room, ready for breakfast. Chloe greets them and asks to speak to Eve. Jack goes ahead … Maggie holds her coffee cup as Brady complains he cannot lose Chloe to Stefan. She suggests he forget about Stefan, think of himself, and withdraw. But Brady appears to be addicted to love again …. Lani apologizes and gets the baby’s bottle. Hope notes Rafe never told her she was spending the night. Lani explains. Hope understands though she recognizes Rafe’s shirt on slim pretty Lani. Lani explains David made a mess on her clothes and goes back to him when he lets out a cry. Hope is miffed … Maggie reminds Brady of his bad past with Chloe … Eve boasts of being solid with Jack. Chloe wants to discuss one Stefan DiMera … Stefan teases Gabi she only wanted a good time. She remembers her scheme and hisses she is no ho. He offers her a croissant. Gabi gives him a pinch and makes him say please in Spanish. They stand up and the barbs continue. She starts to slap him but he catches both hands and leers this was their first and last time …

Chloe is intrigued by Stefan the big bad wolf and asks Eve’s opinion. Eve sighs she cannot be the one to talk her out of that bad romance … Brady blames himself for all his bad romances. He sips his coffee as Maggie praises him for staying sober after Eve. He admits wanting to reunite with his ex might have been an attempt to assure himself he was not a loser. Maggie believes he is a winner … Back at the pub Abe clarifies he will not wed just for publicity. Sheila praises him for his looks and mayoral record. Alas Abe believes Val would say no anyway. They discuss their near kiss and argue about who made the first move. Jack walks in and alludes to the tension. Abe asks Sheila to head back to the office. She goes in a huff. Jack points out their exchange sounded personal ... Rafe gets testy as Hope acts touchy about Lani. He sarcastically wonders whether she gave admirer Ted an answer. She sighs she already turned him down. Rafe blurts out the Lothario is lying to her yet again … Eve confirms to Chloe that Stefan does have the DiMera dark side. But look at her and Jack! Besides Stefan is rich and likes kids so she should grab him. Chloe smiles with stars in her eyes … Stefan calls Gabi loco. She calls him a predator and announces she is more real woman than he can handle. He praises her passion, grins about her cold heart, and she blasts him for the insults. He dares her to do something about it and they end up on the bed again. Hungry …

Abe alludes to himself and Sheila discussing Jack’s attempt to do well in the polls with his farce of a ceremony. Jack notes the numbers are up and suggests he withdraw. He feels unstoppable with Eve at his side. Abe declares the decent candidate will defeat the snake oil salesman and exits. Jack gets a delicious idea … Sheila joins coffee drinking Eli at his square table. She is stunned to learn Lani spent the night chez Rafe. He insists it was only for David and worries about her bonding with him. Sheila believes the good couple shall overcome. He asks about her. She sighs Eli should ask his mom to come back to Salem for Abe asap … Rafe speaks in circles as he does not know the exact details of Ted’s big lie. Eli heard him on the phone admitting he did not want Hope to know the person on the other end. Hope thinks Eli might have misunderstood. Rafe is incensed. Lani comes back to get something. Hope decides she is done and slams the door after herself …

Maggie gives Brady a pep talk. One day the right woman will happen but instead of trying to force love he should wait for it … After the lovin Gabi taunts that Chloe did not say yes to a date. Stefan notes she did not say no. Gabi now sees she lost a button from her blouse … Chloe has entered the grand living room, seeking Stefan. She is about to text him but stops when she spies the gold button on the floor. Food for thought. The smile fades fast … Eli clutches his coffee cup, refusing to meddle in his mother’s love life. Sheila calls him a chicken. Eli leaves. Abe arrives. He assures Sheila he covered to confuse clever Jack … Back at the pub Jack informs Eve that he might have something on moral Abe. Something concerning him and that assistant … Rafe confides in Lani about Ted causing a rift again with another secret. Lani agrees with his take on the dastardly D.A. Meanwhile Hope leaves Ted a message to call her regarding an important matter … Brady thanks Maggie for the encouragement. Always. He now gets a text and gasps she is not gonna believe this … Gabi and Stefan come downstairs fixing their clothes. It is clear they both just got dressed. Chloe has the gold button in her hand and coldly wonders who will explain. Gabi the new queen of the night glares at her rival. Stefan realizes he is sunk ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 23, 2019