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Episode 13,560
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie bears baked goods as Victor the Greek gleefully reads Sonny’s annulment papers. The curse of Leo is gone … Gabi is at Will’s bedside with Sonny. They discuss the hex and Leo. Sonny assures Will he will be alright. Will worries. Gabi notes a curse would not show up on hospital tests. Impatient Sonny storms out to make them hurry … Chloe ends an irate club call with Julie. Shirtless Stefan brings breakfast and an update … Brady summons Eric to the park. Eric turns down his attempt at a deal and smugly states there will be no blackmail. Rex is now aware of his and Sarah’s smooch … Sarah absentmindedly pours coffee and remembers kissing Eric. She hopes she did the right thing. Rex emerges from the shower assuming she is referring to her engagement ring … Will tells Gabi how it all happened starting with his splitting headache after Leo’s evil eye. Gabi wonders whether he had enough food that day. Yes plus a smoothie. He also went online and found out a faint can be caused by reduced blood to the brain among other things. Gabi makes light of it. Will lists other causes like stress or dehydration. Gabi stops him but he finds much of his info online including recipes. She knows he will be okay cos they all need him including Ari. Will gives her a sweet smile and she holds his hand … Stefan explains Ben got a tip on someone who might be able to identify one of the men at the house that fateful night. He smiles then he can go on a date with Chloe. He is willing to wait … Insecure Sarah insists she wants to marry Rex. He believes she is ready for their future. She gushes and they kiss. He cannot wait to be wed. The towel falls …

Brady believes Eric is bluffing and then assumes he confessed. Eric lets her know he told Sarah everything so she came clean to Rex. She was the one who gave Eric a kiss. Brady can see he loves his brother’s woman regardless. The former father flashes back to the promise he made in prayer to God. He decides he is done with this discussion. Brady argues they owe it to Nicole to make sure Holly does not keep living at the dangerous DiMera mansion. Eric argues Nicole wanted Chloe to keep her daughter. Brady rages he is holding Eric responsible if anything happens to her … Sarah snuggles with Rex on the sofa. She plans to see Maggie today. Rex worries she will not approve of their reunion. Sarah alludes to Maggie’s hubby Victor being less than a saint of Salem …When Maggie hears Sonny is at the hospital with Will the smiles fades from her face. Victor holds his fancy coffee cup and casually states Will the dramatic fainted. He takes a sip. Maggie is exasperated … Will admits to Gabi when he gets better he wants to beat up Leo. Sonny returns sighing about the slow lab. Roman and Kate come in concerned. After Sonny and Gabi step out Roman gives his grandson a knowing look, seeking the whole story …

Eric reminds Brady he went all the way to Greece to save Nicole and Holly! Beside he knows Brady has ulterior motives! Brady fumes Chloe is a friend just like Sarah for Eric. Eric warns him his wicked ways ended up with Nicole losing her life. Now he seems to be heading down the same road … Maggie pours the coffee as Sarah blurts out she is re-engaged. Victor makes a snide remark about Xander getting her preggers. Sarah gasps Maggie told him about the affair! The Greek boasts there was no need for he knows everything that happens under his roof. He had Henderson burn the sheets. Maggie hushes him with a look and assumes she took Rex back. Victor taunts after he cheated twice … Dr. Rex interrupts Kate and Roman in Will’s room. The patient was not poisoned. But there was one little thing. Slightly elevated white cell count which could be caused by stress, infection or allergies. They shall run further tests. Will wonders whether that is necessary. Kate insists it is. She has been there … Outside the room diva Gabi complains to Sonny about diva Kate. Sonny is just relieved Leo is out of the picture. Gabi wishes Stefan was out of her picture. She hates that he thinks she liiiiikes him. Sonny muses it must be for a reason. She confesses she kissed him. Smart Sonny drawls dumb move …

Back at DiMera mansion Chloe complains to Stefan about Gabi bugging her. He laughs the girl actually kissed him acting like he wanted her and sips his coffee. Chloe thinks Gabi might be right … Gabi gets defensive as Sonny questions her on her kiss strategy. She rages Stefan almost ruined her life so how could she could be attracted to the fiend! She haaaaaates him … Stefan haaaaaaates Gabi and admits she gets under his skin to curious Chloe. She teases she will leave him with his thoughts … Rex reasons the Salem patient needs his rest. Glam Kate reminds Will she is here for anything he needs. She starts to go with Roman. When Rex reveals he is re-engaged she weans him not to blow it again … Maggie closes the living room doors and apologizes for Victor. But is Sarah sure? She suspects she is settling for second choice Rex since Eric acted disinterested. That is not the right reason to marry someone … When Stefan finds out Holly is a little under the weather and missing a picnic, he steps up and takes her to the kitchen for a chocolate or any other treat. Chloe is grateful …

Brady reminds less that holy Eric of Daniel’s death, then apologizes. Eric refuses to help him get Chloe away from Stefan and steps away. Brady texts Gabi, who is being warned about dangerous Stefan by Sonny. She excuses herself and Sonny assures her he is going to take Will home soon … Rex walks out of the lab with a sigh … Sarah suspects she might have been trying to get back at Rex on some level. The redhead reasons Rex cheated. Sarah gets upset so she tries to support her daughter’s decision. However, mother knows best … Sonny is back with Will. Will suspects the elevated white blood count came from stress and teases what Sonny’s plans are now that he is single. Sonny makes light of his situation and they kiss in bliss … At the pub over coffee Roman updates Eric on Will and also on Sarah accepting Rex’s proposal. Eric fibs he feels happy for them. Roman considers … Diva Kate joins Victor at the square café and lets him know she would currently consider a return to Titan. The Greek notes no one made her an offer. She reminds him she helped make Titan what it is today. Over his dead body! That would not deter Kate … Rex prepares Will for his MRI but the chain from Sonny is metal and must be removed. Alas it breaks. Will downplays it, kisses Sonny and gets wheeled away. Sonny looks worried … At the park Brady asks Gabi to get Stefan away from Chloe … Stefan and Chloe have a peanut butter and jelly picnic inside with Holly … Back at the pub Roman assures Eric that Rex really loves his friend Sarah. Eric gets it. Exit Roman. Eric sighs and stands up. Enter Sarah. They soap stare. Oooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 2, 2019