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Episode 13,554
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe gulps his champagne at the pub. Here comes curious Kate seeking coffee. Rae complains about Hope leaving their romantic evening with Pepe … At DiMera mansion Stefan updates Ted and Hope on the fact that two people who were not clearly seen were caught on his cameras. Hope wants it sent to her. Stefan clutches Chloe’s hand … Brady and Leo bicker in Marlena’s room. Marlena assures Leo she would not attempt to keep him from papa John, but he is busy at the moment … Diana turns on the light in Hope’s office. John holds up the evidence bag and talks attempted tampering. She wants to explain. He drawls he knew she went after Marlena … Stefan finds it funny Ted is now D.A. Ted talks tough and departs with Hope. Chloe gets her hand back … Leo wonders what John is doing. Trying to catch Marlena’s poisoner. Brady checks online. Leo starts to sweat. He needs a little more money to cover his room at the Salem Inn. Brady reads about the DiMera mansion drama and takes off to see Chloe … Marlena writes Leo a check for $500 for he is family … Diana acts indignant and reminds John that the nurse identified Kristen. John stands and lets her know Leo suspected HER. Diana accuses Leo of being out to get her. John accuses her of attempting to get the evidence. Eli discussing where it was with Lani was part of the set up. She gasps they have got no proof. John warns her Eli is questioning the nurse. She cowers and confesses she did try to poison Marlena, her eyes round and rather mad …

Rafe drinks more champagne. Kate fumes Ted does not deserve to be D.A. given his own checkered past. Rafe decides to do some delicious digging on the sleaze in a suit … Outside Ted claims he wants the case solved. He suavely suggests they go for coffee. Hope suggests he stop acting like she is single … Stefan asks anxious Chloe for a private operatic performance. The songbird gets started. Stefan seems smitten and haunted at the same time … Before Eli hauls away Diana, John asks for a few moments and demands answers. She promises it was not premeditated. She made a deal with Victor if he would lie to Marlena about Leo being John’s son. She wanted to get John back no matter how. John eyes her with disgust. He would never want her even without Marlena … Ted talks friendship and working relationship. Hope senses he is after more. He apologizes about the kiss again and lays on the charm. Hope suggests the Frenchman stop flirting. She asks him in French whether he understands. He replies he understands very well (also in fancy French) …. Stefan applauds Chloe with gusto. Ben calls about Brady. Stefan suggests he toss him out. Chloe would rather see her friend … Leo thanks Marlena for her generosity and assures her he wants a fresh start. Marlena now gets a call from Eli about Diana confessing. Leo overhears … John blasts Diana, who argues she became a battered wife and knew not how to save herself and Leo. The despair was deep and dark. Then John’s undercover man gave her hope when she realized John thought Leo could be his son. She bawls she believed it could be a return to happier days …

Hope races back to the pub for more sweet kisses with Rafe … At DiMera mansion Brady blames Stefan for everything. Chloe defends him. Brady wants to be alone with her and argues she would be safer with him. Chloe thinks she is best staying here. Brady heard about their kiss and suspects she is falling for Stefan … Kate brings flowers for Marlena, who updates her on Diana. John caught her! Diana also happens to be Leo’s mother … Diana has completely confessed to Eli, who leaves to get typing. John stands by as Leo storms in and blasts her. Diana screams he is in no position to judge. Leo denounces her, happy to be reunited with his good dad. Diana admits she lied about that too. John and Leo soap stare … Hope apologizes for leaving the pub earlier. Rafe is understanding but blames Ted. Hope tells him to trust in her. He does and they kiss in bliss … Chloe tries to deny the gossip but she may have kissed Stefan. Brady fumes she is falling for the fiend, exclaims he cares and kisses her passionately … Diana is sorry to say she changed the DNA test results when she saw the envelope lying on Marlena’s desk. Leo does not want to believe it. Diana numbly tells them to take another test. John looks like he has been slapped a thousand times and places a hand on Leo’s shoulder. Leo cannot handle the fact that Cooper was his father and tries to lunge at Diana. John holds him back …

Stefan catches Chloe and Brady in a looooooong kiss. He fibs he heard Holly asking for her. Exit Chloe. Stefan wants Brady to leave. Before he does, Brady suggests Stefan use a more reliable source than Leo next time he tries to play corporate games. Stefan counters to go after a damsel in distress who actually wants him next time … Kate digests the dramatic news that John is Leo Stark’s dad. The second secret son! Marlena plans to be positive. Kate doubts anyone could be a family with Leo or Diana … John understands Leo’s anger toward Diana and assures him he is still here for him. Leo wants to be alone. He repeats to Diana they are done and departs. Diana announces he will be back as always. John drawls anyone would be a fool. She begs him not to also turn his back on her. She cannot be alone! John departs in disgust and thanks Eli for his work. He suggests he also charge her for tampering with hospital records. Ted slithers by and goes to see the accused. Diana smiles and asks how he fares in French. They are acquainted from the old days …

Hope loves Rafe her sweet hubby. He loves her back and they kiss. She believes they will work everything out … Diana is sorry to hear Ted’s wife passed away and asks when it happened. Two years ago. Diana murmurs she saw her 6 mere months ago in Avignon. Ted murmurs she was mistaken. She agrees and he stares in silence … John hugs Marlena. He confirms it is over. Diana will be locked up for a long time. The woman also lied about Leo being his son. Marlena is mighty relieved … At the square Leo bumps into Brady and laments his mother lied. He is not his brother after all so he assumes he will throw him to the wolves. Leo walks away. Brady considers … Stefan is busily texting when Chloe comes back. He suggests she sing or they talk, watch a movie, have a drink, play chess. Anything. She decides to turn in for the night. Stefan sighs after she walks away, throws a chess piece and blames Brady his rival. WAR.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 25, 2019