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Episode 13,543
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Tripp taking care of Haley upstairs, Claire calling Eve downstairs. Meanwhile Jen warns Jack he will lose his soul. He has a good laugh. Jen replies he might have ruined Haley’s life. If so JJ will never forgive him. Now she has his full attention … Claire wants to see Eve stat … Phone Will and Sonny whisper about needing what is in Diana’s safe to bring down Leo before Leo gets his hands on it … Diana daydreams that Marlena was done in by a speeding car. Crying John comes to see her and she comforts him. Back to reality. Diana schemes on … John meets Marlena at the pub as they await the results of the DNA test Kayla is fast tracking … Sonny ends his call with Will and bumps into Leo at the Kiriakis mansion … Claire questions how serious Jack is about Haley being brought to justice. Eve is intrigued. They agree to rendezvous at the park. Clueless Tripp comes back down and wonders to whom she was speaking. Claire smiles like a Georgie peach and lies she agreed to cover a shift at the restaurant … Jen believes her Jack would not have done this to JJ. Jack argues Haley is using him as he plays the hero. Eve claims she has something to take care of, kisses Jack and heads to the park … Leo and Sonny both seem to be interested in safe cracking for dummies. Leo demands his fallen phone back …. Diana considers how to get rid of Marlena … At the pub Marlena sips her wine, musing Diana must be lying about Leo. John drawls his heart belongs to doc no matter what. He sips his beer and they toast. He reasons if Leo is his son he can convince him to drop the case against Will. He will kinda be family then. Enter Will …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sonny suggests Leo give him a divorce before they get to the death do us part. Leo mentions his inheritance. Sonny offers him a big piece of the pie … John covers for mentioning Leo. Will admits he was amused by Marlena’s reaction to Leo recently, then informs them that he and Sonny broke into Diana’s room. They now have a hot lead but could use some help … Diana daydreams of different Marlena scenarios, including death by strawberries, then decides to go for a walk … Tripp suggests he help at the restaurant instead but Claire claims he should stay with Haley and leaves … Jack gets a handshake from a keen woman voter. Jen comes back and keeps going. He declares old Jack Deveraux is dead and turns to go. But when she takes his hand with a sad sweet stare he stops … Leo loves living in the mansion, grins Sonny will never get rid of him and goes. Sonny grumbles they will get the goods on him … Back at the pub Marlena is aghast at the chance Will and Sonny took. John deduces Diana has something on Leo in that safe. Marlena glances at the spy who loves her, who happens to be an expert safe cracker … Jen refuses to give up on Jack. Nurse Shelley now comes up supporting his stance on illegal immigration. He insists it is all about safety … Haley could not sleep and comes downstairs. Tripp tells her she is safe since no one knows she is here. She hopes Claire will keep her silence. Tripp is convinced she will …

Claire meets elated Eve at the park with the news that Haley is at their place. Eve promises no trouble for Tripp. Claire implores her not to even mention her name. Eve suspiciously asks her real reason for wanting Haley removed … Sonny is trying unsuccessfully to teach himself the art of safe cracking … John drawls without details cracking Diana’s safe would be but a long shot. Marlena is all for it. John drawls they would need a distraction. She teases he is Diana’s main distraction. Will implores him to try. John is in. Will notes the combination was not Leo’s birthday and leaves …Nurse Shelley is anti-illegal and blames them for her nephew being turned down at nursing school. Jen argues Haley did not take his place and points out he might not have been qualified. The woman rages on. It is the usual story – someone seeking a scapegoat to blame for their own failings. In this case the scapegoat is Haley. After Shelley goes, Jack argues to Jen his stance is a success with the voters … Tripp assures Haley that he and Claire will keep her safe and sound … Claire stammers about Tripp believing he is Haley’s hero. Eve now understands. Claire reconsiders. Eve warns her Haley could play Tripp. Claire swears her to secrecy. Eve gloats Haley will be gone soon. Claire breathes a sigh of relief …

Haley talks nursing with Tripp. He can see she loves her job. Claire comes back, claiming the restaurant was slow. They did not need her after all but she brought back yummy food. Tripp kisses his angel and she smiles … Jen questions the morality of going after a girl who was brought to the country as a child. Ruthless Jack refuses to let Haley or anyone stand in his way... Nurse Shelley calls Marlena cos the test results are ready. John puts on his black leather jacket and also leaves. They will reconvene in doc’s office after … Having overheard her with Jack, Diana claims to be a reporter investigating Haley when she approaches Shelley. She asks for access to Dr. Marlena’s file since she is suspected of treating Haley. Bitter Shelley agrees …

Jen urges Jack not to give into Eve on this issue. Here comes manager Eve, who hisses from now on she must go through his campaign manager. Jen walks away. Sugary Eve gives Jack a kiss and whispers she is aware of Haley’s whereabouts. Ruthless Jack is happy to hear it … After the food Haley thanks Claire, who coos they are happy to help … Deadly Diana gains access to Marlena’s office, tells John’s framed photograph he will be better off without her and gets into her computer. She is after Marlena’s medical history and reads she has an extreme allergy to penicillin. A plan is born … Marlena is at the nurse’s station with the DNA test results … Sonny still cannot open the Kiriakis safe. He gets a call from Will, who lets him know John the superspy is on the case as they speak. He asks him to keep Leo busy. Alas he already left and Sonny knows not where he went … John the spy is at Diana’s safe. He gets in with ease and removes the envelope. But Leo has just arrived outside the door. A recipe for disaster ...!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, March 8, 2019