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Episode 13,551
1060 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Ben pushing sweet Ciara to the floor to save her from gunfire. They run out into the foyer, where Stefan appears with Chloe, shouting to stay down. More shots … Claire asks Tripp to text Ciara she wants to wear her red sweater for her live stream but he is awaiting a Haley hearing update from Justin. He acts suspicious about whoever exposed Haley … At the square Eve tells Jack the people are pleased he took a stance. Jen approaches to ask the candidate a question. She tapes and asks how it feels to ruin Haley’s life for political purposes … Justin and Haley emerge at the station. JJ hopes they won. Alas the judge postponed but hopeful Justin fought for a change in her status … Indignant Claire heads to the library. Tripp starts to go and runs into Kayla. She spoke on the phone with Steve, who misses them. Alas the ISA matter will last longer. She senses Tripp is troubled. It is about Claire and her version of the truth … Eve is astounded Jack asked Jen to interview him. A recipe for disaster! Jack dismisses her. He knows what he is doing. Jen sits down. Jack asks her to be fair … Alas the other DiMera guards are nowhere. Brave Ben heads into the line of fire as Stefan stops Ciara from following. More shots are heard and then Ben comes back. He saw a single shooter who escaped but he left a calling card. Chloe gasps at the sign of the cartel that wants to make her toast …

Justin will call when he hears from the court. JJ hopes for a word with Haley … Tripp admits to smart cookie Kayla he suspects Claire outed Haley … Jack agrees as Jen assures him she is above board. They begin. He starts with his claim of a clean slate, fresh start. Jen notes that sounds like he is not owning any of his actions. Food for thought. Jack wonders whether he was wrong to agree to Jen’s interview. She insists she is a pro and points out Mayor Abe makes Salem a better place … JJ takes Haley to the pub and apologizes for spilling her secret to Jack. She believes she is also to blame and thanks him for getting his uncle to help … Kayla calls Tripp reckless and impulsive just like Steve. He would be proud of how he tried to help Haley! She suggests he try being direct with Claire. He complains about Jack coming over with camera Eve and then gets an idea. Meanwhile Claire implores Eve to help her … The police tape is across the DiMera window. Ben informs Chloe that Stefan is with the cops. Chloe thanks him for keeping them all safe. Ben replies it’s his job and asks how Ciara fares. Not good. Chloe thinks the cartel mistook Ciara for her. Ben believes they will not be back. Stressed Ciara asks him to escort her home …

Haley opens up to JJ about feeling alone. Melinda turned her back on her! Now she has no one in Salem. JJ reaches out and tenderly tells her she has him … Claire asks Eve to cover for her to Tripp. Tripp now knocks on the door so Eve sends Claire to the bathroom. She opens the door. Tripp demands the identity of the person who exposed Haley to her and Jack … Jack refers to Abe’s good record as a thing of the past. He and Jen argue about who is the one with fake news. He taunts he might have jumped into that elevator shaft to escape her. Jen throws water in the catty candidate’s face … Stefan takes Chloe to her room. She fears she should no longer stay here … Ben gives Ciara a glass of ginger ale at the loft. She admits everything felt unreal. Ben blames himself but Ciara points out they were after Chloe. Ben concludes she is safer staying away from his sphere … Haley thanks JJ for his support. He clutches his cup of coffee. She sees he is still upset about Jack and is here to listen. He drawls he will do what he must to stop his dubious dad from becoming mayor …

Jack cracks a joke and dries his handsome face. Jen claims she is killing the story and suggests he stay silent if he wants to keep fooling the public. Kayla comes by and sides with Jen. She calls him a pompous ass … Eve claims the tipster was a concerned citizen. Tripp demands a name. The nosy neighbor lady. Tripp thanks her and heads for the door but clumsy Claire makes a noise so he turns around. Eve stammers Jack must have dropped something and pretends to address him. She lies he just got out of the shower. Tripp leaves. Claire comes out and thanks her … Jen is appalled to hear what Jack did to JJ and Tripp and hopes Abe will win … JJ informs Haley he is supporting Abe as mayor. Justin arrives. Alas Haley is being deported in 30 days … Stefan promises Chloe his people will find the culprit. He will also have more men protecting her and the children … Ciara believes Ben is a hero. She cannot be kept away from him by any hail of bullets. Ben gets it. She sees his hand is bleeding from the broken glass and tends to it, noting now it is her turn to take care of him as he did for her at the cabin. They hungrily kiss on the couch …

Chloe asks Stefan to stay and hold her on the bed. He does just that … Kayla is by the pretty park with Jen. She reminds her Jack is not himself. Jen laments it seems impossible to save him from himself … At the square restaurant Tripp blasts Jack for Haley’s situation and refuses to serve him … Eve is with Claire when she gets an update. Haley is being deported to China. Claire nods … Haley cries about having to leave her life behind. JJ steps up and suggests she marry him so she can stay in the U.S.A ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 20, 2019