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Episode 13,564
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eve announces her and Jack’s engagement to cover the lack of a big story. Now she has Jen’s full attention. JJ is stunned … Abe and Sheila lock eyes at the pub and come close to a kiss. They then each blame the other for the attempt … Ted finally finishes his long kiss to Hope at the club but she pushes him away before he can continue … Eli, Lani and the baby arrive at the pub … Patient Jordan asks Rafe about her baby. He grins he got him and she hugs him. David is now with two trustworthy people from the force. Jordan thinks he wants clearance from her and agrees, asking him to get her son. Not an option … Hope is appalled. Ted suggests she end her marriage … Jen approaches Eve and Jack and wonders what their engagement has to do with their topic of Haley and Ice, which they themselves promised. Eve spins up a storm. Jen asks where the ring is. Jack smiles as cameras flash in his handsome face. Eve lies she left it on her right hand. Jen mutters it seems a tad modest. Sugary Eve calls herself and Jack romantics, kisses him and talks true love. Jenny watches the farce unfold … Sheila ends a call with a contact still waiting for the latest on the press conference. When Lani introduces David, she blurts out she believed he was dead. Abe grimaces … Rafe cannot give Jordan her baby without consulting with her doctors but he is being looked after. He tries to make her feel better and asks for help putting the papa on the birth certificate … Hope holds her wine glass and gasps at the audacity of Ted but he has heard her complaints about Rafe and seen her unhappy face. Why stay in such a marriage?

Back at the pub Sheila apologizes. Eli patiently points out this is Jordan’s son. Lani gushes about the angel she gets to look after until Rafe finds the father … Jordan changes the subject. Rafe asks whether the baby daddy is also a David. She gets testy and tells him the baby daddy never was and never will be in the baby’s life … Ted changes the topic to him and Hope never mind Rafe … The crowd applauds Eve and Jack. She cuts Jen short and tells them a vote for Jack is a vote for the truth …Eve steps away. Jen steps in front of Jack demanding a few answers … Claire follows Eve and demands an explanation. Alas Eve had to change course but promises to stop Haley and Tripp’s fake wedding … Jen saw Jack was caught off guard by Eve’s engagement announcement. He denies it. She suspects something big was supposed to be shown on that video … Jack agrees to answer any real questions. Jen’s face is sweet, sad and suspicious as she asks if he is really going to let Eve rope him into a marriage. He points out he is no puppet. Jen lists how Eve has been leading him around by the nose … JJ admits to somewhat relieved Haley and Tripp that Jack and Eve’s news does not surprise him. Tripp wonders where oh where Claire went …

Eve acts like exposing Haley and Tripp will be a piece of cake. Claire accuses her of not caring about her. Eve praises her with sympathy. She misses Paige and being a mom. It meant much to her and she takes comfort in being nurturing to Claire. Claire is sorry. Eve assures her Haley will be gone eventually so keep the faith and scurries back to Jack. Claire sighs … Sheila and Eli are waiting for the drinks at the bar. He probes what is going on between her and Abe … As Lani lovingly bounces David, Abe voices his concern for her … Rafe urges Jordan to try and get well with her treatment so she and David can be together again. She woefully agrees. He notes they now need someone to look after him and brings up Ben. Jordan protests. She still believes her brother is nuts … Back at the club, Hope admits she opened up to Ted only when she was upset with Rafe. However, she refuses to give up on her marriage. He must have misread her. Cool cucumber Ted takes her hand as she stands to go and insists she move on with him instead … Jack insists he is his own man as Eve arrives. She hauls him away from the press. Jen looks after him with longing …

Back at the pub Eli teases Sheila and Abe looked tense or something else. She gets testy … Lani assures Abe she has not forgotten her lost son but this sweet angel needs her. Abe watches, worried her getting too close could be a recipe for disaster … Jordan claims Clyde made Ben a monster. Rafe warns without a good guardian her son will end up in the system. She takes his hand and asks him to be her son’s guardian …Hope really wants her relationship with Rafe to work. Ted thinks Rafe is the wrong man and admits he loves her truly madly deeply … Sheila implies Val leaving is what led to Abe’s moods. He needs someone by his side … Jack and Eve are back in their room. He cannot believe what she cooked up this time and refuses to be her groom … Hope notes Ted does not really know her. He knows about her coffee, bakery, pizza crust preference and more such details. He compares her eyes to the lights in Paris and points out she deserves to be the center of someone’s universe. The protector needs protecting. Hope starts to melt … Jordan officially entrusts David to Rafe. He is unable to refuse …

Back at the loft Tripp talks fun wedding vows with Haley. Claire comes in and overhears … JJ approaches Jen, who is sitting with her laptop alone, about to file her story. He reads Jack is going to marry Eve and hugs her … Eve suggests Jack come up with another spin cos Haley and Tripp wed tomorrow. Jack suddenly realizes it is a good move for his campaign and suggests they wed tomorrow after exposing Haley and Tripp’s fake romance. Eve hopes he feels something. He ruthlessly states they can sell their all American love story. Time for a toast … Sheila just wants to get impatient Abe his drink and returns to the table with Eli. Rafe now walks into the pub and announces Jordan asked him to look after David. He gives the little guy his fav blanket. Abe and Eli watch while he takes the baby from Lani, who puts on a brave face … Ted could feel Hope’s feelings when they kissed and agrees to wait for her. Then he gives her a kiss on the head and goes. Hope sips her red wine alone, assuming Rafe will be with her soon … ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 8, 2019