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Episode 13,556
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Working girl Sarah marvels about Marlena and John’s deep love. Working guy Rex asks her to marry him again … Eric is miffed by brother Brady’s blackmail most foul but Brady claims he wants Chloe safe … At DiMera mansion Chloe holds the red rose Stefan gave her and remembers how sweet he has been. Enter Gabi, who warns her not to fall for the fiend … JJ has coffee at the square and sees a wedding magazine. Claire comes along and alludes to also being against Tripp and Haley’s last minute wedding … In the kitchen Haley warns Tripp they will be in big trouble if their wedding is exposed as being bogus … Sonny tries to wake up Will, who has passed out on the floor … With a blue teapot in the background Tripp gives Haley a pep talk and suggests they get their stories straight … Claire assures coffee drinking JJ she supports Tripp and Haley but why is she not marrying JJ the guy she likes?! JJ mutters it might make her more of a target for Jack. So says Haley. JJ is now called to the Kiriakis mansion … Sonny begs Will to be alright. They have so much to live for … Chloe blasts Gabi for running to Brady about her kiss with Stefan … Brady reminds Eric of Nicole’s last wish to look after her daughter. The DiMera mansion was a hail of bullets the other day! Eric refuses to succumb to his brother’s blackmail …

EMT JJ revives Will with ease. Sonny thanks God and Will is asked what he remembers. He felt woozy and passed out but now feels fine. JJ takes him to hospital to be checked out. Sonny comes with … Eve is on her phone praising Jack for the imminent deportation of one Haley Chen. Here comes Claire with the news that Tripp – her guy – is marrying Haley … Tripp decides his and Haley’s story should be close to the truth. She smiles when he suggests love at first sight … Eric believes Brady is just jealous … Gabi claims she was at the Kiriakis mansion when Brady happened to be home and they were talking. Chloe accuses her of butting into her business. Stefan comes and wonders whether they are fighting over him. Chloe complains Gabi told Brady about their kiss. Stefan makes light of Gabi and her lack of boundaries. Chloe gushes breakfast was delicious. He assures her he has the driver waiting to take her to the club and stay with her all day. Grateful Chloe goes. Gabi scoffs he is smitten. Stefan smiles and calls her jealous. She denies it … Brady brings up Sarah again. If Eric does not help him get Chloe and kids out of the DiMera mansion he will tell Rex how he kissed Sarah … Will is in his hospital bed with the pendant and updates surprised Sarah and Rex on Leo’s curse. Sonny is at his side. Will now wonders whether Leo did to him what Diana did to Marlena …

Haley and Tripp create their fake history with a bit of truth and flirtation. They were attracted to one another and she thought he was sweet. He felt the same way … Eve wants to expose Tripp and Haley’s fraudulent wedding with Claire going public. Claire gasps she cannot … Tripp and Haley have popcorn as they discuss the part of their past that is true. He imagines breaking up with Claire instead of getting back together the way they did. Such is the new improved story … Claire refuses to risk her relationship with Tripp. Eve appreciates her passing on the information anyway. Team Jack will proceed without her. Claire is crazy about Tripp and could not bear to lose him. Eve claims to have a plan that could help … Haley and Tripp imagine heartfelt moments and a kiss … Rex is having Will tested for toxins. JJ did not see any signs of poisoning. Will and Sonny still have Leo’s evil eye on their minds. Rex believes the blood test results will reveal something realistic and bets Will a six pack of beer on it. Rex and Sarah step out, followed by JJ. Sonny stays at Will’s side …

Haley and Tripp finish the story with them falling fast over their first dinner date. Haley seems to be falling for real … They both imagine making out until … Knock knock! Tis JJ. He warns their marriage might not work … Claire feels badly about lying to Tripp and is an emotional mess. Eve acts understanding and feels she should be furious … Sarah updates worried Eric on Will. They will have test results soon. Sarah senses something is amiss. Eric updates her on Brady’s brazen blackmail. He will spill their kiss to Rex if he does not do his bidding … Brady sips soda at the club and apologizes to bartending Chloe. She fumes his kiss was only to show Stefan she was off his limits. Brady believes it was more … Gabi gets Stefan’s signature and hisses she is not jealous. Stefan smirks and begs to differ. She accuses him of taking advantage of Chloe’s fear but does not deny stirring the pot with Brady. Stefan gets closer and taunts she really wishes he was with no one else but her … Brady takes Chloe by the hand. He wants her in his present and his future … Rex is sorry to say the lab was backed up so Will has to spend the whole night at the hospital. Sonny looks worried. Will wishes he could go home … Sarah is appalled and announces to Eric she will fix this … Haley repeats to JJ she has made up her mind and steps into the other room. Tripp has high hopes about their solid story. JJ suspects it will not stand up since Claire the girlfriend also seems to be against the marriage … Eve has manipulated Claire into being mad. She wishes she could blow the almost wedding out of the water without losing Tripp! Eve has an idea … Gabi calls Stefan loco. He leers she liiiiikes loco and she wants him. They look wildly into each other’s eyes. Gabi impulsively kisses him …

Sonny notes Leo had no opportunity to poison Will plus Will has the Greek good luck charm. He will not allow anyone or anything to harm him. Will hopes he is alright. Sonny lets him know they will handle it together and gives him a kiss … Tripp suggests they all work together. Haley comes back and Tripp asks JJ to be his best man. JJ admits he is worried about Ice. Tripp and Haley reply they have this - at the same time - now in synch … Eve explains all she needs is a recording of Tripp talking about his fake wedding to Haley … Stefan is bothered by Gabi’s kiss and shouts to get out before he does something they will both regret. Gabi hisses she wanted him to taste something he will never have and storms out. But they are both out of breath … Brady thinks this time he and Chloe could get it right. Alas romance is last on her mind given the cartel goons. Brady smoothly states he will do what he can to keep her safe … Rex is stopped by Sarah, who has a confession to make. She pauses and soap stares at Eric ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 27, 2019