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Episode 13,553
1240 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At work Eli flirts with Lani. Lani laments poor Haley needs a miracle … Tripp tells Claire to hold off on making delicious dinner. He has no feelings for Haley but they are gonna get married … Haley is with JJ who is stunned when she states she is marrying cousin Tripp … At the Kiriakis mansion Brady boasts to Gabi they bested Stefan and Leo … Leo gets a drink at DiMera mansion and waits for Stefan’s reward. But Stefan, who now looks different, grabs and threatens him instead … Marlena assures attentive John she is feeling better. Enter Diana, surprised he summoned her. He has questions concerning Marlena’s poisoning. Diana tries to keep it together … Stefan rages at Leo cos while he went after a bogus company Brady swooped down and stole one they had attempted to acquire. It was a setup … Brady and Gabi toast to outsmarting Stefan. Twice … John shows Diana a pic of suspect Kristen and coolly asks whether she saw her at the hospital. Diana innocently asks if this is the one they think tried to off Marlena. Marlena knowingly asks whether she thinks it was someone else … Lani and Eli feel for Haley. Eli had a buddy who was a good family man but he was carted off by Ice. Lani is sorry for JJ, who really cares for Haley … Haley feels JJ is not the safest bet since Jack could pose problems. JJ begs her to let him help. She points out this would protect him too. JJ notes this was not the Jack he used to know. He wants to stop him from being mayor. Haley gets nervous …

Claire lets out a livid laugh. Tripp tries to explain. JJ offered to marry Haley but it would have been too risky with Jack being JJ’s dad. Therefore he suggested he be the one to step up. Haley agreed. Claire angrily realizes it was his idea … Leo denies double dealing with Brady. Stefan fumes he failed. Leo wants to fix it. Stefan drinks up and decides they are done. He orders him out. Leo offers to find his betrayer but Stefan already knows who it was … Brady asks Gabi her plans for tonight. Sushi alone with TV. He suggests she celebrate. Alas the town loathes her cos of what she did to Abigail. Brady has been there and gives the girl a pep talk. Stefan summons her. Brady starts to ask … She smiles she will keep spying on him with pleasure. Brady grins … Eli suggests Lani take his key and head to his place until he gets home. She asks about cameras in this room. He thinks there are none here so she kisses him … Diana coolly notes the nurse already IDed Kristen. John and Marlena note the nurse might have missed someone. Diana wonders who else it could have been and asks about fingerprints from the IV. John explains Eli has it at the station and they will dust for prints in the morning. Diana wishes Marlena well and departs. John sees her out and thanks her for the support. He suggests when Marlena is better they have a delicious dinner together with her and Leo …

Desperate Diana interrupts Eli and Lani at the station. She lies she is a reporter working a story on Kristen DiMera to help her friends John and Marlena. Poor Marlena was poisoned! She asks for an update on the investigation, holding up her mini recorder … Haley praises JJ’s big heart and points out it caused him problems. She does not trust him and thinks Tripp would be her best bet. JJ argues Tripp is committed to Claire whereas he is single living alone. He reasons she would have to make her marriage look real with years of answering questions. Haley talks up Tripp but JJ cares for real and kisses her like he means it … Claire warns Tripp he and Haley would be exposed. If he got caught they could all get in trouble for lying. Besides her social media following means a lot to her and she does not want to keep secrets. Tripp talks sacrifice to help Haley. Claire questions him on his feelings for Haley. Might they be real …?

Gabi flounces into DiMera mansion and wonders about the shattered glass. Stefan wants to know whether she warned Brady that Leo wanted to spy on him. She hisses if he hired him to do it then it was a terrible idea. Stefan can see from her reaction that she betrayed him … Leo confronts Brady, who blasts the con for trying to scam his own brother. He would never trust him and tells him of for what he did to Sonny. He got his just desserts … John holds Marlena’s hand. She wants the cops to take care of the woman he is after. He, however, has his plan set in motion to prove his theory. Their prey shall be cornered soon … Eli confirms they will prove Kristen poisoned Marlena with the IV. The Diana interview is done. Lani leaves after Eli loudly asks her to lock the IV in Hope’s office safe … Leo warns Brady he will expose him to his da. Brady is bemused. He sarcastically suggests he go back to being an escort. Leo decides to go see dad John. Brady warns he is busy with Marlena at the hospital … Gabi denies repeating what she heard about Stefan wanting to hire Leo. Stefan refers to her daughter and then warns her the board would kick her out for double crossing DiMera. She sweetly states it could look like it was him trying to sink the stock and take over. He calls her clever and leers she better not be lying. He daughter could lose her mom. Gabi starts to hit him so he grabs her wrist. She slaps his face hard with the other hand. Stefan did not see it coming …

Tripp is on the side of the underdog and hopes Claire will support him. However if she wants to break up … Claire thinks this is a bad idea and asks when the wedding will take place. Possibly tomorrow. She rages the relationship will not even look real. Tripp disagrees and asks for her support. She screams into a yellow cushion and gives him a sweet smile. OK. He hugs her and she kisses him … JJ and Haley keep kissing. He promises to protect her but she turns him down again. She cries and walks off to plan her wedding with Tripp … JJ later meets Lani at the square, where he is drinking alone. She is sorry about the ruling. He sighs he wanted to help but Haley selected another solution. She will stay though he has lost her … Haley returns to the loft. Claire praises Tripp and promises to be on their side. Haley hugs her in gratitude. Claire’s eyes darken … Stefan sneers to never slap him again. Gabi sneers to never threaten her or her child and storms out … Brady follows Leo into Marlena’s room sorry he could not stop him. Leo wants John … Diana slips into Hope’s office and turns on the light. John is waiting in the leather chair and holds up the bag she was looking for. GOTCHA!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 22, 2019