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Episode 13,550
1060 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Leo informs delighted Diana that Marlena flatlined so she cannot give John food. He accuses her of doing something … Replay of Kayla saying so sorry as John weeps for the woman he loves … Ben opens DiMera door to Ciara, who rages at him for returning to Stefan’s employ … Diana acts sweet as she insists she is aware that John loves Marlena. Leo denounces her for keeping him from his real dad … John holds Marlena’s head and begs doc to take him too. The tough guy cries for the love of his life and then a miracle happens – her heartbeat starts again. Kayla announces she is alive. John smiles … Ben claims his hands are clean. Ciara reminds him he abducted Gabi before and wonders what next. Ben replies he is saving a woman … John gets his girl to open her eyes. The Salem patient is perplexed. Kayla explains as Sarah goes to tell the family. John gushes he got her back … Rex hands Brady a coffee. He now brings up Eric feeling badly. Brady bitterly warns him he will burn him too … In the chapel Eric makes a deal with God. If mama Marlena lives, he will stay away from his brother’s woman. Sarah arrives with the news Marlena woke up when John said he loved her. God was listening! Eric gives her a tragic look …

Ben points out he is Chloe and the kids’ private guard. He likes making a difference. Ciara apologizes for making the wrong assumption. They sit on the sofa. She thinks he is a good guy. Ben still thinks he is not good enough for her. She flirts and refuses to give up … Diana decides it is wonderful that John now knows she was telling the truth. Leo wonders what her angle is … Kayla gives John and Marlena time alone. Marlena marvels she died and came back to life, then remembers the macaron cookies. John updates her on them containing penicillin … Rex reminds Brady that Sarah is not Nicole … Sarah is sorry about the kiss. Eric notes Rex will never know. Sarah suddenly gushes she has feelings for Eric. Food for thought … Ciara misses Ben and believes he is worthy. But Stefan is not the best influence. Ben states Stefan understands him as Stefano was his father. However he will not risk harming her. Ciara hates the sound of her life without him …

Kayla updates Brady and Rex. Eli has been summoned and she informs him of a small hole in Marlena’s IV. She suspects Kristen sneaked in to inject penicillin … Diana happily heads off to give John his sandwich as suspicious Leo accompanies her … Marlena is perplexed that Kristen is the main suspect. Brady arrives, sharing John’s enthusiasm about her return. She gushes she could not go away from the family she loves … Sarah talks tangled feelings and admits to Eric she dreamt of them together. Is she too late? The ex priest peers at her … Ciara takes Ben’s hand. She cannot imagine being without him. He helped her trust again. He admits she brings out the best in him but withdraws. She goes to him when he sits and implores him to let her help, insisting she is as much of a mess as him … Diana gives Brady a sugary greeting at the hospital, Leo at her side, and asks about Marlena. When she hears her rival was revived she forces a smile and wants to give John her food. Brady refuses to interrupt his moment with Marlena and suggests Leo head to the pub with him where he will pick up some food for their father. Leo wonders why. Brady lies he regrets their rocky beginning …

Marlena and John are not convinced the Salem P.D. can find Kristen. Enter Eli. The security footage from the front showed no sign of Kristen. Marlena is not surprised since she rarely used front entrances and is a master of disguise. Eli muses the nurse might have made a mistake. John has an idea … Eric tries to let Sarah down gently. She is a dear friend. He fibs that is all he feels. Sarah is embarrassed. Eric reminds her Rex loves her a lot. He will make her happy but he must never know about that kiss. Rex has just arrived and clears his throat. Eric and Sarah stand up. They discuss Marlena’s miracle. Eric thanks Sarah for all she did. Rex senses Sarah needs something to eat, lets Eric know how happy he is for his mom and leaves with his almost fiancée …

Eli intends to fingerprint all hospital personnel and takes the IV. John notes they now know who they are looking for … At the pub over coffee Brady suggests Leo change his ways. He is trying. Brady acts impressed he dropped the charges against Sonny and Will. Leo wants a job. Brady gets a call and claims it is about an important acquisition. Leo is intrigued … Ciara speaks of her hard childhood, how ISA Bo was gone for years, only to return and perish after a month. Hope snapped and was imprisoned. Then there was Chase. Ben is sympathetic. She questions whether he really cares. He does. She implores him to just be with her. Ben kisses her like he means it … Brady ends his call about a big deal he does not want DiMera to know about and boasts to Leo this could be huge. Leo wishes him the best and leaves, texting Stefan about his intel. Brady leaves Gabi a message about his delicious deception and thanks her for warning him about Leo … As John steps out to tend to something, Eric joins Marlena in her room. She asks her son to work things out with Brady. Their sobriety depends on it. Eric assures her he is not going to come between any brother and his woman again … Diana sees John and asks about Kristen. He grins they are going to get whoever injected Marlena’s IV as the Salem P.D is checking for prints. Diana blanches … Ben and Ciara hungrily kiss until … BANG! Ben covers Ciara and saves her again. The bullet shattered the window as well as their sweet romantic reunion ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 19, 2019