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Episode 13,571
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara wakes up in bed. Shirtless Ben has just returned, not done with the Chloe drama, and offers coffee. Ciara gushes it felt like the cabin last night and vows to prove he was not the fire starter. Then she kisses him good morning … Stefan claims to passionately hate Gabi. She says the same of him … As the security men stand nearby, Brady and Chloe show Holly her kite. She mentions mommy as someone watches through the bushes … Eric tells Sarah how he and the love of his life Nicole fell for one another. Sarah concludes he is clearly mourning … At the square John has a book for Will about being positive and having hope. He mentions Sami and Lucas deserving to know. Marlena wants to support Will in his wish to say nothing until they have the facts … Rex gives Will an injection to stop the seizure and asks Sonny to leave the room. Later Will is resting and Sonny comes back. He was worried. Rex explains it could have been caused by the brain tumor but the biopsy can proceed. Sonny agrees after Rex assures him they can monitor Will. Will senses Sonny’s worry. Sweet Sonny reminds him they are going to restart their lives together ... Eric shows Sarah the Saint Christopher medal he promised would protect Nicole. Alas she was never found … Holly smiles mommy always sees her. Chloe lets her go play with Lacey. Brady is grateful for the moment. All of a sudden a hand grabs his shoulder …

Back in the mansion Gabi suggests she is the next best thing to Stefan’s lookalike honey. She is the real deal … Ben and Ciara smooch. She asks about the coffee. He brought the tray from the kitchen. Ciara pours him a cup. She pours hers and they toast to the future. He plans to catch the bad guys soon and come back to her for their first time together. He tells her to keep his shirt on. She is in no hurry to leave and they kiss in bliss as magical music plays … Sarah notes if Rex asks Eric to be best man he will not be able to take wedding photos. Marlena arrives … John greets Brady and teases he is jumpy. He hears about the cartel guys and offers to help if needed. He is pleased as punch to see Chloe and Brady together … Sonny assures sleepy Will they shall overcome. They always do. Will teases this is worse than Leo. Sonny will be waiting here when he wakes up and touches his face. Then he kisses his now sleeping sweetheart. Rex returns. It is time … Ben and Ciara kiss like the cover of a romance novel. But then he gets bad news … Chloe believes her meetup with Brady was a coincidence. Brady plays along. John grins as she goes to Holly and the goons follow. John now asks Brady how things are. Good with Titan. Brady is relieved Leo was not John’s son but points out he could turn up like a bad penny. Meanwhile the watcher behind the bushes is still watching …

Sonny asks Rex if what happened is a sign. Rex does not speculate and will have answers soon. Sonny fears the whole thing could be a recipe for disaster. Will has to be well … Marlena asks Eric whether he spoke to Sami. A couple of weeks ago. Marlena reminds him Will does not want anyone to let Sami or Lucas know what is happening until he has the facts. Eric will keep them in his prayers. She teases no more divine deals. Sarah wonders. Eric does not elaborate. Marlena learns he offered to photograph Sarah’s wedding and states he is selfless. When Sarah gives them a moment alone, Marlena sighs her son should not run from love. He mentions Nicole. Marlena weighs in. She was referring to Sarah, whom she senses cares for Eric. He should tell her how he feels. Eric reminds her he made a promise to God and would never forgive her … Sarah appears … Stefan insists what he shared with alter Gaby was real. Gabi reminds him she is the real deal right here right now. He postures and protests … Ben sighs the cartel boys are heading back to Salem. Ciara suggests he call the cops. He has no faith in them including Rafe and Hope. Besides he is supposed to do things the DiMera way. He kisses her and promises to come back in one piece …

John smiles as Holly runs around. He hugs Brady, who asks him to let Will know he is in his thoughts. John drawls to Chloe to call if she needs anything and goes on his way. Chloe reads a text … Marlena loves Eric and asks him to consider what she said. She lets Sarah know it was nice to see her and leaves. Sarah asks about the argument. He fibs it was about Sami. She also heard about his pact with God … Eric would rather discuss the wedding. Sarah probes why he does not want to be his brother’s best man. Food for thought … Sonny is a tough cookie but it is hard not to worry about Will. He remembers another time he was at his bedside with a loving kiss. This time feels different somehow. Enter John. Marlena was momentarily called to a patient. He asks about Will. Sonny sadly updates him on the situation. John tries to make him feel better by letting him know he and doc are on their side. They cannot wait for her to marry the super couple again. He hugs Sonny who also cannot wait … Stefan asks Gabi what she is really up to. She acts like it is attraction. Ben comes in with an update on the cartel men on the move. He could not reach Chloe’s phone. Stefan takes off to the park with him …

Chloe hands Brady back his phone as she was keeping it from Holly. She saw his text from Gabi informing him that Holly would be at the park with her. Brady does not deny knowing she would be here despite acting surprised. Chloe thinks that takes the cake. No wonder she broke up with him twice! He argues she should not be near Stefan. Chloe carries Holly away with the security men, who stop him from following … Ciara returns the coffee tray to the DiMera mansion, where Gabi is waiting for Stefan. Ciara admits she was at Ben’s place but nothing happened. Gabi makes a snide remark. The women weigh in on Stefan and Ben going after the bad guys. Ciara sighs Ben does not trust the cops. Gabi quips the cops don’t even trust each other and tells her about Rafe moving out of Hope’s home with the baby. She calls Ben a psycho and then apologizes, admittedly stressed while she waits for word on Will … Will is awake and speaking. Rex smiles it went smoothly. Life feels beautiful for Sonny again … Eric assures Sarah they are fine friends. She heard her name mentioned with Marlena and wonders … Will jokes about the bandage on his head. Sonny notes he is not over the anesthesia. Will falls asleep in mid-sentence. Loyal Sonny lies next to him … Stefan and Ben find Brady at the park but no Chloe and Holly … Chloe is alone at the club, promising Holly they will be alright. The guard stationed outside is unconscious … As Gabi questions Ciara being with Ben the glass garden door is suddenly smashed. The girls gasp. Chances are now slim they are safe …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 17, 2019