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Episode 13,558
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben has to spend the night at the hospital, sweet Ciara faithfully at his side. They cutely kiss … At the loft Tripp refuses a Salem Inn night with Claire cos it could be risky. JJ suggests Haley come to his place so they can be alone. Claire screams she wants the Salem Inn now … In a Salem Inn room, Jack sets up a camera to capture all and send it straight to Eve’s phone. He still has doubts it would help him at the polls to expose Haley. Eve insists it will make him mayor … Rafe is royally miffed Hope thinks he is jealous of her commissioner job. He suspects she enjoys Ted’s attentions and realizes from her reaction Ted made a move … Jordan wakes up and struggles in the bed she is a prisoner in, calling for Rafe … JJ suspiciously states Jack and Eve are staying at the Salem Inn. Claire assures him they would avoid them and calls about her reservation ... Eve trashes Tripp and gets ready … Ben seems to feel better from the kiss. Ciara the former candy striper orders him to disrobe for a private sponge bath. The water in the sponge she squeezes trickles … Hope claims Rafe could cost her her job. He berates her for not taking Ted’s blackmail seriously until … Kayla calls Rafe from Bayview. Rattled Jordan wants to see him. Rafe sighs not a good time but will be in touch. Hope suggests he go cos she knows he wants to. They agree to talk later and he exits.

Ciara gives Ben a spicy sponge bath … Haley sweetly thanks solemn JJ for standing up for her and Tripp. He wishes he was the groom and blames himself for trusting Jack with her secret. She gushes he helped her so much with her problems. He murmurs she is no problem and they almost kiss. She drops Claire’s ring but doesn’t let him slip it on her finger … Jack and Eve almost get intimate but he pulls away. Eve talks chemistry and suspects Jen has him confused. They now hear a noise at the door and jump. Tis Claire. Eve gets mad and Claire gets madder. Jack is concerned when he hears JJ was with Haley at the loft. Eve gives Claire her recording instructions. Jack now hauls Eve away to do something important … Haley puts the ring back in Claire’s jewelry box. JJ spies the lighter again, picks it up and wonders … Ciara still remembers when Ben washed her at the cabin. He gets a bit cold so she snuggles against him … Rafe finds Kayla with sleeping Jordan at Bayview. She was sedated for attempting escape. Kayla asks him to talk her down. Pretty Jordan wakes up and gasps she has to get to him … Rafe does not understand …

Hope updates Ted on Rafe having to tell Abe about him blackmailing Sonny and Will. Now they are both in jeopardy! Ted apologizes for causing problems but Hope believes in second chances. She has been there. Ted is intrigued … Rafe assures Jordan the charges were dropped against Ben because she set both cabin fires. Jordan insists she never set the first fire. Rafe looks into her troubled eyes. Tis food for thought for if she did not set the first fire, who did … Kayla wants her to rest. Jordan agrees and asks to have the restraints removed. Kayla will see what she can do and now discusses her demeanor with Rafe. He notes if she did not really set that first fire … JJ never knew Claire as a smoker. Haley thinks he looks serious. He is and updates her on Ben trying to burn down the cabin with Abigail and Chad inside. JJ the ex-cop saw the lighter found at the scene and it looked just like this one. He deduces this is a different one. Haley lets him know she is here for him. He thanks her. Uninvited visitors Jack and Eve interrupt. Haley demands to know what they want. Eve claims they saw the sweet engagement on social media. Jack asks where Tripp is, claiming he came to congratulate him …

Claire and Tripp have their delicious room service at the Salem Inn. She acts insecure about Haley so he reminds her their marriage is only a favor for a friend. After Haley gets her green card they can be together. She happily gets on his lap and they kiss … Jack seems concerned about JJ, who becomes protective when Haley is questioned about Tripp. JJ curses and accuses Jack of selling anyone to be mayor. Haley is an asset to Salem, unlike Jack! He declares he wishes he was still dead and denounces him as his father. Jack is sorry he cannot remember him and adds he does not remember …. JJ explodes and kicks him out with Eve … Claire covers when she presses the button that will send Tripp’s telling words to evil Eve’s phone. She kisses him … Ben feels better from Ciara’s kisses so they continue the practice. Kayla walks in and gets an eyeful … Hope thinks subconsciously she wanted to have Ted around as life was a mess. She fears she could lose her marriage. Ted gets it … Rafe asks Jordan about that fire she said she did not set. Did she happen to see the real fire starter while she was watching Ciara and Ben at the cabin …?

Haley laments JJ should leave as they should not be seen together. He hates her staying here alone and tells her she can call him. Then he goes … Claire and Tripp are getting it on when his phone rings and rings. Tis frightened flower Haley … Kayla checks out Ben, who is good to go. She updates him on being called to Bayview. Jordan attempted to escape and asked for Rafe. Ciara and Ben wonder why. Kayla overheard her say she never set the first cabin fire. Ciara asks whether Rafe believed her. Kayla did not discuss it with him … Once they are alone again, Ben moans this might make him the main suspect again … Jordan does not want to discuss the fire. Rafe asks then what. “The baby.” Rafe peers at her, perplexed … At the park Eve acts sympathetic about Jack’s son. They can make up after Haley is out of the picture. She plays the recording of Tripp reminding Claire his marriage to Haley is just for her to get her green card. Eve is impressed the girl did it. Time to call a press conference. Jack replies with a resounding NO … Claire wants Tripp to turn off the phone but he takes the call. Haley updates him on Jack and Eve dropping by. They are suspicious and might see him and Claire at the inn. Tripp decides to go calm the girl down. Claire smiles knowingly … Haley opens Claire’s jewelry box and looks at the lighter … Dressed Ben is leaving with Ciara. She urges him not to worry as they wait for the elevator. JJ arrives and reminds her what bad Ben did to Abigail and the midwife at the cabin. Ben shares that his sister just said she did not set the other fire. JJ suspects him. Ciara disagrees. JJ suddenly flashes back to Claire’s telltale lighter … Ted offers to resign and wishes Hope well with Rafe. Then he kisses her hand to make her swoon … Rafe assures Jordan that Charlotte is back with Abigail and Chad. A delicious dramatic cliffhanger follows. Jordan meant the other baby. The one that is HERS.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 29, 2019