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Episode 13,563
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe updates Hope and Ted on bringing back Jordan’s six month old baby … At the station Lani admires the baby Eli is holding … Tripp and Haley tell stunned JJ they wed tomorrow. Meanwhile on the phone Eve assures Claire that they will expose Haley with the delicious recording at the rally tonight … At the square Jack thinks Abe is sanctimonious. He acts like he cares about community and country but … Abe accuses him of loathsome lies. He storms off and Eve promises they will win. Jack kisses her … Lani meets Jordan’s bouncy baby boy. Eli speaks his name. David … Rafe explains to Hope how he tracked Jordan’s baby. Hope notes but Jordan is in Bayview. Ted gets sarcastic. Rafe wishes he had resigned already. Ted taunts Abe asked him to stay … As they dine at the pub Abe complains to Sheila about the mayoral campaign. She believes he is the best man for the job … Eve gushes to Jack that after the rally bombshell he is gonna become the next mayor. She steps away to make a call. Jen comes up to Jack and refuses to be blown off. He talks avoidance. She argues they share kids and future grandkids. The press princess now announces the paper she runs with Adrienne is endorsing Abe. He gets offended when she defends Haley and updates her on the girl using Tripp as well as JJ. Jen suddenly sees his concern for their son is very real …

Back at the loft Tripp gives JJ a beer and notices he was not listening. JJ has Claire and her lighter on his mind. It looked like the one they found at the cabin fire that almost killed Abigail. It could have belonged to Ben. Claire now comes in and JJ demands to know why she did not want him to take it to the cops. Claire claims the lighter was here a long time. Tripp thinks they owe it to Ciara to get to the truth. Claire anxiously agrees with JJ's request … David is the same age as Lani and Eli’s late baby David would have been …Ted asks who the baby daddy is. Rafe drawls the birth certificate left it blank. Ted wants to know what he intends to do with the infant. Hope waits with bated breath … Sheila praises Abe for his integrity. He sighs and tells her about the unpleasant predicament of Ted … Hope is about to call child protective services when Rafe stops her … Lani wants to change little David’s diaper. Enter JJ. Once alone with Eli, JJ hands him the lighter in a bag and asks for his assistance …

Haley and Tripp discuss cake cake and more cake. Claire chips in and then apologizes. Haley loves chocolate. Claire has just read about the Devereaux rally tonight at the square. Ice and Haley are among the topics … Jack emotionally informs Jen that he does care about the son he does not really remember. She whispers and wonders if the old Jack she knew and loved is still somewhere in there … Rafe reasons Hope should not make the baby matter a bureaucratic nightmare and suggests he consult with Jordan about the possible father, next of kin. Ted leaves and Hope gets a reservation reminder of her and Rafe’s rescheduled anniversary dinner. Are they still going? … Claire thinks they should all attend the rally to get information for the fight back campaign. Tripp will go ahead with Haley and advises her to flash her ring. Claire tells herself Haley will be toast after tonight … Sheila talks turkey. People are interested in making their lives better. She gives the mayor some sage advice about undercutting the competition … Jen tenderly touches Jack’s handsome face. Jack meets her gaze. Eve arrives and calls it harassment. She taunts Jen not to miss tonight’s rally and ushers away her candidate. When she hears him explain it was about JJ she argues he is doing the right thing. Jack gasps he feels for his son. Eve talks like a ruthless rival and gives Jen a dirty look …

Rafe feels for Jordan. Hope tells him to call her. She gets upset when she realizes Rafe feels obligated to go see her in person with the news … Back at the pub Sheila advises Abe to get down and dirty with Devereaux and Lady Macbeth Eve … Jen hugs JJ when he gets to the square as people arrive for the rally. She is proud of her son standing up for what is right and gets back to the press area. Claire now joins JJ and asks what the cops said about the lighter. Forensics is looking into it … Tripp and anxious Haley arrive. Eve takes to the podium, Jack at her side and retells the tale of Haley. She points her finger and pouts she is planning a fake marriage to milk the system. She gets the crowd riled up and they chant send her back. Claire is among them and claims to JJ she is supposed to be the angry jilted girlfriend. Tis an ugly scene and Jack is certainly not smiling. Neither is Jen, who shakes her shaggy head …

Hope and Rafe exchange heartfelt I love yous. However, she feels he is putting Jordan first. He holds her hand and refers to her time with Ted. She wonders whether she even wants to be in this marriage, weeps and walks out. Rafe is at a loss …Sheila assures Abe all Jack needs is a wakeup call, starting with a push in Jen’s direction. Abe disagrees. She talks digging up dirt. Abe suggests she stop … Eve gives the podium to candidate Jack. He goes grassroots and the crowd gets loud … Rafe comes back and appreciates Lani and Eli looking after little David. He is off to check in with Jordan. Lani fusses over David … Hope sips red wine alone at the club. Ted comes in and realizes Rafe went to Jordan. He murmurs he is sorry. So is she. Ted sweeps down like a hawk and hungrily kisses his prey … Sheila is miffed Abe did not agree with her ideas. He emotionally thanks her for her support. Their eyes lock … Eve’s file of Tripp talking about his fake wedding has disappeared. The screen above is blank and blue. JJ snaps it is as blank as Jack’s brain. The people are waiting for fireworks. Jen hisses she will have a nonstory. Eve insists there is an announcement. She and Jack are engaged! The crowd cheers. Jack smiles cos she saved the moment. But JJ and Jen are aghast ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 5, 2019