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Episode 13,545
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr. Kayla thanks Dr. Sarah for the coffee. The flurry of activity is over. Meanwhile John desperately attempts to wake up doc … Sarah is stunned to hear Rex was just hired by the hospital. He said nothing to her … Eric thanks Rex for the dinner he made. Delicious chili! Rex happily tells him about his interview with Kayla. If Sarah agrees to marry him they might buy a house. Brady arrives bellowing to Eric they have to get Holly away from the DiMera mansion and Stefan … Stefan beats Chloe at chess again. She wants a rematch. He wants a kiss. Chloe blushes … Will comes to see Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. Thanks to John cracking the safe Leo dropped the charges. They are free at last and kiss in bliss … Leo holds up the envelope of the only evidence he offed his father as Diana cringes. He sarcastically ponders who his real papa was –creepy Cooper or heroic John Black …

John tries to revive Marlena and begs her to come back … Eric is surprised Stefan is sweet on Chloe. Brady wants action … Stefan is about to kiss Chloe when Holly screams. Chloe runs out and brings her downstairs. T’was a bad dream. Stefan assures Chloe nothing will happen to them here … Eric senses Brady is jealous. Rex thinks so too and blames him for the bodyguard fiasco. Eric agrees Brady only cares about Brady. Brady questions if Eric even cares about Holly. Eric blames Brady for Chloe ending up at DiMera mansion with Nicole’s daughter … Kayla realizes Sarah is still uneasy about Rex. She suggests separate schedules. John hollers for help … Diana is dumbfounded when Leo lets her know John informed him he was his real father. He is furious she let his stepdad raise him and let him think he offed his own father. He demands the truth … Sonny ends a call with Justin, who confirmed Leo’s reign of terror is over. Sonny is over the moon everyone can hear he and Will are back together. Will suggests he wait a second …

Holly sips her juice. Chloe knows she misses Nicole and agrees when Stefan asks to speak to the little girl … Brady explains he wanted Chloe at the Kiriakis mansion. Eric holds Brady responsible for Nicole leaving town and losing her life. Brady notes his brother has not taken responsibility for stealing the woman he loved. Eric orders him out. Brady warns Rex he might go after his girl next … Kayla and Sarah attempt to revive Marlena as John watches and wonders what happened … Diana confirms John is Leo’s father. Leo thinks she is lying as she loves John and would do anything to be with him. She blurts out she does want him back and she is a survivor … Marlena is hooked up with an IV and being monitored. Beep beep beep! Kayla realizes it is an allergic reaction. John watches with worry as she is tended to. She is allergic to penicillin but would never go near it … Leo now assumes John is not his father. Diana acts offended and claims she has been covering for Leo for years about what he did to Cooper. He demands she explain why she let him believe that man was his father if it was false. She weeps he wanted to look after them whereas John was unavailable after Marlena came back. Leo laments his mess of a life, the fact that now he has nothing. Diana urges him to never give up. They can have their cake and eat it too …

Sonny wants to go to the square with Will on his arm. Will just wants to kiss him and go upstairs. The marriage to Leo is almost over … Stefan shows Holly a photo of Charlotte who is in his heart. It is magic that one can still be with a loved one even when they are afar. She smiles and holds her stuffed animal. Chloe is moved he made her feel better and takes her to bed. Stefan seems emotional … Brady suggests Rex watch out for Eric. Rex makes light of it. Sarah now calls Eric. It is about Marlena … The three guys are on their way … Will and Sonny celebrate their love upstairs at the Kiriakis mansion … Leo deduces John will have the results of the DNA test soon. He headed to the hospital to meet Marlena. They will have the truth. Diana soap stares … Kayla believes Marlena will get better and goes to her office to search for clues. John gasps his thanks for saving his sweet girl. Kayla the sage states he did that … John sits beside doc and begs her to come back to him. Then he kisses her … Eric arrives with Brady and asks Sarah for an update. She assures him his mother is getting the best care so he hugs her. Rex arrives from parking the car and sees the sweet scene. He remembers Brady’s words of warning. After the hug Sarah acts happy to see him. Eric and Brady head off to Marlena’s room. Rex realizes she found out he applied here. He offers to withdraw if that is what she wants … Brady and Eric greet John in Marlena’s room. John is overwhelmed. Brady explains Sarah said he brought her back. John tells the brothers Kayla thinks Marlena can hear everything. It would do doc good to hear them getting along … Chloe praises Stefan for being good with kids. They realize they were both raised in an orphanage. She believes he would have been a loving dad to Charlotte. He praises her for her great job raising Holly. Alas she is concerned about Parker getting older and realizing there are no fairytales. Stefan does not believe in fairytales. However, he believes in the magical power of love …

Sarah giggles and agrees Rex can work at the same place as her. He hopes it will bring them closer … Eric assures sleeping Marlena that he and Brady are here. Brady admits they were arguing and promises to work on their brotherly relationship. Eric agrees … As the fireplace crackles, Stefan suggests a return to the way they were. Alas Chloe is tired and bids him a good night. They cheek kiss and he watches her walk away … Sonny and Will cuddle and kiss again. Sonny laughingly wonders where Leo is. Will could not care less cos he will not come between them again. They kiss again until … ring ring! Tis John with news. Will and Sonny take off to Marlena together. Sonny is never leaving his side again … John joins Kayla in Marlena’s office. Kayla came across the macarons with a note from Haley. There is also the paternity test envelope on the desk. Kayla knows Marlena wanted John to read the results first … Diana triumphantly declares she knows what will happen after John sees the test results … John has opened the results. He drawls he is Leo’s dad. But is he really …?!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 12, 2019