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Episode 13,567
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani holds delightful delicious David and admires him at the square. Eli notes they need to give buddy back to Rafe soon. Ben and Ciara happen by. He marvels his sister has a son … Rafe and Hope are ready to talk … Jack is old cold. Jen gasps JACK! … Bride Haley is with gushy groom Tripp … Kayla approaches EMT JJ at the hospital asking about Claire. He admits she went nuts when he asked her about the little lighter … Eve leaves Jen a raging voice mail and is about to leave when Claire arrives. She goes nuts insisting she do something about Tripp and Haley cos he seems to be falling … Hesitant Haley feels badly about Claire. Tripp thinks Claire knows how much he cares … JJ admits he was exasperated by Claire’s overreaction … Claire continues to go bananas on Eve, who suggests a plan. Claire pouts she already lost Tripp and screams about her head spinning. JJ is giving the lighter to the police! Eve asks about that. Claire complains JJ thinks her jewelry box lighter was linked to the cabin fire that almost finished off Ciara. Eve whispers did she do it? Claire tearfully nods … Rafe and Hope take their talk to a pretty park bench. She suggests he start. He wants to keep Jordan’s baby … Eli explains Rafe brought the baby back from California. Ben wants to hold him. Lani says no … Claire confesses to Eve about how she tracked Ciara and wanted to save her but then … When she saw Ciara asleep at the cabin she could not help but remember how many things she had robbed her of. Then she picked up the lighter and could not help herself …

Kayla notes Claire is a nervous girl. JJ agrees. They now discuss Jack’s big day. JJ wishes he had never come back … Jen begs Jack to wake up and asks to say her name. He opens his eyes and calls her LORETTA. Jen’s baby blues widen in wonder. He corrects himself and calls her Jen. Jen gushes he called her Loretta and it means … Ciara argues Ben should be able to hold his nephew. Eli agrees so Lani hands him over. Uncle Ben is moved to hold the little man. Ciara smiles David looks like him. Lani wants him back to get him somewhere warmer. Ben looks forward to seeing him again. Ciara thinks Lani was rather rude. He understands and wants to celebrate. But Eli comes back and wants to discuss the cabin fire that almost finished off Ciara. So much for the happy mood … Eve digests what Claire did and gasps how could she! Claire claims she wanted to go back and save Ciara seconds later but Hope and Rafe had already arrived …Tripp asks Kayla to attend his wedding. Meanwhile Haley looks at the sweet girl in the mirror and then glances at a red box of memories on the table. JJ comes calling and their eyes lock …

JJ gushes she is beautiful. Haley gushes him too. He brought a flower for her hair. Haley smiles like Miss Hawaii … Kayla would be happy to attend Tripp’s wedding. He sighs Haley is having a hard time. Kayla notes she is not the only one … Claire cries Tripp can never find out or he will hate her. Eve consoles her with a hug … Eli explains the case was re-opened cos of Jordan’s claim. Ciara defends Ben, who stands in silence. Eli updates them on the lighter JJ came across at the loft. It looked like the one! Claire found it lying around. He argues Ben stayed at the loft once upon a time. Ben insists it was not his. Eli wants to take him to the station so he can take a look. Ciara insists on coming … Rafe argues David has no one. Hope adds it is not the right time. Rafe believes the baby could be a new bond for them. Hope points out they have problems. He points out they shall overcome and suddenly senses something more. It must be Ted. She admits the D.A. declared his love for her. Food for thought …

Jen romantically reminds Jack that the name of the sinking ship where he professed his love for her was LORETTA. That means his precious memories are not all lost! They could get their life together back. Jack eyes her … Jen remembers when she and Jack had key diary pages and she was taken hostage in exchange for them. Precious memories. Jack deduces he saved her. Jen adds he also risked her life by giving the bad guys fake pages, fiend that he was! Then she stormed off and stepped onto the Loretta. Jack stops cos the name really rings a bell … Rafe rages he could kill Ted! Hope stops him and confesses Ted kissed her twice. He even asked her to leave Rafe for him. Rafe wishes he had seen her tell him to get lost but she pauses. He realizes she never said such a thing … JJ came to cheer up Haley. She always thought she would be a beautiful bride in love. He believes she has the beautiful part right. She cries for her girlish dream of meeting her other half. JJ looks ready to cry too …

Hope assures Rafe she turned Ted down. He wants to go fight him. She shouts to fight for them instead and questions whether she cares. He gets mad about her making out with Ted. She gets upset and calls them broken. A baby should not be brought into this situation … Jen waits for Jack to spill what sounds familiar. He quips she is a handful even now. She helps him to his feet. He suggests she give up and open the door … JJ believes he is to blame for trusting Haley’s secret with Jack. She thinks JJ is noble … Rafe shows Ciara the lighter in the bag. She flashes back … Claire unhappily asks Eve if she is going to expose her … Jen will not give up on her hero Jack. He is still in there somewhere and she hopes he will stay with her and figure it out. She unlocks the door and adds or he can go marry Eve. She will let him make his choice … Haley praises JJ for saving her. He only wanted to protect her. She declares this day means something because she forgives him! She hands him the flower and he puts it in her hair. Sweet music plays as they kiss … Eve promises to protect Claire. She leers but Ben is going down … Ciara admits to Eli it does look like the lighter Ben used at the cabin but … Outside Ben is on the phone fuming. Someday someone will let him see his sister! Lani walks past with the baby carriage in a hurry … Rafe believes the baby needs him so while Hope wonders whether she wants him or Ted he is moving out. Hope breaks down …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 11, 2019