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Episode 13,555
1140 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara approaches Ben as he guards the front DiMera door. He sighs as the girl disguised in a hat hands him a coffee. She sees his cut on his hand did not heal and wants to haul him to the hospital … Sonny boldly summons surprised Leo to the Kiriakis mansion with annulment papers to sign on the spot … Will visits with Marlena, astounded by the actions of Leo’s mad mother. He now hears that Diana also changed the DNA results so Leo is not John’s son. Brady is present and strangely silent. Will wonders why he is so calm about it. Brady has other matters on his mind like his delicious kiss with Chloe and excuses himself for coffee … Stefan carries in a breakfast tray for Chloe, who is in her pretty robe and overslept. He brings up Brady’s kiss … Speaking of kisses, Sarah and Eric have an uneasy moment when they run into one another in the hall. He breathes his thanks for helping Marlena and goes to see her. Brady spies Sarah’s spellbound face … Sonny informs money hungry Leo that the annulment includes a onetime payment. Not enough for Lothario Leo … Eric and his new haircut enter Marlena’s room as Will exits. She senses her son’s sadness and suspects Sarah … Brady accuses Sarah of having visible chemistry with Eric and warns Rex might notice as well … Ben takes his job seriously. Ciara insists his hand is important. He agrees to have it checked out after he contacts the team. The sweet girl helps with that too since he is having trouble with his hand …

Stefan asks Chloe whether she and Brady are still only exes who are friends …. Sarah informs Brady that she shared her feelings with Eric who only considers her a friend. Brady observed otherwise. She notes Eric is not over Nicole and insists he not mention the matter to Rex … Dr. Rex tends to Ben as Ciara explains what happened. Tis an infection with some glass in it. It will be a while. Ciara sweetly cozies up to big Ben … Leo wants more and lies he is John’s son which makes him family. He could go to the tabloids unless Sonny pays up big time to Uncle Leo. Here comes Will laughing he is not Uncle Leo after all cos he is not the son of John Black. Diana doctored the test results. No judge would give him a dime now … Leo claims he has an evil eye and gives Will a strange stare. Sonny does not believe in such superstitions. Will wonders. Leo claims his evil eye glare at Will is going to give him a headache then his life will fall to pieces. He smugly saunters out. Sonny states Leo is no witch and they laugh about the evil eye curse. He signed the annulment so they are home free. So they think … Rex is awaiting Ben’s blood test results, notes he still needs some fluids and heads out. Sepsis is dangerous. Ciara the former candy striper is smug she was right to bring him here … Eric updates Marlena on his deal with God. He promised he would cease coveting his brother’s woman if Marlena made it through. She did and he made his vow … Marlena just wants him to be happy …

Brady admits to Sarah he has feelings for Chloe but he is worried about her. Stefan is taking advantage of her situation. She assumes that is why he is so angry all the time. Brady reasons Nicole’s last wish was that Eric protect Holly, who is now living under Stefan’s roof. Sarah reminds him he was the one who wanted Eric to give Chloe full custody and accuses him of being selfish. They yell until Rex breaks it up, not impressed. He wonders what the argument is about … Ben sleeps with his IV. Ciara sweetly holds his hand. Hope calls as a patrol car spotted her at the DiMera mansion. Ciara snaps she is glad she got Ben to come and get his hand checked cos it was bad and happened when he was looking out for her … Sonny shows Will a necklace and pendant Maggie and Vic gave him once upon a time to keep away the effects of any evil eye. He places the necklace and protective pendant around Will’s neck. The next jewelry will be a wedding band. They kiss in bliss … Stefan pours Chloe her coffee and hopes he was not being presumptuous. She smiles about his sweet kiss. He asks if he is still in the running given her history with Brady …

Sarah admits she and Brady have differing views. It seems Brady hates Holly being near Stefan at DiMera house. Rex reasons Chloe wants to deal with the situation her own way. They need to respect that. Sarah invites him for coffee and they walk away. Eric appears and the brothers soap stare … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will suddenly gets a splitting headache. Sonny steps away for aspirin. Will holds the pendant … Chloe elegantly holds her coffee and lets Stefan know all she can think about now is the kids. Stefan gets it and starts to go but she stops him … Brady refers to Sarah as Eric’s girlfriend and brings up her feelings. Eric claims she shall overcome and denies he has any feelings for her. Brady announces he will not expose their makeout session to Rex but he has a condition in exchange for his silence …

Sarah and Rex are with Marlena, who is about to be released. She is all smiles and praises the staff for bringing her back. Rex calls it a miracle. Marlena wonders … Brady coldly informs Eric he has to convince Chloe to move Holly out of DiMera mansion. Eric replies he has no such power. Brady orders him to revisit his lawsuit and convince her that way or else he spills his Sarah secret to Rex. A recipe for disaster … Chloe is grateful but she cannot consider anything other than the kids until the bad guys are behind bars. Stefan plans to help make that happen soon, smiles the rose is from him and leaves. Chloe smells it with a smile … Ciara further fusses over Ben and reminds him how he tended to her in the cabin. Tis her turn to take care of him. Their heads sweetly touch … Sonny is horrified to find Will now passed out on the floor and calls his name … Oh oh!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 26, 2019