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Episode 13,546
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady wakes up. Leo is in his room teasing to get up. Brady orders him out and stop calling him bro. Leo claims he is his bro … At the loft Tripp complains about Haley being kept at the station and wonders who exposed her to Eve. Flashback to Claire informing Eve. Tripp now wonders who would do such a thing … JJ approaches Justin at Kiriakis mansion. Justin heard about Haley. JJ blames himself for saying anything to Jack. He cares for this sweet girl and asks Justin to help … Eli enters Haley’s room and solemnly states she might be facing a murder charge … Diana finds John at the hospital alone by Marlena’s empty bed and assumes the worst … Brady laughs when Leo claims he could be John’s son too. John even did a test and they are awaiting the results. Brady wants to go back to sleep but Leo wants a Titan job … John drawls doc was just taken for tests. Diana asks what happened. He updates her on the macarons that were laced with penicillin. Someone who knew she was allergic must have done it. Diana remembers leaving the macaron cookies. John adds they might know who it was. She innocently wonders … Will and Sonny have returned from a service held at the hospital for Marlena. Will loves Sonny being there for him … Brady taunts Leo he will never hire him. He has not forgotten how he sued Sonny and almost tanked Titan. Leo suggests he would be an asset to the team. Brady heard the latest and notes he has lost his life of luxury. Regardless of his paternity he wants nothing to do with him ever. Leo thinks that is a pity, pouts they would have been a great team and takes his leave. Brady drinks his water …

John admits to Diana he does not get why the girl who left those treats would want to harm Marlena … Haley denies to Eli she left Marlena any cookies as suggested. He shows her the note with her signature … Tripp thinks there were only three people who knew they were hiding Haley so … Claire suggests it was Ciara. Tripp thinks not. Claire talks anonymous tip. She might be avoiding them now. Here comes Ciara herself … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, JJ complains about what Jack did. Justin saw the video Eve put online. He reasons Jack is not exactly himself. JJ implores him to help. Alas he is not an immigration lawyer. JJ tells him Haley turned him down and hopes together they can help her … Haley notes that is not even her handwriting and snaps she was set up. She respects the great Marlena. Eli suggests she suspected she outed her. She admits she was near her office but did not go near it yesterday. She took off and Tripp can confirm as much … Ciara waits for Tripp’s question. Did she share Haley’s whereabouts with Jack and Eve? Negative cos she kept her promise. Last night she was at mama Hope’s. He asks if she told her anything about Haley. No. She adds she knows Tripp said nothing sooooo and casts quiet Claire a look. That leaves just her …

Sonny and Will happily head back to Kiriakis mansion, less than happy to see Leo still lurking around. Sonny and Will are back together and Sonny looks forward to getting a divorce. Leo smirks … Eli joins John as Diana listens and lets him know Haley denied everything. He believes her. But who might have wanted to target Marlena? John replies Kristen tried something similar before. Eli believes she is dead. John would not be surprised if she was still around … When Haley yells at JJ to get out, he insists he can help and brings in suited Justin … Claire acts indignant. Ciara fumes she pointed the finger at her, however. Claire now claims it could be the old lady next door. She must have overheard something. Tripp and Ciara go silent. Claire hopes they believe her. Tripp does and she hugs him. Claire now claims the neighbor hates her for playing her music loud and they argued. Ciara points out Haley needs a lawyer. Tripp asks Claire about Belle. She walks off to try calling again. Ciara now asks Tripp whether he bought her exaggerated story … Diana asks John his opinion and feigns concern for him as well as Marlena. She is heeeeeere and would do anything he needs. He only needs his wife to wake up. She heard about what happened with Leo. He explains he got the envelope to help Will and Sonny. Diana acts understanding and adds Leo told her there was a DNA test. John sighs she was truthful cos Leo is his son. She flashes a sweet smile …

Leo smiles he has evolved and needs no divorce. Sonny refuses to stay married to him. Leo the loon suggests Will join their relationship. Sonny snaps they do not even have one and kicks him out. Will seconds the motion but luxury loving Leo has another ace up his sleeve … John apologizes for doubting Diana. She assures him she understands. He wonders what was in that envelope. Diana realizes he does not know and wants to move on. John was planning to but then doc … He wishes he knew how her tests were going. Diana dramatically thanks God she survived. John excuses himself and runs into Brady, who came to support him. They walk off to get an update together … Haley angrily turns down any help from JJ. Justin thinks he should go. JJ says no and assures Haley his uncle can help. She fears deportation Justin insists they can fight it together if she agrees …

Ciara is surprised Claire allowed Haley to stay at the apartment as she is so insecure. Tripp recalls how warm and welcoming she was. Ciara reminds him Claire rigged the Bella contest and made that deal with Ben so it would not be the first time she had acted up … Eli comes to get Haley as ICE has arrived to take her to the hearing. He wonders whether Justin is representing her. Haley gasps he is and JJ nods in relief … John just heard there was no change in Marlena. Brady believes she will make it and wishes he could do more. John appreciates his support. Brady now brings up Leo’s crazy claim he is his brother. John is sorry to say it is true. Brady blinks … Will and Sonny cannot believe Leo could be John’s son. Leo lets Will know he will always be his uncle and flounces off. Sonny and Will are stunned … Diana has Marlena’s IV in her sights and decides she is not done with doc. Leo's loonie mom plans to finish what she started!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 13, 2019