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Episode 13,572
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In the kitchen Rafe holds sleeping David but someone is at the door. Tis Lani with supplies. She can see he is tired and wonders why he moved back to the house. How is Hope? … Ted probes Hope at work. She blurts out Rafe took the baby and moved out … At the park Stefan demands answers from Brady. Ben tells baffled Brady the cartel guys are a clear and present danger to Chloe … Chloe is alone at the club with a glass of water unaware both her bodyguards are out cold … At DiMera mansion Ciara and Gabi cringe as a cartel guy walks in gun drawn. He has unfinished biz. The girls soap stare … Sarah asks Eric what he did not want Marlena to reveal to her … Gabi and Ciara explain Chloe is not here. The guards are gone as the bad guy created a diversion. He announces he came for Stefan … Stefan talks tough with Brady. Ben does not want to waste another second. Brady is also worried about Chloe … Eli catches up with Chloe at the club, warning the cartel men are on the move. He insists on taking her to the safe station. She walks toward the door to show him her bodyguards and gets grabbed by a quick cartel man. Eli has his gun drawn and orders him to release her as Chloe lets out a cry. The cartel man, however, has his gun to her head. A Salem standoff …

Seated close to a bowl of veggies, Rafe tells Lani his tale of woe. Lani senses starting over with another baby would be hard for Hope. Rafe gets it. However he will not abandon this baby he seems to feel a bond with. Lani feels responsible. Rafe blames only Ted for the rift … Hope admits to Ted that Rafe left cos of their kiss as well as his wish to look after Jordan’s baby. Ted acts sorry. However he hopes they might now get together … The cartel man came to avenge Stefan killing his brother. Gabi speaks Spanish but it does not help. He makes the ladies sit and leers after he offs Stefan they can all party … Eli puts his gun down. The maniac cartel man reasons they will all respect him after he kills the songbird who offed El Fideo. Chloe sobs she is sorry but the loon wants to be a legend. Eli watches his every move, every expression and waits for his opening …

Eric admits he asked Marlena to keep a secret from Sarah. She starts to ask but then Rex returns with news on Will. The test results on the biopsy will be ready soon. Eric appreciates the update. Rex offers his fiancée a ride to her shift and frowns when she claims she has some things to finish here. Eric looks intense … Hope refuses to give up on her relationship with Rafe. Ted warns he has fallen out of love with his wife whereas he loves her … Rafe complains to Lani about Ted Laurent. As for his own obligations - Sami’s son was his stepson. Lani assures him Hope loves him. He knows. Lani warns him Ted is a snake taking advantage of the situation. Rafe sighs then there is David. Still he cannot give up on his marriage … Chloe gasps she means something to Stefan DiMera so he will come after anyone who harms her. Brady approaches the door and overhears Eli attempting to reason with the maniac … Smart cookie Gabi gets Ciara to create a distraction so she can text Rafe. Tough cookie Ciara approaches the bad guy. He knows who she is and that she is seeing the security chief. She adds her mom is Salem’s top cop not to mention Gabi’s brother is a dedicated detective. He only wants Stefan but might need a hostage to escape. He now realizes Gabi was trying to text, stops her and rages they will regret it …

Hope stands up and tells Ted to stop. She shall fight for her marriage. Frenchman Ted will not withdraw and adds he would not choose another woman’s child over her. Food for thought … Rafe remembers how he loved being a stepdad. He wants a happy home for David and Jordan did a lot for him so … Lani suggests he reach out to Hope. He looks at his silent phone and now sees Gabi’s text summoning him to DiMera mansion! He is on his heroic way … Ciara grabs something and hits the cartel guy on the head as he threatens Gabi. The bad guy goes down but gets up and grabs Ciara, aiming his gun at flailing Gabi. All of a sudden Ben races in with Stefan and aims his gun, bellowing not to move. The cartel guy looks nervous. He knows this is the necktie killer … Back at the club, Eli warns the goon holding Chloe not to go too far and offers a deal. He turns him down and leers he will finish her off. Chloe slips away and Brady jumps the guy, struggling for his gun. Eli waits for an opening. Damsel in distress Chloe watches … Rex repeats his offer. Sarah updates him on Eric wanting to be their wedding photographer. Rex is elated. Eric suggests he and Sarah speak later but she has questions. Eric babbles she was referring to Rex wanting him to be best man. He reasons he could save them photographer fees. Rex gushes then he is gonna ask Roman to be best man. Now he wants to take Sarah to work. She glumly goes to get dressed. Rex asks to clear the air with Eric now …

Hope arrives at the house which Rafe has since left. Lani lets her know she is here to look after David and apologizes for asking him to get involved. The baby cries. Hope gives her advice and the baby settles down. Lani wishes Hope was on board with Rafe. Hope thinks this is not the best time. Lani uses the T word. Ted … Ted gets a call at the station that rattles him. He rages never to call him here … The cartel goon threatens Ben’s girlfriend as he tightly holds Ciara. Ben assures her it will be alright. Gabi hisses at Stefan they came here for him and Chloe is probably gone now … Eli is a crack shot. The cartel guy is dead in a split second. Chloe cries and Brady holds her close. It’s over … Rex addresses Sarah having had feelings for his brother. He admits he is a little jealous. Brady told him how Eric went after Nicole and Maggie is against him. He needs to hear from Eric that he harbors no feelings for his fiancée. Eric blinks … Hope wonders so Lani repeats what Rafe told her. She warns her not to trust Ted cos he is trying to take advantage. Hope insists she has no interest in him. Lani urges her to fight for her marriage. Miffed Hope wishes she would simply stay out of it … Gabi sneers to Stefan this is a man whose brother he killed. Stefan asks him to let the others go. Alas he needs a hostage. Ben offers up himself. No thanks. The goon still has hostage Ciara and fires his gun to off Stefan but in a split second Rafe runs in, pushes his scared sister aside so she is not in the line of fire and takes a hit. Rafe is down. Ben shouts. Gabi sees the blood and screams to wake the dead ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 18, 2019