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Episode 13,559
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Hope leaves Ted a message not to quit until they talk. Here come Ben and Ciara asking her about Jordan’s juicy claim she did not set cabin fire number one … At the hospital JJ has Jordan on his mind as well as Claire’s strange lighter. Kayla wonders what is the matter … At the Salem Inn Tripp suggests Claire not accompany him to check on Haley. The bitter buttercup gives him a look … At the park Jack murmurs he has an even better idea what to do with the damning recording of Tripp. Eve is intrigued … Haley is looking at the jewelry box lighter and stops when sister Melinda drops by … At Bayview Jordan insists she is lucid and lets Rafe know she has a baby boy for real … JJ shares a creepy coincidence with Kayla. Claire had a lighter just like the one that set the original cabin fire in her jewelry box … Tripp argues Eve and Jack might be watching him so Claire should stay at the inn alone tonight … Jordan admits she avoided bringing her baby to Salem since she wanted him to safe and far from Ben. She cries she has to go home to him and begs Rafe to help … Eve has heard Jack’s delicious plan but … Claire calls complaining Tripp took off cos of her and Jack … Melinda warns Haley her charade with Tripp will not work. Haley is still bitter about sis turning her back on her … Hope wonders which fire. Ciara snaps the one last summer. Hope stares at Ben. Ciara insists he is innocent!

Rafe promises to contact child protective services but Jordan urges him to go get her son and bring him to her instead. Good guy Rafe reconsiders … JJ can only say the whole lighter situation is strange. He was on the case and can confirm it was the exact same kind of lighter as Ben’s that he saw in Claire’s jewelry box. As a former cop he questions what Claire was doing with it, sensing more than a mere coincidence … Claire is no cookie cutter as she rips into Eve and Jack for ruining her romantic evening. Candidate Jack gets a call. Claire rages at Eve to release the footage of Tripp and make Haley toast tonight … Melinda wants Haley to know … Tripp appears and assures her he is honored to be engaged to Haley. Melinda advises them not to risk Ice and prison. Tripp stands by the girl and his decision. At least he did not abandon her! Trask gets testy and takes off. Haley is impressed he stood up for her … Hope deduces Ciara and Ben are together again. She looks worried when Ciara leaves with her big subdued guy to drive him home … Jordan makes Rafe promise he will go to her baby and bring him back. She explains he is in California with a friend and gets emotional. Rafe the soap hero comforts her with a hug …

Kayla thinks Claire could have candles. JJ wonders whether Ben put the lighter in her jewelry box but the only way he can get answers is by going directly to Claire … Haley deduces Claire was not happy about Tripp coming back to the loft to check on her. He assumes the girl is getting room service and is sorry about Jack and Eve. Haley calls him sweet and is sorry she seems to be a full time job. Tripp is not about to back down, being the son of stellar Steve Johnson … Ben shows Ciara into his quaint cottage on the DiMera grounds, where the groundkeeper used to stay. Home sweet safe home but Ben is worried Ciara will soon doubt him the way Hope does. Never! Their faces get cutely closer for a kiss …

Hope ends a call with the tail she has watching Ciara, who is now on the DiMera grounds. She has given instructions not to let her daughter out of sight … Rafe returns. He has something to say to Hope. She assumes it is about Jordan not setting the first fire and asks him to re-open the file. Will do but this is something else. According to Jordan she has a baby. Hope laughs … Jack calmly tells Claire the plan has changed. Eve sends him ahead and will see him in the square to celebrate with a drink. He goes and Eve explains Jacks wants them to wait to release the video until after Haley and Tripp’s interview with Ice tomorrow. Princess Claire starts to panic … Haley unhappily updates Tripp on how she unwittingly caused conflict between JJ and dad Jack Devereaux. Tripp can tell she sure cares for JJ. She does not deny it even though JJ was the one who betrayed her secret. His betrayal makes her believe they have no future despite the way they feel … Kayla asks JJ about Haley and assures him she gave Jack a piece of her mind. JJ notes Jack and Eve are no innocents. Kayla sighs they have to hope their scheme will backfire. JJ suddenly excuses himself … Hope is miffed Jordan asked Rafe to actually find the baby she claims belongs to her. When he admits he agreed her amusement turns to astonishment and dismay … Eve gives Claire a pep talk but Claire fears Tripp and Haley could fall for each other for real, leaving her alone. Eve is reminded of Paige’s happy moments followed by worries. Everything will be alright. Claire complains her mom is far away. Eve wants to be here for her and asks honey why she thinks she is not deserving of happiness. Claire remembers lighting the cabin fire while Ciara was sleeping. Eve urges her to open up. Claire quietly cries …

Ciara dramatically declares she believes in Ben the man who rescued her, the rest of the world be damned. She puts her head on his shoulder and insists she always knew he never set that cabin fire. He marvels no one has ever cared about him like she does. She smiles she cares soooo much and their lips meet in a sweet smooch … Hope laments she needs Rafe to stay in Salem now. He bitterly brings up Ted the smooth operator. She sighs he is resigning for her sake. Rafe snaps Ted knew Abe was about to sack him and suggests she open her eyes … Jordan imagines holding her baby and singing to him … Ben and Ciara get hot and heavy until he sits up and suggests she head home. Hope was right as this is not a safe place. Besides he has to get back to work. Ciara agrees to go. He thanks her for believing in him and they happily hug … Claire sadly suggests Eve catch up with Jack. Eve heads for the door and stops when she sees the girl sobbing. She does her best to console her … As Jordan sings her lullaby, JJ walks coldly past Jack, who is drinking alone the square. Jack’s smile fades fast … At the pub Melinda sips her wine alone and takes out an earlier photo of her sister … Haley and Tripp are looking at the same photo. Tripp suggests they make a list of each other’s favorite things to memorize … Hope numbly notes Rafe is going to go search for Jordan’s son. He is and wonders when she will be home. Soon. Exit Rafe. Back at Bayview Jordan eerily sings on …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 1, 2019