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Episode 13,565
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Jen flashes back to Eve’s marriage announcement. Meanwhile Eve helps Jack with what to wear to their wedding. It is real to her. Jack kisses her. Knock knock! Tis JJ … Claire continues to drive herself nuts deciding she can make a new video. Tripp and Haley appear and she reminds them the wedding will be fake, teasing superstitions do not apply … Sarah is dreaming of waking up with Eric. But when she opens her eyes she sees Rex at her side …Eric salts his pub food as Marlena sips her coffee and insists he could make Sarah happier. He sips his coffee reminding her of his deal with the big guy upstairs. Marlena muses she made no such deal so she can spill his feelings to Sarah … Will is downstairs with Sonny, stars in his eyes from last night. Sonny wants him to sit and teases he is his personal manservant. He hands him his coffee and a new necklace replacement for the one that broke. Will notes he was not a believer in its protective powers before … New improved Rex has coffee for Sarah and notes she seemed stressed. She acts like it was about work. Happy Rex suggests they set a date … Eric pauses over breakfast and respectfully reminds Marlena not to meddle. She sighs he should not have given up his happiness. Eric sighs he does not want to ruin his relationship with Rex and Brady. She wants him to be happy. He argues if she loves him she must keep his secret …

Tripp and Haley are almost ready for the wedding. Tripp wants to go get something blue. Claire taunts no need for traditions as the whole thing is a fake. Tripp declares he loves Haley and hauls Claire outside the apartment. She calls Haley a beech. Tripp asks where her phone is. Inside. He mutters they might be spied on so they must keep up appearances at all times. She laughs then he and Haley are not in love and acts peeved about the new plan. Tripp apologizes. Haley complains Eve and Jack are having them scrutinized. Tripp tells Claire to turn off her phone when they go back inside … Eve reluctantly leaves JJ with Jack as she heads out to get her dress. Jack assumes this is about Haley but JJ’s rage is all about Jen … Jen greets Eric and Marlena at the pub. They are sorry about Eve and Jack. Jen sighs she had to write the story herself. The girl has given up on the Jack she used to know even existing. Marlena excuses herself to see Will and softy suggests Eric reconsider … No chance ... Eric invites Jen to join him. She senses he has Sarah on his mind …

As Rex sips his coffee he presses Sarah to pick a date. She wants to wait a year. Rex wants to seize the day. This day in fact. Sarah starts to choke on her coffee … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny the non believer now seems superstitious about Leo’s curse. Will calls his condition a coincidence. It could have come from stress. Sonny insists on him wearing the good luck charm gift. Will agrees and they kiss in bliss … Claire crossly confirms her phone is off. Tripp exits to get his tux and make it look real. Claire now talks JJ with Haley, who sighs she can never forgive him for what he did … JJ blames Jack for giving sweetheart Jen a broken heart by hooking up with her enemy. Jack calls Jen a tough cookie. JJ feels she is fragile and argues she still loves him … Eric blushes that Jen brought up Sarah. She assures him she is here to listen. He says the same of her and calls Jack and Eve’s unlikely union a PR maneuver. He suggests she fight. Jen says the same about him and Sarah. Eric reasons what Sarah has with Rex is real whereas Eve is only after revenge. He suggests she stop that wedding!

Jen giggles and remembers how Jack once stopped her almost wedding to Emilio when he snatched her away on a firetruck. If only he was still that man! Eric argues she is the same woman so she can … Sarah coughs about work. Rex wants to wed today. Sarah refers to the two dueling ceremonies of the day. Rex admits he also wants mama Maggie not to have any doubts about them anymore. They kiss … Marlena gushes and apologizes for interrupting Will and Sonny’s sweet kiss. They laugh about Leo and Sonny shows her Will’s good luck charm, gushing the next piece is a ring … At the square Eve runs into Tripp carrying his tux. They exchange words and she warns him he is hurting Claire. Tripp wonders how she even knows how Claire feels … Jack feels no love from Jen and wonders why JJ would want them back together given how he hates him. JJ warns him Eve is a wicked woman. If only Jack would remember the family man he once was! Jack thanks him for coming anyway and asks JJ to stand as his best man …

Eve covers she can just see how upset Claire is. Tripp claims they broke up. Eve taunts he is making a monumental mistake cos a marriage might not be enough to get Haley her green card …Claire applies Haley’s makeup. She is sorry for everything. Claire gushes she is gonna be fine and imagines painting her eyebrows into one. She is just getting started … JJ thinks that was nervy of Jack to ask. He is booked as Tripp’s best man today anyway. Jack laughs it is not a real wedding. JJ apologizes for wasting his time and warns he will lose the election and be left with a witchy wife instead of sweet Jen. He walks out … Good friend Eric offers to help Jen stop the wedding. He knows he hurt her when he went after Nicole. She understood. The perky ex priest has an idea that could prove rather fun. Jen smiles with stars in her eyes. Game on …

Sarah sidetracks Rex with a kiss. He gets a text that tells him Will’s test results are in. She wants to come with … Will feels fine. Sonny informs Marlena they did more tests to be sure. Will now gets a call from Rex. The results are in. Will wonders what they reveal. Rex solemnly requests he meet him at the hospital. Will worriedly agrees. Marlena and Sonny assure him it might be nothing and accompany him … Tripp blames Eve for everything and walks away. Eve now gets a call from a man with a Russian accent who claims to have something on opponent Abe. He requests a meeting now. Tis Eric disguising his voice! He orders her to meet him at Brrrrrady pub. Meanwhile dapper Jack spies smoke under his door. On the other side is fire girl Jen with an extinguisher in hand … Tripp has his tux and calls bride Haley beautiful. Claire soap stares …Eve is at the pub to meet someone. She orders a mimosa from bartending Eric who intends to keep her occupied … Jack throws open his smoky door. There stands fire girl Jen …. At the hospital Marlena is called to a patient with a problem. She assures Will it is going to be alright. He waits with Sonny, who agrees. Enter Sarah and Rex. Rex apologizes for being the bearer of bad news. Sonny stands by his man … ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 9, 2019