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Episode 13,557
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ warns Tripp and Haley his sister tried the same thing as them with a guy called Dario and it was a disaster. Tripp boasts Claire is on board … Claire complains cos Haley wants to have her cake and eat it too. Eve suggests she stick to their plan and the girl exits as Jack enters. Eve announces she is making him the next mayor … Eric cannot stop Sarah from admitting to Rex that she kissed him. Livid Rex blames Eric and lunges … At the pub Hope gives Jen a pep talk about never giving up on Jack. She gushes things are getting better between her and Rafe … At the station Ted reasons he was right to interrupt Rafe’s dinner with Hope with the information he had. Rafe disagrees and drawls he would be out if it was up to him. Abe enters and asks about the tension in the air … Jen is happy for Hope and Rafe. Hope had been smarting when he went to help Sami and then Rafe was bothered by Ted being close to her. Jen senses something. Hope stops with her fork in midair and admits Ted kissed her … Abe wants a word with Rafe alone. He knows he was arguing with Ted and points out Hope referred the Frenchman as D.A … Eve enjoys a drink and exasperates Jack by bringing up JJ’s offer to marry Haley so she could stay in Salem. But then Tripp took the lead … Claire comes back to the loft acting sweet as a peach. Tripp and Haley want to tell JJ and Claire their untrue history for practice. They begin but Claire notes it will not work … Sarah jumps between the brothers and blurts out to raging Romeo Rex that she was the one who kissed Eric, he did not make any moves …

Back at the pub, Hope has delicious chocolate cake. She admits to Jen that Ted kissing her was awkward and she made no mention of it to Rafe. Jen suspects she might not have minded the dapper D.A.’s attention. Speak of the devil in a designer suit! Ted asks to join the ladies. Hope sips her coffee and attempts to act nonchalant … Abe asks Rafe to reveal what he thinks of Ted’s honesty. Rafe alludes to certain facts. Smart Abe senses skeletons and tells him the whole town is at stake! Jack and Eve would put Salem in jeopardy … Jack drinks and complains his son is trying to sock it to him. Eve explains Tripp is the top choice but she will expose both Tripp and Haley thanks to Claire. Her clandestine recording will go on social media. Jack’s dark side likes the sound of that … Claire tells Tripp to romantically propose and they will put the video online. JJ agrees with the idea. Tripp has no ring and asks to borrow one of Claire’s from her collection … Sarah assures Rex that Eric was not interested. Rex now hears how Brady was trying to blackmail Eric to convince Chloe to move out of DiMera mansion. Rex wonders whether the real truth is that they were worried about Brady busting them both for running around behind his back. His tone is bitter …

Eric apologizes but Rex is smarting. Sarah asks to speak to him alone and apologizes again. Rex suspects this was her revenge for him being with her sister … Claire imagines threatening Haley with the lighter in her jewelry box but gets a ring instead and smoothly suggests Tripp hand over his phone. She will record. She stops them from rehearsing and talks romantic setting. JJ has candles and asks for that lighter he spied in her jewelry box. Claire slams the box shut stating it does not work to the former cop. He must use matches instead … Claire gets Tripp to talk into the camera. Haley awaits in the other room. Tripp tells the camera he is gonna propose to the girl he loves. Haley comes out. He gets on bended knee and declares his love, asking her to marry him. She gushes yes, she loves him and they kiss. Claire screams CUT … Eve explains to Jack that phase two will be their live exposure of illegal Haley and cohort Tripp at the Salem Inn. Jack argues Tripp will be in trouble with the feds and he is his brother’s son. Eve appeals to his ambition and asks whether he wants to be mayor or not …

Jen gets a call she has to take and briefly excuses herself. Ted sits down and informs Hope that Rafe and Abe seemed to be having an intense discussion at the station. It sounds like a recipe for disaster so Hope hastily excuses herself … Eve urges Jack to want this as much as she does. He grins he does want to be mayor and ruthlessly decides he does not owe anyone anything. She asks anyone? He grins except the manager who will make him win and they hug … Tripp apologizes for adding the kiss. He talks to girlfriend Claire, who quickly posts the video … Jen comes back to Ted, who claims he would like to get to know Hope’s cousin. Jenny is miffed he kissed Hope. Ted acts like Rafe is to blame … Hope returns to the station, where Abe is enraged she advised him to make a blackmailer the D.A. Rafe told him all about Ted putting the squeeze on Will and Sonny. Hope’s argument that he recused himself from that case is irrelevant. Abe believes this could cost him the election. Rafe stands in sanctimonious silence …

Ruthless Jack and Eve watch the video that Claire posted. Back at the loft Tripp reads the supportive online reactions. JJ seems to have a bad feeling and glances at Claire by her jewelry box. Haley is grateful. Claire reminds her this is all an act so hands off her boyfriend … Sarah lists Rex’s transgressions. He asks her to be totally honest. Has she been hesitating due to her feelings for Eric? She cries he does not care for her that way. Rex wonders whether she wants to be with him at all … Jen urges Ted to stay away from Hope. Testy Ted steps away … Abe is angry Hope withheld the facts. Now if he fires Ted it will call attention but if he does not and Jack’s campaign discovers the blunder … He sighs he will give the matter consideration and inform her of his final decision. Exit dapper Abe … Jack and Eve keep watching. He thinks it looks real. Eve explains for the next phase Claire will convince them to get a room at the Salem Inn. Jack likes the sound of the sex, lies and videotape approach. Eve makes a call to reserve a room under the name Claire Brady …Tripp thanks Claire. She softly suggests they get a room tonight at the Salem Inn. Tripp thinks that is not possible … Ted approaches Abe outside the pub to discuss keeping out the cartels. He points out it will help his campaign. Abe leers he is the last person he would discuss his campaign with and leaves … Rafe states he had no choice when Abe asked him about Ted. Hope thinks he acted out of jealousy to get Ted fired and keep him away from her. She then wonders whether he wanted to get her fired as commissioner cos he cannot handle it … Sarah takes Rex by the hand and asks for the engagement ring. He re-proposes and she accepts. They smooch ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 28, 2019