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Episode 13,544
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Lani and Eli enjoyed their clam chowder. Enter demanding D.A. Ted, who orders them to get Haley tonight … Outside Eve tells Jack his nephew Tripp is hiding Haley … At the loft Tripp let Haley have the last green tea bag. She thanks Claire for letting her stay. Claire states grandma Hope could come by and sweetly suggests she head for Canada. Haley notes she would be nabbed. She needs a work visa so Tripp gets an idea. Claire sweetly plays along … Diana has discovered Marlena’s big allergy to penicillin on her work computer. Marlena is at the nurse’s station with Leo’s test results. Will calls her to warn John that Leo could be headed home so she calls. The spy who loves her already has an envelope. They will rendezvous at her office. John now opens the door to Leo, who wonders whether he is the new maid … Claire gets herself a glass of milk. Tripp wants her to call Belle to help … Jack asks how Eve got the info about Haley. From Tripp’s possessive girlfriend Claire. Eve wants Jack to have his name in the headlines sooooo … Kayla asks Marlena about the test. She is waiting for John to look … Leo can see John searched the room and remembers what Diana has. He demands the envelope. No can do. He warns John he will call the cops … Sheila informs Diana the good doctor is back. Diana dupes her into believing she needs to broaden her search and asks for a master key. Sheila hands hers over. Diana orders her back out to keep Marlena in her sights. Then she waltzes out …

Eli explains to Ted they already followed up on Haley and they are off duty. Lani agrees. Ted insinuates they they are on her side. Eli disagrees and claims the trail is cold … Claire pretends to leave Belle a voice mail. Haley hugs Tripp in gratitude. Claire hugs her too … Eve convinces Jack to be the best candidate. He morphs into mayoral mode and notes he will be needing photos … John warns Leo if he calls the fuzz he will hand over the envelope he found. Leo is not listening so John uses the father card. Leo is now listening. He notes his father is no longer alive. John updates him on being with Diana and the timing of his birth. Leo gasps why would she lie about it! He believes it was because she had already broken up with him and claimed to Cooper she was carrying his child. Leo wonders. John adds she admitted it could have been his. He did his own DNA test. Leo gasps all this time his mother let him think …Kayla and Marlena discuss the Leo drama. Marlena hopes the test is negative and notes Diana is a very different woman than the one John once loved … Diana has her hands on liquid penicillin and injects it into yummy macarons on Marlena’s desk … Uncle Jack shows up at Tripp’s door with a smile and introduces himself. Claire invites him in. Jack is condescendingly cordial …

Leo is stunned his mother let him believe a mean man was his father. John is sorry. Leo decides it did make him tough. He wants to find her now and asks John to hand over the envelope. John knows he has all the cards in his hand as there is something in this envelope that could ruin Leo. He also lets him know his close relationship with Salem’s finest … Diana forges a note to Marlena …Marlena now asks Kayla about Steve. Alas he remains halfway around the world attempting to repair his reputation. He blames her still, hence the distance. Marlena is sorry. So is Kayla cos Joey liked his visits. She blames herself … Jack apologizes for taking so long to see nephew Tripp. Tripp has high praise for Steve, whom he misses. Claire asks about his amnesia. Jack acts like he is all about family. Tripp is peeved he got the information about Haley from JJ and went public. He insults his uncle … Back at the pub Ted is trying to call Hope. Lani suggests they leave but Eve runs in with information on Haley’s whereabouts. Ted tells Eli and Lani to bring her in. Lani does not like going after the poor girl. Neither does Eli but Eve advises them to just do their job. They have no choice …

Leo insists he did nothing wrong. John suggests he open it. Leo states she has been threatening him with something since he came out. John patiently points out he is family but so is Will. Leo gets it. John offers a deal. He will drop the envelope in the trash if he drops his charges against Will and Sonny. Leo agrees. John will let him have the green envelope after he makes it official with the D.A. Leo suggests he make the call … On her desk Marlena finds a note of thanks from Haley with the box of macaron cookies. French delights in different flavors … Tripp questions why Jack is running. He wants to do good. Claire gets a text and lies Marlena was inviting her for lunch tomorrow. Tripp tells Jack to leave but when he opens the door Eli and Lani enter. Eve uses the camera in her phone. Jack suggests they search for Haley upstairs. Tripp protests. He is handed a warrant and then grabs Jack by the collar, calling him a son of a … Jack tells him to calm down. Claire argues they were only helping the poor girl and blasts Jack for his photo op. Eli and Lani bring Haley downstairs and cuff her. Jack makes a mini speech as Eve records. Tripp growls to get out. Jack ends with God bless America …

At the pub John watches while Leo asks Ted to drop his charges against Will and hubby Sonny. Ted concludes he cannot be made to testify against family and agrees. Once they are alone, John gives Leo the envelope and lets him know he is here if he needs help. Lost soul Leo notes he might not be his son. John drawls if he is he has his support forever. Leo is after answers from his mother. Meanwhile Marlena is out cold on her office floor from a macaron. Diana comes in and feels for a pulse. She then notices the envelope on her desk – the one involving Leo and John … Eve has her footage. Haley apologizes to Tripp and Claire. Eli assures her there will be no consequences for the couple who helped her as she is carted off. Tripp rages at Jack, who reasons the law is right and leaves. Claire hugs Tripp, who vows to find the traitor … Diana opens her safe but the envelope is long gone. Leo smiles smugly at mommy … John finds sleeping beauty Marlena on the floor and tries to wake up his sweetheart. The open box of French treats is on her desk …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, March 11, 2019