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Episode 13,547
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric prays in the hospital chapel. Sarah arrives and hopes to help. He asks her to pray for his mother with him. They hold hands … Elsewhere … Brady would rather not think about Leo being his brother. Kayla appears and informs John she might know who laced Marlena’s macaron … Nurse Santos enters Marlena’s empty room and accuses haughty Diana of attempted murder … At DiMera mansion Stefan insults Gabi’s decorative pillow. She boasts home décor is worth billions and Gabi Chic sells experiences. Her company makes money. Stefan laughs. He munches a cookie Chloe made him and Gabi laughs. He calls her jealous …Chloe knocks on shirtless Rex’s door with treats. He has just gotten out of the shower … Diana denies any wrongdoing. Santos demands the truth. Diana notes nurse Chen the illegal was already questioned. The nurse starts to call the cops. Diana ominously warns that would not be wise … Kayla knows some penicillin was taken out by nurse Santos and tells John. Meanwhile Diana taunts she let her use her key card so she could never prove her innocence. In addition she looked at her personnel file and noticed she has had bad behavior problems on the job. Santos loves her job and refuses to lie. Diana threatens to drag her down and get her fired. Then the illegal “Chinese chick” would get her job …

After they sit up, Sarah admits to Eric she doubts the power of prayer. He is a believer. She wonders why he left the priesthood … Chloe has brought homemade cookies to thank Rex for helping with Brady’s goon. He asks her to stay a while since he could use some advice … Gabi denies to snacking Stefan she is jealous of Chloe but he begs to differ. Stylish Gabi would rather talk biz. He says no to her whole collection and pulls rank. She starts to call Shin so he stops her and grabs her phone. She gets mad after it falls, gets a crack, and hits him with a pillow. They end up soap staring. Enter Leo, who alludes to the heat and tension in the air. Gabi hisses she hates Stefan, who taunts she wants him. Leo recognizes the pillow and tells Stefan what she did to him. Gabi snaps what does he want! Leo got past beefy Ben to discuss business with Stefan … Fully dressed Rex updates Chloe on Brady’s clash with Eric over Nicole. Brady suggested Eric might also steal his girl … Eric starts to tell Sarah the scandalous story of Kristen DiMera being dumped by Brady, then drugging Eric, having her way with him, and taping it. Eventually she and Brady reconciled but the tape was played at their wedding, which Eric was officiating. He was lost but then he found his path. Smitten Sarah praises his courage. He admits his love of Nicole also hurt Brady … John demands a word with suspicious nurse Santos. She arrives announcing here she is. Brady, Kayla and John all soap stare …

Leo informs Stefan he has intel from Kiriakis mansion. Gabi gets sarcastic. Leo claims he overheard Victor and has dirt to share. He does not mind betraying new brother Brady. Stefan and Gabi look more than a little surprised … Eric admits to Sarah he and Brady were recently clashing but Rex broke it up … Chloe admits Brady can be extreme but they are still friends. Rex asks about Nicole. She notes she was there for him after that hard breakup but Brady has since moved on. Rex wonders why he warned him about Eric and Sarah. Chloe wonders whether he is worried about them spending so much time together … John breathes the nurse better not lie. Brady accuses her of using the penicillin on Marlena. John accuses her of attempting to off his wife. She admits she let a woman use her keycard. John snaps what woman and they await her response. In fact she was given the name of the perfect person to blame by Diana but fails to mention that detail. All she shares is the big lie that she gave her key to one Kristen DiMera. Brady lets her know that is a dead DiMera. Kayla looks worried. John would not be surprised and wants to hear more. Santos tells a story that she threatened her and demanded the key. John takes the false clue at face value and calls the cops …

Gabi taunts Leo for his lies. Stefan laughs and asks if a DNA test was done. Indeed and he believes the results will prove he is “half Black.” Stefan gives him a strange look. Leo boasts he will get close to brother Brady and get intel for Stefan to use against Titan. Gabi claims he cannot deliver but Stefan wants to decide for himself. Leo wants lots of money … Rex stammers Sarah and Eric are close friends. Chloe wonders whether it bothers him. He haltingly denies it and asks Chloe if they seemed romantic. No and Chloe knows Eric would avoid such a situation after what went down with other brother Brady … Eric admits to Sarah he is uncertain Brady really wants them to have a better relationship. She notes he and Rex are alright. Eric tries to convince her to trust Rex enough to say I do. She whispers maybe Rex should not trust her …

Diana has more penicillin for Marlena’s IV. This time she will inject direct without sweets … Brady and John discuss the nurse giving the Salem PD a statement at the station as they speak. Brady really believed Kristen was dead. John notes to never assume anything about the DiMeras. Marlena is wheeled past still out cold in her bed and he kisses his sweet girl on her forehead. He is here for her … Leo wants a deal. Stefan the son of Vivian is already aware of Leo’s past and points out he cannot be trusted. Leo wants a chance. Stefan would need him to bring something of value. Leo agrees and scurries off. Gabi warns Stefan he was played. Sly Stefan knows how to handle Leo and asks if she really tied him to a bed. Gabi teases him for sounding jealous …

Rex concludes he can trust Eric and heads to the hospital … Eric assumes Sarah thinks Rex should not trust her cos of Xander. She whispers about listening to one’s heart and startles him with a kiss ... Stefan hands Gabi the pillow and taunts she is not his type. She hisses he lacks taste and leaves him and the now arrived Chloe to their cookies. Once outside she leaves Brady a voice mail to call her asap … Brady interrupts an unholy scene. Eric stands up and notes it is not what it looks like. Brady accuses him of making moves on another brother’s woman. Enter clueless Rex, who wonders … Diana sidles up to John as he waits outside the room of the woman he loves. He updates her on the Kristen alert, doc being well protected. Meanwhile Marlena’s sleep is about to get deeeeeeeeeeper …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thurday, March 14, 2019