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Episode 13,561
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Stefan picks up sweet Holly’s toy and admits to curious Chloe he misses Charlotte. Chloe embraces him … Gabi is willing to help Brady only if she gets something in return … Kate states her Titan case to Victor … Maggie has come to discuss her daughter with Dr. Rex … At the pub Eric utters congrats to smitten Sarah and wonders what changed to make her re-accept Rex’s proposal. She becomes a bit bitter and asks why he cares cos he has no feelings for her. Eric stammers Sarah is his friend. She assures him she believes in Rex and forgave him his soap sins. Eric woefully apologizes if he misled her but … Maggie calls Romeo Rex a serial cheater … Back at DiMera mansion serial romantic Stefan tries to make a move on Chloe, but she holds him at bay as the bad guys have yet to be found. Enter Lani and Eli with food for thought … Brady points out Stefan put Gabi thru hell and suggests they get Chloe out of his life. Not good enough. Brady has an even bigger plan … As they banter over their coffee cups at the café, Kate assures Victor their bad history was always about business. She argues he needs her now … Lani and Eli refer to the informant Stefan was aware of a day before them but did not share. Chloe wishes he would work with the cops … Brady believes Chloe is Stefan’s new obsession. Gabi notes he is lonely and looking for love. Brady knows he wants a family and boy would he suffer if they stole away Chloe and the kids …

Back at the pub, Eric refers to Sarah his lifeline. She admits after Eric made it clear they could never be she reconsidered being with Rex, who really loves her … Rex argues neither he nor Sarah have been perfect. Maggie thinks he cannot compare Sarah being with Xander when they were apart to his own indiscretions! Rex is also aware she kissed Eric. Maggie uses the F word. Feelings. Rex’s feathers are ruffled. He asks what exactly Sarah said about Eric … Back at the café, Kate wants to make Titan great again. The glib Greek questions her motivation. She seeks to destroy Stefan and DiMera … Lani and Eli show Chloe some suspect photos. She recognizes two from the club. Stefan gets tense … Brady now has Gabi’s full attention. He tells the temptress to make a play for Stefan … Maggie suggests Rex speak to Sarah about her feelings. Rex notes she said her kiss with Eric was nothing and implores her to enlighten him … Eric hopes the marriage is what Sarah wants. She muses Maggie worries Rex will hurt her again, then wonders if Eric is happy for her. He smiles he is happy if she is happy and she gives him a sweet hug …

Maggie points out Eric and Sarah are pals. Sarah can trust him. Rex reminds her of Daniel. She replies she forgave him. And in the now she is simply not convinced Rex will not break her daughter’s heart … Eric thanks Sarah for her role in bringing an end to Brady’s blackmail. He still has concerns about Chloe having Holly with Stefan at the mansion … Victor wants to destroy Stefan DiMera as he does all Titan’s competitors. However he wants no part of Kate’s personal grudge. She suggests he is scared and he smirks … Alas the two goons Chloe identified as being at the club are not in the Salem P.D.’s jurisdiction. They left yesterday. Stefan accuses the cops of incompetence. Eli argues had Stefan shared what the informant told Ben yesterday they would have both men. Stefan rages he will take action himself! Chloe asks Eli and Lani to do what they can. They agree and leave. Chloe now blasts Stefan for endangering her … Gabi remembers her spicy kiss with Stefan and snaps to Brady she cannot stand him. Brady claims she could control DiMera by marrying Stefan, stealing his heart, his company and his money. Tis a tall order … Victor toys with his cup. He is not afraid of Stefano’s bastard son. Kate suggests they team up and teach him a lesson in respect. He considers … Stefan promises to protect Chloe and gushes they would be good together. He takes her hands … Gabi gets sarcastic about Brady’s bold plan. He suggests she make Stefan feel special. Tis all about timing. She sighs she already kissed him but it was out of hate. He denied the fact that he was clearly affected. Brady tells her to lie she loved his kiss. Besides the allure of money and power is there. He teases she might have secretly wanted to kiss him … Eric admits he has doubts but has seen how happy Holly is with Chloe and Parker. Sarah notes she has been asking less about Nicole. She shares Eric’s opinion. He tenderly tells her what she thinks will always mean much to him …

Rex thinks Maggie’s opinion matters not. She questions the timing and alludes to Eric. Rex believes Sarah only wants to be with him. Maggie hopes her daughter is not on the rebound for both their sakes … Kate insists she wants to work with Victor like the old days. The power was intoxicating. He remembers it well. She adds he lost his edge since marrying Maggie the good … Maggie wonders whether Eric only told Sarah he did not return her feelings so as not to hurt his brother. Rex takes a deep breath … Chloe is flattered but … Stefan believes they could be a happy family. Chloe can only move on after the bad guys are apprehended. Stefan will call Ben and get it done. Then the future shall be theirs … Chloe picks up Holly’s doll and walks out without a word … Brady orders tiger Gabi to go get Stefan in the sack, then make her and Ari his family … Eric hugs Sarah as a friend. She gushes his loving character always gives her hope. She wants to be like him. He calls her perfect as they hold hands … Here comes Rex, breaking the magical moment …

Kate claims Maggie makes Victor live a lovely life with tea and muffins but he must miss the game. They could team up like the old days and crush the competition. Maggie arrives so she smiles sweetly and takes her leave. Maggie suggests she and Victor have tea or something. He scowls … Lani admits to Eli that Chloe worrying about her kids made her remember David. She misses him always. Eli adds him too and hugs her … Curious Brady enters the club. Chloe confirms the security detail outside is from Stefan. Brady smiles he will stop bugging her about him. Chloe is relieved … Power hungry Gabi re-applies lipstick and comes into Stefan’s office with papers. The girl in red leans over as he signs. He questions her real reason for coming cos she kissed him. He suspects she cannot stop thinking about the moment their lips met. She denies it and alludes to his own inability to forget said kiss. Stefan smirks … Rex deduces Sarah and Eric were discussing something serious. T’was the subject of Chloe living with Stefan. Rex adds Brady has nothing to hold over Eric as he now knows about their kiss and boasts he and Sarah are re-engaged. Eric is happy for them. So he says as Rex plants a possessive kiss on his fiancée, the one Eric really wants. Who knows where the chips will fall ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 3, 2019