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Episode 13,570
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

In loving memory of my big brother who lost his battle with brain cancer 11 months ago.

Stefan wakes up Chloe, gushing Ben got the bad guys. They kiss but only in Chloe’s dreams. Stefan now appears for real …Kate presents Victor with her Titan numbers and notes money is being wasted. She promises to put them back on track. CEO Brady enters and is not interested … Sonny is at the kitchen table with worried Will, whom Gabi urges to eat breakfast. Arianna appears babbling about the baby. Gabi enlightens the guys on Rafe looking after Jordan’s baby. Arianna now hears papa Will has a doctor’s appointment and asks questions … Rex overhears Eric leaving Jen the end of a message about a marriage being a bust. Rex assumes he is referring to him and Sarah and gets miffed as wide-eyed Sarah walks in. It is almost a recipe for disaster until Eric explains he was referring to Jack and Eve. Testy Rexy apologizes. He and Sarah have set a wedding date. Eric’s face falls… Stefan gushes to Chloe that Ben is getting closer to the bad guys. He looks forward to having a picnic with her and Holly at the park today. They can help her fly a kite. Stefan believes by the time they get back Ben will bear good news. Chloe happily goes to get dressed … Kate claims she is not after Brady’s top banana position but points out his expenses are high. Brady reminds her she is partly to blame for their recent problems, refuses to listen and leaves. Kate the smart cookie insists she is better for business whereas Brady needs to get over his ego. Victor is listening. Enter Maggie. It is quite clear that cozy Kate has something cooked up …

Rex hands Sarah her coffee. Eric acts surprised the wedding is so soon. He also asks to hear about Will’s test results. Rex agrees and goes to get ready. Sarah assures Eric his nephew is in good hands … Will informs Ari he is having a checkup. Arianna has sensed the worry. Gabi downplays the drama and suggests her daughter give Will a hug. She does and he smiles … Back at DiMera mansion Stefan has a picnic basket that cook prepared plus chicken fingers for Holly. Security will be keeping them in their sights. Chloe teases a date? Negative. Understated is not his style …Gabi agrees to let Ari head off with Sonny and Will as they arranged a playdate with the sitter … Kate dismisses Maggie cos they are talking biz. Victor warns Kate not to make him mad. Maggie is appalled she is not with Will and then realizes shocked Kate is unaware. Victor suggests the redhead tell her. Maggie does just that. Will has a brain tumor and is having a biopsy today … Gabi is still in the kitchen when she gets a text about Stefan cancelling all of his meetings. Brady arrives at the kitchen door, asking for an update. She admits she got close to Stefan but has no time for games right now. Brady reminds her she would get her delicious revenge and everything he owns. It would secure a good future for Ari and financial freedom for their little family. Plus she would have complete control over her destiny. Food for thought. Gabi will do it …

Gabi ends a call. Stefan has the day off to take Chloe and Holly on a picnic. Brady scoffs and suggests she get him away with some last minute emergency so he can swoop in … Back at Kiriakis mansion Sonny suggests sweet Ari give Will another good luck hug. He then escorts her upstairs to the sitter. Will walks into the living room, where wounded Kate asks what she can do. Will wants no stress and would rather just go with Sonny. Maggie is being driven to the hospital as well. Kate feels left out and bitter that her boy Rex did not share. Will tells her not to worry and they exchange I love yous … Eric clutches his coffee mug and sighs when Rex kisses Sarah. Rex apologizes again and goes. Now Sarah sighs. She has wedding planning on her mind and the list is long. Eric gets an idea … Stefan has Holly on his mind. Chloe praises how he calms her and made her feel better with peanut butter sandwiches at their mansion picnic. She is about to get her when Gabi bursts in, hyperventilating about a Gabi Chic meeting. Titan has made a company they want to acquire a counteroffer. Only Stefan can save the day! Stefan weighs in and apologizes to understanding Chloe. They go to tell Arianna. Gabi texts Brady. So far so good …

Stefan and Gabi talk biz on the sofa. She suggests he offer ten percent more not just five. He agrees. She makes him review stock options. He decides to go up to eight percent and hands her the contract. She claims she cannot comprehend and complains about Will. Stefan is sorry. She cries she and her baby girl cannot lose him and flings her arms around him. He tries to make her feel better … Impatient Will waits in his hospital room with Sonny. He hopes Arianna was not too upset. Sonny praises the little girl they love dearly. Will asks Sonny to hold his hand, never let go. Done … Volunteer Maggie runs into Rex, who informs her he and Sarah set a date. The redhead reasons he is a proven great doctor though as a son-in-law … Sarah thanks Eric for offering to be her wedding photographer. He praises her beauty and adds she and Rex are photogenic … Kate calls Rex and warns he better not mess up with Will. He jokes he was just about to have beer. She snaps to do his job and hangs up. Victor asks if she is alright. She snaps he never thought Will was good enough for precious Sonny …

Chloe is with Ari at the park but cannot put together her kite. Here comes jogging Brady, who grins he can help … Rex enters headache Will’s room. Sonny asks about the procedure. He is removing only part of the tumor. Sonny asks about recovery. If Will feels well he can get back to his normal routine. It is a good sign Will has not experienced more symptoms. Rex will return soon. Will feels better already … Gabi thanks Stefan and refers to their kiss, pretending she did not like it. She assumes he is after Chloe. Stefan explains Chloe is only focusing on her kids until the bad guys are caught. Gabi alludes to their needs and admits it has been a while. Stefan admits his last affair was with Gabi’s alter. Gabi giggles and suggests they get physical no strings attached … Brady makes Holly happy with the kite. Chloe invites him to stay for the picnic … Stefan asks if Gabi was asking … She quips no cos they loathe one another. He eyes her like a hungry wolf … Sarah admires Eric’s portfolio including pictures of pretty Nicole. He remembers the waitress who became his model, his muse. Sarah tenderly takes his hand … Victor acknowledges all tough cookie Kate has done for Will. He witnessed it himself. She wants a martini. Victor hands back her report and alludes to a place for her at Titan. They will discuss the particulars after they hear Will is alright … Will agrees he and Sonny are fortunate but what if … Sonny believes Rex is the best. The good doctor comes back. All of a sudden Will experiences a seizure ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 16, 2019