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Episode 13,552
1075 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric dreams of Rex catching him with kissy Sarah … Claire comes across furious Tripp at the square. He will never forgive Jack for what he did to Haley. She hisses he sounds obsessed … Outside the pub JJ proposes to Haley to stop her deportation. She is flabbergasted … Rex attacks Eric … but then he wakes him up in the living room for real, asking about the nightmare … At Kiriakis mansion Maggie and Sarah speak of Marlena’s miracle. Sarah needs a drink. Maggie does the Eric math. Sarah does not deny her feelings and cries when she told him it did not go well … Claire apologizes for overreacting. Tripp assures her he and Haley are friends. But he now knows Mrs. Carney the nosy neighbor reported her. Claire looks relieved and adds she would never betray Tripp’s trust. They hug … Haley notes no one would believe JJ and he would get in trouble but he reasons their marriage could turn into a real one … At the station Hope is determined to find the shooter who fired over a hundred bullets into DiMera mansion. She asks Ted for an update. He smiles he finished the paperwork so Leo’s charges against Sonny and Will have been dismissed. She tells the coffee drinking D.A. no more conflicts of interest. He implies she makes him want to be a better man and pressures her to make his position permanent. She will only say she supports him …

Claire claims to curious Tripp that Belle is too busy to help Haley but she can help by writing a song. Tripp thinks he has a great girlfriend. Claire smiles like the cat that swallowed the canary … JJ wants Haley to know his feelings for her are real … Sarah tells Maggie her whole story about kissing Eric, Brady interrupting, Rex showing up, and Eric insisting he only felt like a friend. The redhead is sympathetic. Sarah suspects he is still mourning Nicole. Maggie offers her a spa day. Sarah thinks that is sweet and sighs she has to move on … with Rex. Maggie does not believe in defaults. Sarah will try to trust him again but feels like a mess … Eric fibs he forgets what his dream was. Rex wants to get ready for having Sarah over for dinner. He assures him he did not believe Brady, who is now trying to put the past with Nicole and Eric behind him. Just as Nicole was the love of Eric’s life, Sarah is that to him … Claire claims Haley wants to be alone. Ciara will be at the library so she can make Tripp a gourmet dinner tonight. Tripp agrees until he gets the text about Haley’s hearing. She has to leave the country! Claire acts like she cares … Haley has not forgotten JJ is to blame for her betrayal and turns him down … Hope has a delicious donut and tea at her desk. Ted claims to be sorry that he caused conflict between her and hubby Rafe. She thinks they shall overcome. Ted asks about tonight. Tonight she has work and the donut. Ted suggests dinner. Enter Romeo Rafe …

Outside the pub JJ still wants to be Haley's hero and asks her to reconsider staying with him. She wants to return to the loft via the back entrance. JJ insists on waiting for her decision after she gives the situation more consideration. Time is running out. She agrees and walks away … Tripp cannot get through to Haley on the phone. Claire insists Melinda must be helping her. She will see him at home soon after she gets them something for dinner. Tripp goes ahead … Rafe coldly asks for a moment with the woman he is married to. Ted excuses himself. Rafe asks her to have dinner with him tonight. He has high hopes. Hope has work but it can wait. She would looooove to have dinner with him. He smiles and they walk out arm in arm. Ted watches … Sarah arrives at the apartment for dinner with Rex. Eric gasps he is taking out the trash. He adds he is heading for a run. She updates him on Marlena being better but having to stay in hospital for the night. Then she apologizes for the kiss. Eric notes it is not necessary. She stammers she knows he only feels of her as a friend and feels embarrassed. As they agreed Rex need not know. Here comes Rex. Eric hurries away for his nighttime run …

Rafe takes Hope to a private candlelit champagne dinner at the pub. They kiss. He had not forgotten their one year anniversary and now wants to celebrate. Their wedding was the best day of his life … Rex sits with Sarah and admits he ordered the Thai food. They laugh and remember the first time he had it his mouth felt on fire. He plays a romantic song and hugs her … At the loft Haley updates Tripp on JJ’s proposal. It might work … Sarah teachers Rex the right way to dance, then slips and breaks a glass. She giggles. Here comes worried Eric. Her ankle is twisted. Rex takes a look and asks Eric for ice as he steps away to get the right bandage from his bag. Eric puts a cold compress on her slim ankle and tries to fight the feeling … Haley admits to Tripp she is still mad at JJ but she has no other option even though it would be risky … Rafe recalls his last Valentine’s Day with Hope and promises their good days will return. He will go to the world’s most beautiful places with his beautiful Hope. They exchange I love yous and a kiss …

Rex is back with his bag. Eric cleans up the mess. Sarah now has a glow … Ted interrupts romantically kissing Rafe and Hope. He has an update. A second set of footprints was found at DiMera mansion. That means a second suspect. Alas Hope has to go. Rafe blows out the candles … Claire comes back with dinner and delicious chocolate tarts for dessert. She suggests Tripp set the table. But he bears news she is gonna hate … Haley goes to JJ’s place to tell him she will marry … Tripp!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 21, 2019