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Episode 13,568
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben sighs alone outside and realizes Lani lost his new nephew’s stuffed toy. Ciara joins him asking about reaching Jordan. Alas he had no luck … Eve informs honey Claire they can discuss her scheme to set up Ben after her wedding day … Jen laments she cannot make Jack love her. He acknowledges it sounds like they had a special past but he cannot feel it. He leaves Jen in tears … At the hospital Tripp assures lawyer Justin he has the marriage license. Meanwhile Haley and JJ are smooching at the loft. He asks for another chance. She never stopped caring. Things start to get spicy … Adrienne runs into Jen at the square and hears the latest …Claire bitterly reminds Eve this is also her boyfriend’s wedding day. Eve assures her Ice is onto Tripp and Haley and tells her not to do anything impulsive like with Ciara. Claire hisses she better not let her down and leaves. Eve sighs since she could go nuts again … Haley assures JJ after the 30 day wait they can do what they want. Knock knock! The blushing ride opens the door to Agent Smith who stopped by to check. She asks to watch the wedding. It sounds like a recipe for disaster but Haley has no choice. She lets her in. Smart Smith is suspicious to see JJ instead of the groom …

Outside the pub Ben sits by a lantern. Ciara believes ben should be able to have his baby nephew not Lani. Alas Ben still has a reputation for some. He asks how it went with Eli. Ciara hated having to say the lighter did look familiar. Here comes catty Claire. Ben questions how she came to have the lighter. Claire claims she did find it at the loft and wonders why Jordan would deny starting that fire. Ciara states it could have been someone else. Claire complains about her boyfriend marrying another girl today. Ciara gets sarcastic and walks away with Ben … JJ tells ma’m he is Tripp’s cousin and best man. He came to assure Haley he is happy for her and Tripp. Haley smiles she forgave him as they are family now. Agent Smith warns she does not believe it and if she finds out she is right Haley will be returned to China … As Salemites enjoy coffees in the background, Jen updates Adrienne, who urges her to fight … Glam Eve calls downstairs asking about Jack but here he comes in his tux. He updates her on fire girl Jen and fibs she could not get him to remember anything. Eve updates him on Eric impersonating a Russian. She thinks Jen’s idea was nuts. Jack exclaims he was the one who did that long ago to get Jen. Eve starts to feel insecure and hopes she is the one he wants …

Ruthless Jack is committed to becoming mayor with Eve at his side. She is relieved she won. He stammers Jen’s stories sounded improbable. She adds they are compatible and convinces the candidate to get married now … Smith has a few questions on her list. Haley is able to answer Tripp’s fav movie and cereal. JJ gives her a look to help her choose the right Chicago baseball team … Outside the door Tripp stops Claire from going inside. The girl starts to drive herself nuts imagining after 30 days when she comes home Haley and Tripp will be in love. She asks Tripp if he is falling for Haley for real … Chez Ben Ciara is miffed about Claire’s comments. Ben only cares about what Ciara thinks. Does she doubt him? … Jack and Eve smooch at the square laughing by the bouquets that adorn his banner. Adrienne approaches and offers an olive branch. She asks to officiate the wedding and shows Jack her credentials. Eve would rather not but ruthless Jack reasons it would look well. Eve steps away to call and cancel the judge … Smith waits for the groom to arrive. Haley shows her the Chinese symbol for double happiness to make a couple whole. Smith snaps it is not legal and warns she will leave unless the groom gets here. JJ offers to call him …

At the door sugary Claire claims being apart is hard. Tripp promises to make it up to her. She kisses him on the lips and the door is thrown open. They stop and soap stare … Ciara believes in Ben her hero. Always. Ben is moved but seems sad. He laments he could lose her if he is accused again. She is on his side and vows to prove he was not that fire starter … Claire are Tripp are taken aback when JJ whispers Agent Smith is inside. Haley is being grilled and Smith could have opened the door! He now ushers Tripp in, leaving Claire out in the cold … Eve flirts with Jack. Jen arrives and Eve announces Adrienne is officiating. She hauls Jack away to greet the guests. Jen hopes she heard wrong. Adrienne the smart cookie alludes to having something up her sleeve …

Ciara wonders whether Jordan planted the little lighter at the loft. Ben thinks not. Ciara hates the wedding she has to attend. He assumes it is because the groom is her ex. She teases him about acting jealous of Tripp. He does respect how he is helping Haley. Jack and Eve also wed today. Ciara wonders what kind of man uses his wedding as a campaign stunt … The paparazzi cameras flash as candidate Jack and Eve thank the clapping crowd. Jack boasts his sister Adrienne is actually performing the ceremony. Jen watches in silence. Jack sees her and gets rattled. He then gets back to the topic of Abe and turns into the ruthless raging candidate. Jen shakes her head. It was supposed to be a wedding. Eve assures her she is ready Jack tensely laughs … Justin starts the wedding ceremony for Tripp and Haley, who say their written vows. Best man JJ stands behind Tripp as he grins they belong together. Meanwhile Claire is outside alone, listening to the last time she talked to Tripp. She taped him referring to the fact that he was her boyfriend and the wedding was a farce. She is on her wicked way …

Ciara cannot stay at the loft tonight plus Rafe might be using her room at her mom’s for the baby. Ben sweetly suggests spending the night here with him … Haley fibs about her love at first sight. The rings are now exchanged in haste. With this ring I thee wed. Justin proceeds to pronounce them … All of a sudden wedding crashing cream puff Claire bursts in screaming to WAIT … Adrienne suggests Eve speak first at her wedding with Jack. Jack suddenly remembers Jen’s words of love and looks at her. Eve talks accomplishing things and thanks him for making her dreams come true. He hyperventilates she found him and helped him. The grim groom now looks at Jen again and announces he cannot proceed. Jen soap stares ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 12, 2019