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Episode 13,562
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


DiMera employee Ben ends a call and updates Ciara. Stefan says the bad guys are on the move out of jurisdiction sooo… Ciara does not want him to be a superhero. Hope shows up at his door with news. Jordan informed Rafe she has a baby … Ted approaches coffee drinking Abe at the café and hands in his resignation … Haley is worried she will not get her story straight with ICE. Tripp gives her a pep talk. Knock knock! Tis JJ, who came for Claire … At the Salem Inn Claire angrily packs. Eve assures her it will be over soon. Jack promises they will release the recording when the cagey couple blow it with ICE. Claire cannot wait for Haley to be carted off … Ben and Ciara are baffled. Ben asks whether his sister’s story is just that. A story … Abe is still cross at his commissioner for hiring blackmailer Ted. Ted defends her but Abe is disappointed by old friend Hope’s deception. Here come Jack and Eve. Jack the political pro smells something. Why the sudden resignation? Eve presses. Abe wants to be left alone. Eve suspiciously asks Ted what his secret is … Hope sighs Jordan sent Rafe down to California for the baby but she has doubts. So does Ben. Before Hope goes Ciara concludes Jordan’s tale of not setting the first fire might also be untrue …

Tripp wonders what JJ wants with Claire. Speak of the stylish devil! Claire assures Tripp she was alright alone last night and enjoyed room service for breakfast. Haley apologizes. She gushes she got to know Tripp. Tripp knows her details now as well. Claire acts sugary and reminds Tripp what he missed. He kisses her for luck, Haley fixes his tie and they exit together. JJ probes petulant princess Claire about her lighter … Abe admits Ted did offer to resign. Jack demands to know why. Abe elaborates. Ted was born in France and Team Jack could go after him. He snaps that is why he is refusing to accept Ted resigning. This is a country with a history of welcoming immigrants. Jack claims he agrees provided they are legal and pleasantly steps away with Eve. Abe realized he could not risk them discovering Ted was not vetted so the D.A. stays for now. Ted is relieved … Claire blasts JJ for looking at the lighter in her jewelry box. However, he is the former investigating officer of the Ben cabin fire and finds it odd Claire’s lighter looks like the one they found. Claire gets testy. JJ solemnly states Jordan swears she was not the fire starter … Haley and Tripp are waiting for ICE in an office with a large American flag. She sips her glass of water as they go over their stories. Enter Agent Laverne, a tough cookie who already does not believe anything about their case …

Haley and Tripp are doing their best to play their roles to perfection. Laverne counters the courtship was only a couple of weeks and Tripp was with another girl when they met. She has seen Claire on social media and it still looks like Tripp is her world. Why the hasty end to the relationship? Tripp replies he was really on the rebound. Laverne now asks Haley about JJ. She claims it was platonic but Laverne is aware she kissed him … Claire bitterly berates JJ. He calmly claims he did not come to accuse her. He wonders whether ex roommate Ben might have stashed the lighter in her jewelry box. She fibs she found the lighter lying around and used it when she secretly smoked. JJ deduces then it could be Ben’s, which means he must take it to the police … Ben and Ciara wonder about Jordan being a mother. Ben has memories of her looking after him and making delicious pancakes. She tried to make their home more normal. Ciara agrees she is no longer the sweet sister he used to know. He should cherish the sweet memories. Ben laments she loathes him now. She also tried to turn the town against him, now this baby abandonment. Ciara questions her sanity and assures him he is a good guy. Ben cannot comprehend how someone so sweet could turn bad. Ciara promises it will be alright and he kisses his honey. Time for reality. He has a couple of creeps to handle. Ciara implores him to involve the law but Ben gets his gun out. Stefan asked him to take care of this matter himself. Ciara soap stares …

Ted enters Hope’s office and informs her Abe would not accept his resignation at least until after the election … At the square Abe is again approached by Eve and Jack. The cold cordial candidate asks his opinion on illegals, adding ICE is interviewing Haley and her faux fiancé. Abe already knows. Jack knows for a fact that their relationship is not real … Laverne heard all about Haley and JJ from candidate Jack. Haley has to admit they kissed and adds she warned JJ he would never be more than a friend. She fell hard for Tripp and they want to live happily ever after. Laverne muses that might have to be in China. Haley’s hopeful face falls … Ted offers to speak to Rafe and make things right. Hope updates him on Jordan sending him to California to get her so-called baby. They used to be involved. Ted is sorry … Ben puts his gun away and assures Ciara he does have a permit. Ciara could not bear to lose him! He promises to come back to her and they passionately kiss … JJ concludes he must take the lighter in question to the station. Haley and Tripp come back. Haley declares Jack deceived them by telling ICE that she and JJ kissed … Abe questions the nature of Eve and Jack’s relationship. This is not the old Jack before him. They used to BBQ and drink beer together. Lexie liked his jokes. This is not the same Jack. He used to be the champion of the underdog. Jack is listening. Abe sighs if this is what he became, then he would be better off dead …

Hope appreciates Ted being on her side. He repeats she can trust him. Enter Rafe. Hope asks about his wild goose chase. Rafe drawls he does have something … Ben gets a call from Stefan, who orders him to stay. Ciara hugs him in romantic relief. She neeeeeds him. They kiss again … JJ calls Jack an ass. Haley did her best to cover. Tripp notes the ICE agent cannot prove anything. They passed this first test but the marriage will have to look real. Claire smiles tensely and takes off with her bag. JJ suggests Tripp give the girl some time. Tripp goes upstairs to get changed. JJ teases Haley their kiss did mean something. She is sorry she had to say otherwise … Eve accuses Abe of being afraid. Abe is done! Eve looks forward to the debate. Claire calls. Time to release the recording but will Eve agree …?


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 4, 2019