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Episode 13,569
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben holds Ciara’s hand and suggests she spend the night. She smiles and blushes they would be together … Claire crashes the wedding. Smith is suspicious … Jack starts to stammer as he stands to wed Eve. Alas he cannot continue and admits something is wrong as Jen watches. Eve tries to convince him to keep going. Adrienne announces Jack must have realized he does not love Eve, he actually loves Jen. Jack regains his composure, claiming the issue is actually Adrienne … Tripp implores Claire not to do this. She presses play and they hear Tripp admitting the marriage to Haley is not real … Ciara points out there is but one bed. Ben offers to take the couch or the floor. She calls him sweet and smiles they should share the bed. She is ready. He wants her more than anything and states it is a big step. He suggests he take her someplace romantic. She gushes all she needs is him here and now. Then he kisses her … Jack accuses Adrienne of trying not to marry them. He and Eve now ask to see her credentials. Jack exclaims her license has expired. He rages and the crowd gets riled up. Adrienne announces Eve has him brainwashed and the real woman he loves is Jennifer Rose Horton … Claire wants to explain. Tripp gets testy. Smith thanks Claire and declares Haley is being deported. Claire snaps at mad Tripp they can move on. But Smith replies he is going straight to the slammer. JJ reasons they were all just trying to help. Claire stammers the real felon is Haley but Smith calls Tripp a co-conspirator. Tripp blames Claire and argues without newcomers there would not even be a Brady pub! He denounces her forever. So ends Claire’s daydream. She assumed it would be a piece of cake to change things in her favor but now realizes she was wrong. Back to reality. Smith wonders what she wanted to say …

Adrienne argues the angry crowd should search Jack and Jen’s delicious love story online. She warns Jack that Eve is only using him. Jack claims he is committed to Eve and the people of Salem. Adrienne wishes someone would have the courage to … A man steps up … As the music plays Ben and Ciara are hungry for each other. He asks again if she is ready. Yes. They start to make out on the bed but then boss Stefan calls. Ciara suggests he take it. As it turns out Stefan is asking to go over any intel they have on Chloe’s bad guys. Ben promises sweet Ciara he will be back ASAP. She gushes she is going to be waiting … Claire apologizes. Kayla tries to stop her. Smith wants to hear what she came to say. Something different than what she was thinking before because she now knows what she and Tripp shared was not real. He was only rebounding from Ciara. She apologizes for the interruption and asks to stay for the ceremony. Tripp agrees. Time for Justin to continue. He pronounces Haley and Tripp married. JJ looks ready to cry as does Claire when Justin says to kiss the bride … The citizen who stepped up accuses Adrienne of not being a supportive sister. The self-proclaimed pastor now offers to officiate. Eve taunts Spectator owner Adrienne is only a fraud. The crowd chants. Adrienne apologizes for her failed attempt but Jen appreciates it.

Ben soon comes back for a little while but Stefan now wants him to check out some leads. Ciara hopes he will be safe. He promises and she agrees to wait for him. He gives her his shirt to borrow like he did back in the cabin. He likes the way it looks on her … Kayla and Justin get the cake and champagne. JJ approaches Claire and assures her they are doing the right thing. Agent Smith turns down the sugar and tells Tripp he was believable but they will be watching the happy couple like hawks … Pastor Brown is on the stage. Jen refuses to stop covering the story and calmly tells Adrienne she accepts Jack made his choice … Eve and Jack play to the crowd. She says I do first. Jack pauses and slowly states I do as well. Jen bites her lip as his ruthless side dips Eve in a kiss, again all for the crowd …

Jack shakes many supporters' hands. Eve watches Jen writing her article and hopes it will be lovely. She leers she has only herself to blame. Jen reminds her this is not real but Eve boasts she is Mrs. Jack Devereaux. As Claire drowns her sorrows in the corner, Justin toasts to Tripp, Haley and hope. The guests drink champagne and Tripp toasts to a happy future after Haley thanks everyone. Kayla hugs Tripp and leaves with Justin. JJ sighs and Haley sees him out. Claire stands silently in the kitchen. Tripp puts down his champagne and asks why she really came ... Out in the hall JJ is unhappy about having to stay away a while, gives Haley a kiss on the cheek and goes. Haley the sweet bride has sadness in her eyes … Jen calls Eve heartless. She knows that was no ceremony of love. Jack appears and she bitterly wishes them a happy life as she walks away. Jack watches …

Ben admires Ciara in his shirt. He tenderly tucks her in and gives her a goodnight kiss and another. Then he has to get back to the boss. She waves after him … Tripp senses Claire was about to say something and changed her mind in the last minute. She did as she wanted to support him. He thanks her and they kiss. Haley comes back. Tripp is sorry he cannot walk Claire out. Once he and Haley are alone she suggests they eat cake … Claire bangs her hand on the elevator, crying she loses either way … Back at the pub JJ updates Jen on the Haley situation and is sorry about what he read online. Jen sighs she saw Jack wed Eve with her own eyes. JJ feels she should fight. Jen, however, has decided to go visit Abigail instead. JJ sympathetically hugs his mom … Eve and Jack are alone in their room. He has the champagne poured. She points out he hesitated and assumes it was cos of Jennifer. He argues Jen is his past while she is his future and changes the subject. He suggests a real wedding night. Eve emotionally kisses him and he lifts her up to the bed as she laughs. The camera zooms in on the blue cap nearby. I’M WITH JACK it says but is this version of Jack even with himself?


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 15, 2019