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Episode 13,574
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi starts to spicy smooch with Stefan at her place after he ends a tough talking call with security. Hector is still on the loose. He stops her, gasping what the hell … Maggie updates Victor. They are awaiting Will’s results as is sweet Sonny. He admits he is bothered by Kate’s analysis. Maggie cannot believe he is even considering her … At the square telephone Ted is discussing where Chloe went. Kate overhears and confronts him … Patient Rafe wonders who Eli overheard Ted talking to on his phone. He knows not the name. Rafe wishes they had more to give Hope … Hope believes she and Ben have a better chance if they go separate ways … Captive Ciara stares Hector in the eye and warns without her he is as good as dead … Rafe wishes he would be able to go help find Ciara …Hope and Ben are having no luck and now stick together … Ciara shouts at Hector that she is related to many on the force and they shall find her. He gets testy. She offers to call Hope and negotiate … Maggie reminds Victor of Kate’s brand of cookies not to mention her scheme against Titan and Sonny. She would turn against him too! The Greek teases she is a tad jealous. The redhead laughs …

Ted claims he was keeping Abe posted as Chloe is their star witness. Kate doubts he is different than the devil she knew and accuses him of going after Hope. Rafe must be onto him. Ted boasts they are not together now … Gabi insults Stefan and claims that her gratitude kiss was impulsive. He suggests chocolates next time. She pouts he did not push her away. He babbles about adrenaline and blurts out he hates her. She counters no more kisses but then they go at it again … The gun is in her face but Ciara gets her chance to call Hope. The fruits of her labor were a success. Hector apologizes for shooting Rafe and wants out of the country. Hope agrees. He warns no more cops cos he will act. Hope agrees to everything but when the call ends and Ben gasps does she trust him, she laments no. But how else to keep Ciara alive than to agree to a trade? Ben considers. The clock is ticking faster by the Salem second … In the kitchen Gabi and Stefan are out of breath and gasp this was a bad idea. As he heads for the door, she compliments his eyes. He says the same of her. She admits she used to eat too many cookies and ice cream when younger so she had a weight problem. He admires her now. She babbles her brother is the only one she can truly trust but her life is lonely. She plays keyboard sometimes. Stefan decides to leave but first she tidies his hair. They get hungry again and start making out on the kitchen table. Here comes Lani …

Eli reminds Rafe he was already a hero tonight and Hope knows how much he loves her. Rafe sighs she felt let down when he left but little Johnny needed him more. The talk turns to Ted and Rafe wonders whether she is sweet on him as he was not around enough … Ted suggests Hope and Rafe’s honeymoon is over. Kate refers to troublemaking Jordan and doubts Hope would want sociopath Ted. He boasts she is giving them some thought … Hope gets a text. Ben demands details. She orders him to withdraw and let the Swat team do their thing. Ben steps away and hears her make the call ordering them to the Riverside motel. He is on the move. Ben fears nothing … Ciara is stunned when Hector leers he let her mom think he would wait but they are going to be long gone by the time they come … Maggie gets herself a glass of water and insists she is looking out for Victor’s interests. He admits he might only hire Kate so she can help him make up with Phillip. Maggie mistrusts mommy dearest. She wonders how he could work alongside a woman who wanted to off him … Ted smoothly reminds Kate she used to be sweet on him so why wouldn’t Hope? She reminds him of how he went after her family and warns Rafe will never let him have Hope … Lani makes Stefan uneasy enough to leave fast. Gabi gets testy. Lani disapproves of what they were almost doing in the kitchen. Gabi quips it is her kitchen. She suddenly realizes Lani is not aware of what happened to Rafe …

Rafe stands up to leave the hospital. He has to be there for David. Eli cannot stop him and would give him a ride but Hope has texted him orders … Rafe asks to keep him in the loop … Ciara offers to stall the law when they come looking for Hector. No deal. He orders his insurance policy to start moving. When she gets to the door Ben heroically leaps in and jumps Hector. They struggle for the gun on the bed as Ciara stands helplessly … Ted taunts he only cares about Hope believing he is a better man. Kate scoffs. As Ted walks away Victor calls and summons her to the Kiriakis mansion … Lani asks Gabi to take care of David so she can head to the station to help. Gabi babbles about her phone being left at DiMera mansion and takes off. Lani suspects she is after Stefan … At the station Eli updates Hope on Rafe wanting to help. He had to talk him out of it. Hope is worried about what will happen …

At the motel, Hector has gained the upper hand and hits Ben’s temple several times with his gun. He orders Ciara to come with him. She rushes to Ben’s side and sobs they cannot leave him in such a state. She covers him and gasps no as Hector concludes he should finish him off before reinforcements arrive … At DiMera mansion Stefan ends a call with worried Chloe when Gabi arrives for her phone. Stefan hands it to her. She coos she should leave unless … He takes the bait. Unless what? Unless he wants to continue … Rafe comes home with his arm in a sling and sits down in the kitchen, updating Lani. He thanks her for all her help but he can handle things now. She smiles to rest upstairs. She will watch David … Ted gets nervous when Hope shows him Hector’s record. She races off with Eli as they got the call they were waiting for. Meanwhile Ciara diverts and attacks Hector. Alas in a few seconds he has overpowered her. Ben springs into action, gets the gun, and whacks the bad guy unconscious, returning to Ciara. She hangs onto him …Victor hires Kate …Sweet and sour Gabi and Stefan continue their spicy flirtation and end up on the couch, hungry for each other … Lani insists on staying the night to watch David for Rafe. He thanks her and takes out his phone. Alas no update from Eli … Ted makes a secret call at the station to his partner with an update on Hope’s plan … When they arrive at the room, Hope and Eli find Ben and his bleeding head with grateful Ciara. Ben came to her rescue again! Hope deeply thanks him as Eli cuffs Hector. Ciara sweetly holds her HERO.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 22, 2019