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WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING … Andre and Tony came out to play, Gina emerged, Mardevil was remembered, Will killed Leo, Claire sold Ciara’s baby, Brady and Eric drank and did battle, John wed Hattie, Marlena vowed to fight her way home!

Episode 13,549
1000 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


In her hospital room John urges doc to fight her way back but Kayla is sorry. Beeeeeeeep goes the telltale flatline … Marlena’s white pantsuit spirit walks into a white room. Sunlight flows in followed by Tony in a tropical shirt. They share a happy hug and she marvels he cheated the Grim Reaper again. He informs her they are no longer in the land of the living. She does not believe she is dead so he shows her how she looks on the earth, having flatlined. He assures her he can help but time is of the essence. He stops her from walking to the light when the door opens. She asks him to help her go back to her loved ones. Not possible but Tony summons someone who can escort her to the other side. In walks Hope – or not! Tis the late and lovely Princess Gina … Tony notes Gina knows her way around and tells Marlena to trust in him. He coos to embrace the other side … The real suited Tony now walks in and warns Marlena that Andre is attempting to steal her soul and send her to hell to take his place! She notes she does not belong there so Andre lists all her so-called victims. She explains those killings never happened. Andre rages and shows her fiendish footage of her Mardevil days to remind her who she really is … Marlena points out she was possessed. Andre leers the devil wants her back and he always gets wot he wants … Never! Gina offers to escort her to hell. Marlena refuses and gets indignant. Andre opens the door to hell and she pushes him back where he belongs. Ahhhhhh! He vanishes in the flames and the door is shut. Relieved Tony now tells her she is still alive and can return. A green light appears at a door and Tony instructs her to go through. Alas it seems stuck. Tony urges her to fight for her life …

The white hourglass is losing sands of time fast … Tony shows mystified Marlena footage of the way she and John were to give her strength. A poignant reunion on the pier once upon a time. Memories … Now she sees how she helped Will accept who he was. Then there was Claire whom she advised. Back to a John and Marlena wedding, his dapper declaration of their love never-ending entwined for all eternity … Later came the plan of an anniversary in Paris. Marlena feels stronger but is still unable to open the green door. Tony gasps she has got to go back as she is needed …. Gina slinks up from hell. Tony shows Marlena the movie of her future if she does not return. Will pushes kissy Leo who warns he will never be rid of him and taunts he will always be wed to Sonny. Will snaps and strangles him. Marlena makes Tony stop the movie. Gina sits and questions her ability in this battle … Tony snaps his fingers and it gets worse. Belle is sorry to tell Will she cannot win and the cops cart him off. Here comes hussy Claire, who sold Ciara’s baby. Marlena exclaims to stop. She has no taste for this … Tony urges her to find her strength to return and saved her loved ones. But Marlena is appalled Claire would sell Ciara and Ben’s baby. Tony is sorry to say that Ben broke Ciara’s heart so Ciara reconciled with Tripp. It took its toll on Claire …

The movie shows a more sour than sweet Claire in cuffs. The girl going nowhere wishes Marlena were here. She blasts Belle to get her out on bail. Cold Belle refuses so Claire fires her as a lawyer and a mother. Tony explains Belle and Claire lost their way without Marlena. They need her. Marlena wants to go. Gina insists she see the rest first. Footage of Belle holding mama Marlena’s ashes … Drunken Brady and Eric burst into the hospital to rumble as Sarah stands by … Gina fans herself. Marlena wonders why the brothers gave into drinks again. Gina further fans herself and updates her on Sarah turning to Brady after Rex ended their relationship. She tried Eric first but he was not interested. Marlena sighs Eric should have told her the way he really felt. Tony reasons she was not there to help …Marlena wonders whether Eric would have been better off as a priest. Gina begs to differ and snaps her fingers. The movie shows Belle standing between the brothers. In the mishap Marlena’s urn of ashes falls to the floor. Brady decides he and Eric are done as brothers. Tony holds Marlena’s hand as she wonders why no one in the movie is happy. Gina claims someone is … Brady slurs he has to head to John’s wedding, much to Marlena’s astonishment, and staggers off. She wonders to whom. Tony does a double snap. She now realizes John is about to marry that mad hatter Hattie. He settled for her since he missed the real Marlena so much … Hattie gets rid of her bubblegum and kisses her groom. Marlena hates it. Tony tells her to take action. The only guest Belle catches the bouquet and they erupt into a demented dance …

Marlena stands up and announces she is heading home. Tony hurries her to the right door before it is too late. Gina soap stares at the white hour glass. The sands of time are almost gone. Almost … Back in the land of the living John Black holds sleeping Marlena’s hand and begs his baby to come back. Sarah and Kayla stand in silence …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 18, 2019