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Episode 13,540
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


After Stefan accepts her chess challenge, Chloe is club bound. She stops at the door, where a tree was knocked over in front. Mateo’s men! … Ted taunts Rafe to hit him. It will change nothing about him and Hope … Ciara knocks at the door asking if Tripp or Claire are there. Inside Haley panics when Tripp tells her Ciara is his roommate. The mom with her is Salem’s top cop … At the hospital JJ sends Haley another desperate text and admits to concerned Sarah he worries he will not see her again … At the pub, Eric blows off Rex’s idea that he speak to Sarah on his behalf. Rex asks if he is against their union. Eric keeps working and suggests he let Sarah decide. Alas Rex feels unworthy and fears losing her to another … Sarah is sympathetic about Haley. JJ heads off to find her … At the square café Claire updates Ben on Melinda the liar’s illegal sister. Ben alludes to her own lies. She believes Tripp finally forgave her but Ben senses her insecurity concerning Ciara … Tripp makes Haley hide and opens the door to Ciara and Hope. Ciara spies Haley’s bag and wonders to whom it belongs … Rafe refuses to hit Ted and look bad to Hope … Claire sighs and gets Ben his coffee. She admits her insecurity makes her mess up. Ben can relate. She urges him to go back to Ciara but he believes he could be a danger to the girl he loves. She notes no one is perfectly sane … Tripp claims the bag belongs to Claire and apologizes for the mess. He takes it to her room. Hope wants to stay with Ciara, who asks for some space. Exit Hope …

Eric has coffee for Rex, who recalls the day he and selfless Sarah met. She helped a homeless woman against the wishes of hospital heavies and gave her her own shoes. Eric is not surprised. Rex was smitten and sighs who could be good enough for Sarah? Speak of the devil … Stefan stands by his vow to keep Chloe safe and offers to have his driver take her to the club. She hugs and thanks him, then goes to check on the kids. Stefan summons Ben … Ted denies implying he and Hope were involved and slyly insinuates he loves working closely with her. Rafe snaps to stay away from his wife. Hope walks in and wonders what she interrupted. Rafe refers to Ted not being trustworthy enough to be interim D.A. Hope stops him from finding Abe … Ben is surprised that Stefan has summoned him to DiMera mansion as they share a drink. He offers him his old security job back now that Chad is no longer in charge. Ben hesitates … Now alone with Tripp, Ciara notes that knockoff bag could not have been Claire’s so who is he hiding … JJ approaches Claire at the square café. She asks about Haley. He complains she believes he betrayed her as he shared her secret with Jack, who betrayed him. Claire is sorry. JJ fears she will never forgive him …

Rex claims they were conversing about sports, reminds Sarah he loves her and excuses himself. Sarah realizes he must have told Eric about her reflecting on his re-proposal. Eric adds he also said she turned him down because of him. She believes it would be wrong to celebrate while he was still mourning the love of his life Nicole. But there is more … Chloe greets Rex at the club. He updates her on Sarah not accepting his engagement ring and is wondering how to convince her … Stefan reminds Ben he needed a job to prove himself to Ciara before. Ben admits he broke up with her as he feared he would harm her. Stefan reasons if he were driven by such a little thing he would always be alone … Ciara suspects Tripp is cheating on Claire and snaps at the girl to come out. Haley comes downstairs … Hope asks Ted for time alone with Rafe. Ted politely apologizes and leaves. Rafe does not deny he hates Ted being around her. The French fiend is after her! Hope loves only Rafe, who rages Ted hangs all over her. She thinks he feels guilty about not being here when she and Ciara needed him. Instead he was saving Sami. He points out he went for past stepson Johnny. She points out he did not come home when present stepdaughter Ciara went missing … Ben still believes he could be a loose cannon. Stefan admits he is not so selfless and advises him to accept the position. Ben needs a purpose and he trusts him. Ben accepts but with a condition attached … Rex has a cocktail as he confides to Chloe he asked Eric to argue his case to Sarah. Chloe is surprised but he believes Eric is her best friend … Sarah tells Eric she has lingering trust issues regarding Rex. Eric replies Rex insists he has changed. Sarah asks what advice he would give if he was not his brother …

JJ cannot reach Haley on the phone. He confides to Claire she left a message she was in a safe place but who else in Salem would help her? Claire gets a bad feeling about Tripp … Tripp explains to Ciara he is protecting Haley. Ciara does the Melinda math and fumes Tripp is hiding a fugitive. Her mom is commissioner so she cannot go along with such a lie. Tripp argues she should. Haley waits with bated breath … JJ suspects Claire knows something. She denies having any idea where Haley could be and wishes him luck … Haley decides to depart. Ciara suddenly decides she will not let her leave … Ben confesses to Stefan that he wanted to quit at the time Chad fired him. Ciara wanted him to after what he did to Gabi. Stefan assures him he will be doing the opposite of victimizing women for his first assignment … Rex is grateful that Chloe listened. She teases sinners must stick together. A glass crashes and she jumps. Rex asks if she is alright … Eric suggests Sarah make her own choice. Rex knows he is not good enough. Sarah uneasily excuses herself. He takes her hand to stop her and suggests she give his brother who loves her a second chance …

Rafe refers to Hope and Ciara as his priority but she is still smarting he ran off to save the day for Sami. However, she loves him. He loves her back and they briefly kiss. She assures him Ted is not the man he is. Rafe is satisfied and gets back to work. Hope steps out and gives Ted a look … Ciara is descended from Irish immigrants and believes Haley deserves the same chance they had. She can stay. Haley is grateful. Ciara wonders how Claire will take the news … Claire looks at the latest headline on fugitive Haley … Sarah stammers Rex is waiting for her answer. Eric wonders what it will be. He will be first to know. She suddenly stops and asks what he was planning to tell her earlier before Rex interrupted … Stefan solemnly hands Ben his instructions and orders him to guard Chloe with his life. If Mateo’s men are around they will be ruthless. However, she should not know … Rex realizes Chloe feels she is still a target. He now tells her not to turn around cos a guy with a gun just sat down at the bar. Chloe gulps ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, March 5, 2019