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Episode 13,541
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah asks Eric what he had wanted to say. He fibs he forgot. She searches his eyes, assuming it was about them … Marlena works at her desk and remembers Victor claiming John was dastardly Leo’s dad. Enter John with a kiss. He senses something … Will and Sonny meet at the park. Will has a plan but first he kisses him … At DiMera mansion Brady demands to see Chloe and blasts Stefan for not properly protecting her … At the club Rex warns Chloe that guy has a shoulder holster. She panics. Rex jumps him and tries to get the gun … Stefan informs Brady that Chloe refuses a private guard. Brady accuses him of giving her a false sense of security. Stefan gets himself a drink ... Chloe pepper sprays the guy and gets the gun. She goes vigilante, threatening to shoot … Will suspects Diana knows some deep dark secret about Leo. He knows where to begin … Marlena informs John that as per Vic’s investigators … Diana had a secret but of course John already knew. YOU ARE LEO’S FATHER. Did he intend to ever tell her? John goes silent … Eric laments he felt badly about being hard on Sarah regarding Xander. Their ... friendship ... means much. He stammers about her becoming his sis in law. She agrees they are good but is unsure about the sis in law part … Chloe is informed by the armed guy that he was hired by Brady Black … Brady boasts to Stefan he has someone watching Chloe around the clock. Stefan sarcastically states he seems to be making her decisions for her. He taunts him about trying to keep Titan afloat while losing his son and every woman. He seems to have no one now …

Diana sweeps in to visit Victor asking for an update on his meeting with Marlena … John regrets doc finding out in such a way. She gasps then it is true. He assures her he only just did the math and confronted Diana, who confirmed his suspicions. Leo had a stepfather. Marlena is surprised she came clean after all this time. He admits she also swore him to secrecy since Leo does not know. He wanted to tell her the truth. She thinks Leo has the right to know if it really is true. She wonders whether John believes the story … Sarah has her own feelings on her mind … Chloe doubts this man works for Brady so he whips out his Titan ID. She remains suspicious so he suggests she call Brady. But she is too angry to do so and orders him out through her tears. Rex is sorry he spooked her but she blames another … Brady scoffs Stefan has no one in Salem, not a single friend. Even his own board did not consider him good enough without Chad. He will ruin DiMera. Stefan warns he intends to go back to the DiMera way of playing dirty … Marlena is astonished John did not even do a paternity test. Diana has lied to her since she came to Salem and she suspects the woman wants HIM … Will gets the card to Diana’s room and sneaks in with Sonny. They start to search when … Leo knocks and calls out to mother …

At the Kiriakis mansion Diana is pleased Victor told Marlena what she wanted. He demands she make Leo withdraw. First she wants a wedge to be drawn between doc and John. Victor thinks that is mission impossible ... John assures Marlena no one can come between them and tenderly takes her hand. He loves her with his whole heart. She feels the same way and they kiss. He promises they will deal with what they learn about Leo together … Back at the pub Sarah pouts about her trust issues with Rex. Eric believes it will get better in time. She takes her leave … Brady is ready for anything Stefan throws his way. Stefan sighs how is Chloe his business? Macho Brady explains she is his ex-wife so she is his business. Stefan slyly asks if she is more than that. Chloe comes in and glares daggers at Brady’s back …

Sarah greets Maggie at the nurse’s station. The redhead heard how good she is with the kids in the pediatric wing, then sees she is upset. Sarah updates her on Rex‘s re-proposal. Maggie assumes the answer was a resounding no. Sarah whispers she harbors feelings for Eric … Rex returns to the pub and updates Eric on the guard Brady hired to tail Chloe. He now understands why Brady and Eric were at odds when they both loved the same woman … Chloe gives Brady a piece of her mad mind for having her tailed. It terrified her! He apologizes and agrees not to do it again. Then he leaves … Marlena wants a DNA test done on Leo without his knowledge. The spy who loves her has an idea … Leo is heard asking housekeeping to allow him access to his mother’s room, where he forgot his wallet. Sonny and Will freeze … Rex refers to his good relationship with brother Eric and asks how it went when he told Sarah how he had changed … Maggie is intrigued by Sarah being drawn to Eric. The trust issues with Rex remain. Maggie the sage wonders if Eric is aware of her feelings and whether he returns them. Confused Sarah cries he is still sad about Nicole and seems to want her to be with Rex. Meanwhile Rex loves her.

Leo gets into Diana’s room. He remembers her warning she had proof he had offed his father and asks aloud where she hid it. Will and Sonny peek out from around the corner … Marlena is surprised to see Diana at Victor’s place. Meanwhile the spy who loves her sneaks up the stairs … Soulful Eric admits he spoke to Sarah but knows not what her answer will be … Maggie muses if Rex really loves Sarah he will wait. She should follow her heart … At the park Brady fires his guard for hire and concludes he can look after Chloe himself … Stefan sits with Chloe on the sofa as she complains she could have taken someone’s life again. He smoothly tells her to trust him and steals a kiss … Leo stammers aloud what he wants must be in the safe. He cannot crack the code, curses and takes off. Will and Sonny realize what Diana has on Leo is inside that safe. It must be cracked … Diana dramatically pretends she did not want Victor to tell Marlena about Leo. Marlena has spoken with John. She thanks Victor for enlightening her and assures Diana she will not say anything to Leo so she may tell him herself. She spies John and hastily excuses herself. John has some Leo DNA in a bag. They head off, that much closer to the truth … Meanwhile maniac Diana gets mad enough to wish doc really was dead!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, March 6, 2019