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Episode 13,573
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli checks outside the club as Chloe hugs Brady, relieved Holly is still sleeping. Then she gets miffed … Kayla stops Hope outside the pub, sensing her upset. Hope laments Rafe left her … Ted impatiently informs his partner in crime on the phone that Hope’s husband moved out. If they are lucky he will be gone for good soon … As Gabi begs Rafe to wake up Stefan calls for help. Ben follows the bad guy who still has Ciara … Brady is baffled. Eli returns and thanks him. Chloe blames herself. Brady wants her to come live with him. Eli asks them to wait outside while he secures the scene. Brady assures Chloe he is glad she and Holly are alright but … She sighs he will keep bugging her about staying with someone on his enemy list …. Ted boasts he will be with Hope soon. He snaps his partner should give a dang for he loooooves her … Outside the pub Hope updates Kayla on Rafe bringing a baby home at a bad time … Stefan shouts on the phone he is supposed to hear sirens soon cos Rafe saved his life and he is bleeding! Gabi feels responsible. Stefan tenderly tells her she was busy trying to save her and Ciara’s life. Speaking of Ciara … The bad guy hauls her to the square. She offers big money but he makes her hide under the lights leering if she makes a sound both she and Ben are toast. Ben appears and curses, not seeming to have seen them …

Kayla urges Hope to communicate with Rafe … Ted wants to know why his contact cares so much about the cartel guys and Chloe … Brady wishes Chloe would not be so hard on him for his concern. She accuses him of being jealous of Stefan … Ben yells for Ciara and then steps away. The bad guy takes her in the other direction. Ben comes back but there is an earring on the ground. Here comes Hope. She is horrified to hear about Ciara and also that Rafe took a bullet intended for Stefan … Stefan tries to calm crying Gabi, who refuses to leave unconscious Rafe’s side. He believes her strong bother will beat this. She weeps he has to. The sirens grow louder … Chloe alludes to Brady being a needy love addict. He claims he is right to be concerned about killer Stefan. She boasts he has been a gentleman. Brady reminds her he seduced Abigail when she was not herself. She defends the DiMera as being deeply in love at the time. Brady believes the songbird is deeply in denial … As Eli walks in, Ted warns his caller that Hope could walk in and overhear. Click. Eli updates him on one cartel guy Hector still being on the loose and gives him a strange look …

Ben laments bad guy Hector had a gun on Ciara. Kayla calls Hope about Rafe, who was shot in the shoulder and has a head injury. Hope gasps she has got to find Ciara. But tell Rafe that she loves him. Ben now shows her the earring that he just found. She recognizes it as Ciara’s … Ciara warns Hector there is nowhere to hide and knees him where it counts. Then she makes a run for it … Brady insists Chloe has always been important to him. She cries he was not there when times were tough. He had problems of his own. She complains he conspired with Gabi against Stefan and her. Brady wants to be her hero. Chloe apologizes and acknowledges his help but she needs to get Holly to bed. Brady argues they would be better off with him … Eli only knows Ramone is no more. D.A. Ted tells him to get the situation under control before there are casualties. Eli gets a call. Afterwards he updates Ted on shot Rafe being taken to hospital, and takes off. Ted sighs …

Gabi is grateful Stefan drove her to the hospital. She cannot lose brother Rafe, her only family! She breaks down in tears and he hugs her. He gets it ... Chloe would rather not be near Victor and adds he might try to take her kids away. Brady would explain to him how important she is to him. Chloe counters it never worked before. Brady is unable to change her mind. She gets testy he is trying to tell her what to do just like with Nicole. This is goodbye … Stefan apologizes for overstepping and withdraws from Gabi. Kayla comes out with an update on stable Rafe who will make a full recovery. Stefan watches Gabi head for his room. Rafe is trying to get out of bed, worried about Hope. Kayla already spoke with his wife, who will come when possible. Eli appears and adds he has been taken off the case. Rafe wants to call his wife. Eli does it for him. Voice mail …Hope has called in to have all main roads in the area blocked off. She updates Ben on one goon getting killed and wants to go find Ciara. Ben is with her … Hostage Ciara and Hector are on the move again but another fallen earring has been left behind …

Stefan calls Chloe, who assures him she and Holly are alright. He suggests she not go back to the house. He updates her on Hector and on Rafe taking his bullet. Just a shoulder wound but he will make it. Ciara is a hostage. Chloe is horrified. Stefan has arranged for her and the kids to stay at the Salem Inn. A nanny already awaits with Parker. Chloe appreciates it … Gabi comes back... Stefan asks about Rafe. She is at a loss what to say to Ari. Stefan offers to drive her home … Rafe leaves Hope a message and wishes he was with her searching for Ciara. He loves her. Eli assures him they are all looking and will find Ciara. Rafe fears Ted is sidling up to Hope as they speak. Eli has something to say about that one … At the square D.A. Ted tells Chloe the cops will need her and Brady’s statements. She has Holly on her mind and is heading to the Salem Inn. Ted seems strangely interested in her whereabouts and smoothly states they will find Hector …

Stefan sees Gabi into the house. He agrees it is cozy and asks how she feels. Better and she thanks him. He teases they will be back to bickering soon. Security calls. He talks tough. Gabi watches and remembers Brady’s delicious suggestion she get him in the sack, marry him and take the whole DiMera empire away. She pouted and protested she hated him. Brady argued on some level she was attracted … Stefan wants someone sent to the Salem Inn and Chloe. He gets an update on Ben and ends the call. Will Gabi be alright here alone? Gabi gets glib. He senses her stress. She claims she is actually shook up and grabs him in a passionate kiss … After Chloe leaves with Holly, Ted calls his partner with an update on the songbird … Eli updates Rafe on what he overheard, Ted talking to someone he did not want Hope to know about. Rafe is not surprised but enraged … Hope and Ben are out of breath. No sign of Ciara. Hope snaps Stefan better not be keeping something. Ben insists that is not the case. Hope now finds the second earring. She smiles Ciara is leaving clues … Hector gets Ciara into a room, agrees she is slowing him down and points his gun at her beautiful face ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 19, 2019