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Episode 13,542
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abe and Sheila are at the square to raise funds for Salem homeless shelters though Sheila also has the campaign on her mind. Their hands accidentally touch. Here comes Jen seeking a statement regarding the new candidate. Abe is surprised … Jack comes back to Eve, who is elated to hear the party approved of him exposing Haley. He has their full support … At the station Eli has orders to question JJ all about Haley. JJ just wants to know how to prevent her deportation … At the loft, Haley thanks Tripp again and hopes his girl will not mind. The door starts to open so he suggests she make herself scarce. Ponytail Claire comes in wondering whether he knows Haley’s whereabouts … Brady runs into Gabi at the park and complains about Chloe being cross. Gabi praises him for trying to protect her. He sighs Stefan loved hearing her rage at him. He hopes she will help him destroy the dastardly DiMera … At DiMera mansion Chloe stops kissing Stefan … Gabi and Brady sit on a bench as he suggests she spy on Stefan for revenge and for the greater good. She will consider … Stefan smooth talks Chloe about their mutual attraction …

Claire assures Tripp he can trust her. He asks Haley to emerge. He wants his friend to stay a while … JJ updates Eli on his last call with Haley. He blames Jack for everything. Enter Lani with more Jack news. He is officially running for mayor … Sheila calls new candidate Jack shady. Jen gasps they used to be married. Sheila is sorry for her and assumes his amnesia will work in their favor. Abe, however, believes the political heavy is a formidable foe … Eve and Jack have champagne. He suggests they call reporter Jen. She protests. Jack gets an idea. Time to crash Abe’s fundraiser … Ponytail Claire sweetly greets Haley. Tripp hopes to hide her until they find a more permanent situation cos the cops would deport her. Claire slyly suggests Ciara would not approve. Tripp explains she already did. Claire plays along and Tripp hugs her … Eli excuses himself. Lani asks JJ how he fares. He worries what his cutthroat candidate dad will do to decent man Abe. At the square Abe has just given Jen a pleasant statement. Brady comes along and makes a hefty donation from Titan. Eve and Jack arrive to make a donation and an announcement …

Chloe believes she and Stefan are barely acquainted. He argues they have been through a lot lately. She is flattered. He teases she is not attracted to him. She admits he looks great. He returns the sentiment and suggests they give it a go, starting with another good kiss. If there is no chemistry, they will continue as just friends. Chloe agrees and they smooch. Enter glaring Gabi … She clears her throat. Stefan rages. She claims she has something for him to sign. Chloe scurries off. Stefan signs and she goads him for going after vulnerable women. Chloe must be desperate to be with such a dirt bag! He laughs she is lying when she says she hates him and gets closer, whispering she is jealous … Tripp offers Haley his room while he sleeps on the couch. Claire holds his arm and decides he can sleep in her room. Grateful Haley heads upstairs. Tripp thanks Claire, who fibs she is fine with her being here … Back at the station Lani hopes Abe and Jack running against one another will not make her and JJ uncomfortable. JJ only has Haley on his mind, lamenting she loathes him now. Lani wishes him happiness. He supports her happiness with Eli and she thanks him …

Jack has thrown his highhanded hat in the mayoral race. Sheila is peeved he stole so much free publicity. The press pay attention as Jen asks his platform. He mentions the need to deport dangerous illegals and calls Haley a criminal. Jen notes nice nurse Haley came as a child and is no criminal. Jack reasons an example must be made and then spins the situation as Abe’s weak stance on crime. He acts like only he upholds the law as the cameras roll … Abe now argues the Salem PD follows the rule of law and is trying to find Haley to question her. However she is no threat and there are more pressing issues. Jack begs to differ and asks anyone with info on the fugitive contact him or manager Eve. Abe sternly reminds him this is a fundraiser. Jack politely thanks the press …

Gabi claims to hate Stefan and his big ego. She snaps he would never see her if not for her company and calls him delusional. He will lose Chloe and wind up alone like Stefano! Stefan taunts her for her own romantic losses, including Will. Chloe comes back complaining the kids are asleep so please keep it down. Gabi hisses to escape while she can and storms out. Stefan looks like he has a headache … Brady approaches Eve after the drama and accuses her of convincing Jack to run. She denies it. He can see she wants Jack to keep regressing into the man he was before Jen made him a better man. Eve accuses Jen of ruining her life. Brady accuses Eve of attempting to steal her life again. Meanwhile Jen asks Jack for a moment alone … The cops assure JJ they will do their best for Haley. Abe arrives and updates them on Jack’s announcement to run and make an example of Haley. JJ looks ready to cry …

Claire acts keen on helping Haley to Tripp. She hopes she and JJ will work it out. Tripp thinks that is a tall order due to the betrayal. Haley comes downstairs in a state over Jack’s statement. Claire seethes when Tripp hugs her … Stefan gets himself a stiff drink and declares he will make that beech Gabi’s life miserable … Gabi joins Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, ready to team up and destroy Stefan DiMera. Brady likes the sound of that and they toast to their alliance. She warns him Stefan now seems to be after Chloe cos she caught them kissing … Stefan wants to kiss Chloe again but she feels conflicted and needs more time … Jack steps away with Jen and waits for her lecture. She reminds him he was ruthless once upon a time but fought to become a better meeeeean. She wants to believe the Jack she loved and wed is still somewhere in there. If not, he will lose his soul … JJ, Abe and Lani listen to Jack’s intent to go after Haley. JJ now asks to join Abe’s campaign to stop him … Haley, Tripp and Claire watch Jack’s rant replayed online. Haley panics. Tripp promises she is safe here and heads to the bedroom with her to give her new sheets. Once alone, Claire coldly makes a quick call to Eve …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, March 7, 2019