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Episode 13,566
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lani and Eli take a sweet stroll at the square. She suggests he meet her at the new pizza place in 60 minutes. He heads to work and she rushes to Rafe and noisy David. She gets him to relax as Rafe gets his milk bottle refilled at the café … Commissioner Hope admits she was sleepless in Salem last night. Ted hears about Rafe looking after Jordan’s baby and acts negative. He wonders whether she thought about what he said … At the pub Eric brings Eve her mimosa. She takes a sip and sighs she is supposed to wed Jack very soon … Tuxedo Jack throws open the smoky door and finds fire girl Jen on the other side. She covers him with a blanket and ushers him out … Rex is sorry to say Will has a small mass on his frontal lobe. As Sonny stands by him Will gasps brain tumor? Rex replies it is a small one which might be why he had headaches and passed out. Sarah assures him it might be benign. Sonny asks if it can be removed. Rex admits there are risks given the location. They will know more with a biopsy. Will wonders whether it will inevitably kill him … Back at the pub Eve leaves Jack a message about her anonymous source who has yet to arrive. Eric offers another mimosa and admits he overheard her. He sarcastically suggests she not believe anyone who is not American. He also accuses her of appealing to people’s bad instincts just like with Jack. Eve denies it and gloats she won whereas Jen lost … Jen gets Jack in a storage room, removes her mask and cutely confesses there was no real fire. However this emergency is very real …

Rafe returns with milk. Lani has sleeping David in her arms. Rafe is having a hard time … Hope tells off Ted for trying and warns she is committed to her marriage. She regrets opening up to him. Ted gushes he knows she wants mooooore. She suggests he leave her office. As Eli opens the door audacious Ted announces he meant he loved her when he said so and walks out. Food for thought. Eli cannot believe it … Eric sits and suggests Eve is feeding Jack a bunch of baloney. She points out Eric can make a play for Jen now. Nope. Eric knows Jack and Jen were meant to be … Jen just wanted to talk to Jack. He gets miffed and makes for the door which is locked. Jen has the key. Jack’s phone is back in his room. She notes she is doing the same thing he did for her once upon a time … No one knows when Jordan will be able to leave Bayview and she did not reveal David’s dad to Rafe. His only other known relations are Clyde and Ben. Lani gets upset when Rafe reasons according to the law he should hand David to child protective services … Eli wants answers. Hope admits Ted fancies he loves her and will not let up. Eli is disgusted by the D.A.’s behavior and hopes he was wasting his time …

Sonny is allowed to take Will home. Rex warns Will no driving and call if his symptoms worsen. Sonny will pay close attention. Exit Sarah and Rex. Sonny and Will share a woeful hug … Eve is miffed her source was a no show. Eric rubs in his deception by slipping back into his Russian accent … Jen tells Jack the tale of almost marrying Emilio when her heart really belonged to Jack. She was a bride in white and then he came … Footage appears of Jack the fireman carrying Jen out of a smoky room and whisking her away on the back of a firetruck as she screamed and struggled. Present day Jack is puzzled. The story continues … They ended up in the cabin but then things got dangerous. Jack poured out his heart to Jen, who had taken a partial fall from a cliff. He blurted out he only cared about her and Jenny then jumped up for joy. The secret was out that he loved her! Then he kissed her. She wonders whether he remembers and waits with bated breath … Mimosa Eve is mad that Eric helped Jen get Jack alone. He laughs and wishes babushka a happy non wedding …

Jack denies remembering. Jen confesses she cannot let the man she fell in love with marry Eve. He scoffs that Jack sounds like a fool. Jen disagrees. The real Jack was fun, full of love and a wonderful father. She would do anything to get him back … Lani thinks Rafe can wait a while with CPS and then asks him to keep the baby until Jordan is better. Rafe cares about the little guy but there is Hope to consider ... Hope complains to Eli about Rafe playing the hero, the rock for the whole world. Eli frowns, fearing she might harbor feelings for Ted the smooth talker … Jack removes Jen’s hand from his chest and acknowledges her gumption. She remembers how special their days were. Loving moments from the past appear. Jen refuses to accept that all of those precious memories are not somewhere inside him … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will wants a drink. Sonny solemnly obliges. Will laments they had just gotten rid of Leo. Sonny gives him a pep talk about staying positive. Will feels he has much to live for. He was hoping they could take Arianna to London. Sonny insists it will still happen. Together they will win if his new enemy is indeed cancer. They exchange an emotional I love you so much, a kiss, and embrace ...

Hope will not talk feelings with Eli, who sighs and reminds her Rafe loves her truly madly deeply … Rafe reasons Hope is finished raising kids and things are not the best between them right now. Lani is sympathetic and suggests he let Hope at least know what he wants. Rafe decides to do just that and asks her to watch David a while … Eve finds the suite door open, no sign of Jack her groom … Jack stops Jen from telling more stories that sound like a romance novel. She begs him not to be this bad version. He would rather be ruthless than nothing. He also feels without Eve he has nothing Jen lets him know she still loves him. He claims not to feel the same way … Eli spies Lani watching David sleep … Rafe comes to see Hope. They agree they need to talk … Will closes his computer having read enough about life threatening matters and starts to cry. Sonny comes in and comforts him … Rex and Sarah sit with their coffees outside. Life is short so she decides they should wed asap. He kisses her as Eric emerges with a soap stare … Eve finds Jack's phone in their room and wonders what Jen cooked up ... Jen asks if Jack actually "loves" Eve. He replies she will be his wife and demands the key. No way! He tries to force open the door and boxes fall upon his handsome head. Jack Devereaux is now down and out cold! Jen gasps JACK and rushes to his side …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 10, 2019