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Episode 13,548
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara helps Julie set up the club. Time to elegantly fold napkins. Julie brings up Jordan and notes her actions should be no surprise cos Clyde is in that family as well as Ben … Ciara stops and Julie sighs Ben is her boyfriend. Alas they broke up … Ben sees Leo to the door of DiMera mansion. Leo bids big beautiful straight Ben goodbye and flounces off to find out if he has a father. Ben is baffled. Leo Stark is an acquired taste … At the hospital sugary Diana lurks around John. Kayla informs him Marlena is unconscious. John goes to see the woman he loves. Diana gushes she is going to get him some food and secretly hopes that last dose of penicillin will be the charm … Eric stands up from Sarah kissing him. Enter Brady, who accuses him of repeating history by moving in on another brother’s woman. Rex comes in and asks what is going on. Brady wants him to know something. Sarah looks guilty as soap sin. Brady claims he was referring to Kristen still being alive. He wanted to quietly call some of his guys to keep an eye out for her so he came here and found … them. Sarah states Eric had just mentioned Kristen. Brady sarcastically asks if that was what they were doing … talking … Sarah soap stares … John blames himself for not seeing Kristen could still be a live threat. He curses he let his honey down. Kayla assures him she is safe and sound now with the guard at the door. Meanwhile Marlena’s IV that Diana injected trickles on … At DiMera mansion Ben asks Stefan whether he was right to let Leo in. He claimed he had info. Stefan gets it and gives him a break. Ben believes he has nowhere to go … Julie is surprised Ben broke up with Ciara. She agrees not to judge so Ciara tells her the whole story. She worries Ben is isolating himself from love and thus risks becoming what he fears … John kisses the love of his life on the forehead. Enter Leo, who asks if she is alright. Presently stable. Leo is sorry for the timing. He is here about the test results. John confirms he is his son. Leo gives him a bear hug …

Eric suggests he and Brady head to the hospital for Marlena. Rex is here for them. Brady solemnly states Eric is lucky to have such a good sibling. They leave. Rex hopes both brothers will get along and avoid a war. Sarah sweetly smiles and says her too. She admits sometimes she does the wrong thing. Rex praises her for being Eric’s rock. However, Brady warned him to watch out … Dr. Kayla informs Brady and Eric that John is with Marlena so no more visitors. The situation seems better. She goes to let John know they are here. Brady now blasts his brother the fallen father for repeating history … At the pub Diana impatiently waits for her order and daydreams of John deciding to be a family with her and Leo after doc’s demise. She imagines their kiss and then whispers soooooooon … Leo believes if he had known John was his dad his life would have been different. He now admits he has a nagging feeling his mother might have tried to kill Marlena. John gives him a hawkish look …

Julie the sage suggests Ciara not attach herself to someone who could snap. Ciara argues Julie supported Abigail with her mental challenges and look what she did. She offed Andre. Julie quips she did the world a favor. Ciara adds Abigail was cured after she got help so why not Ben? He deserves a chance … Stefan pours coffee from a silver pot and deduces Ben plans to stay away from Ciara. Ben is concerned about his dark side. He is certainly speaking to the right person … Sarah insists Brady was wrong. Rex trusts Sarah but worries Eric might get too attached to his perfect girl. She tells him he need not question Eric’s loyalty to him. He has never made a move and never would … Brady demands to know how long Eric has been sneaking around with Sarah. Eric replies he is wrong … John stands up and tells Leo he knows Diana from the past. She would never poison anyone. Leo explains her late husband was horrible and it changed her. The mother he knows would indeed be capable of killing Marlena if she was hungry for John’s love …

Ciara asks if she should help clean the glasses. Julie is sorry she upset the girl who so reminds her of Bo and Hope. They were always for the underdog and gave people a chance. Ciara wishes Hope would do that again. Julie points out she is protective of her precious daughter. They all are. Ciara wishes they would give Ben another chance. He no longer works for Stefan so that is a step in the right direction. Julie is sorry to say he went back to work for Stefan … Stefan dramatically declares Ben is no monster. Ben believes Clyde made him in his own image. Stefan sits at his chess set and states he never met Stefano and they were both obsessed with unattainable women. But he and Ben can break the cycle of their wicked fathers if they want to. Ben asks whether he thinks he deserves better. Stefan does indeed, suggests he want the same, and says to take a break … John acknowledges Leo and Diana’s difficult relationship. Leo complains about the wicked stepfather and his mother blaming him for his death. John questions why …

Ciara digests Ben working for Stefan again. She notes they are not together ... Julie suggests his present predicament could send Ben into another downward spiral … Ben asks Stefano’s portrait whether Stefan was right about being able to break the cycle. Clyde used to beat the wife he loved and he could never chance Ciara suffering the same fate … With stained glass in the background, Rex agrees not to be bothered by Brady’s words. He wonders whether Eric spoke to Sarah about accepting his proposal. He did. Rex emotionally hopes she will say I do soon … Brady scoffs when Eric states he is not after Sarah. Eric respects Rex and Sarah’s relationship. He urges his brother to say nothing about the kiss … Leo fumes his so-called father’s death was a freak accident and asks John about himself. John admits he is a man with a past but doc was his anchor. He could not make it without Marlena. All of a sudden she flatlines. Kayla runs in. John refuses to leave the room …

Back at DiMera mansion Ben opens the door to sweet determined Ciara … At the chapel Sarah hesitates to say yes to Rex. He will wait. She gets paged to Marlena’s room … Outside the pub Leo stops Diana from taking the food to John. He is with Marlena. She flatlined. Diana acts sorry but Leo suspects this was exactly what she wanted … Eric implores Brady not to hurt Rex while Marlena is fighting for her life. Rex arrives, senses the strain and suggests they focus on family. Brady decides he is right … Kayla zaps Marlena. Sarah arrives as John begs baby to fight for them. Kayla stops and cries she is sorry. John’s noble heart is breaking as the woman he loves seems lost. For now ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 15, 2019